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La Roche Posay Sunscreen Anthelios Invisible Fluid SPF 50+ 50ml, 3 for $34.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Looks like a decent deal.

  • 3 for the price of 2 offer.
  • Each one discounted 40% from $31.95 to $19.17 (historically this is a pretty good price already).
  • Subscribe & Save to bring it down to $17.25.
  • Cashback via Cashrewards/Shopback on Premium Beauty category for 6% back.

All in all you're looking at $34.50 for 3 of these (or $11.50 each) +6% cashback

EDIT: Back in stock again (although 1-4 week delivery estimate). I've also just realized there are a few other items eligible in the 3 for 2 offer all 40% off as well in case you didn't want only the sunscreen (you can mix and match, cheapest item of the 3 will be free): https://www.amazon.com.au/promotion/psp/A36IMXBEJGT8Z4

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  • -2

    Pretty good deal, shame it's not available for the tinted one. Even though this one is invisible, you might still look kind of pale using it

    • +1

      This sunscreen doesn't have a white cast. They're not lying when they call it "invisible fluid".

      • Thanks, then they might have updated it since the last time i bought the non-tinted one. My wife hated it and said she kind of looked like Michael Jackson when using it. Sadly OOS now, but will create an alert in 3camels.

    • +15

      Posay fluid isn't easy to come by you know.

      • +5

        Some would say it is, technically

    • +10

      It is a premium brand, this particular one you would only use on your face, so you don’t need a huge amount

      • +1

        so you don’t need a huge amount

        And there the problem.
        It's premium, a small bottle and expensive so people use less.

        You need to use 1 teaspoon of sunscreen on your face. That's 5ml.

        Under normal conditions you should reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. If you are sweating then you'll need to apply it more regularly and the same if you are swimming so a day at the beach might use half or more of this bottle.

        If you don't use enough sunscreen because it's expensive then the premium product you are buying is actually causing you to damage your skin because your aren't using enough of it.

        85 per cent of Australians don’t apply enough sunscreen. Every year in Australia skin cancers account for around 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers.
        More than 95 per cent of those skin cancer cases come as a result of unprotected sun exposure.

        Using the right amount of cheap and high SPF sunscreen that you can regularly apply because you aren't afraid of using it all will offer you better protection.

        • +4

          I don’t believe that logic, you think the people buying this in the first place are going to be tight with it? They already have enough vested interest in their skin by willing to pay more, and probably have an established skin care routine, unlike the average person.

          Not to mention sunscreen is only one part of what you should be wearing to protect yourself

          Plus you should be using sunscreen that is fit for purpose, I.e sport or more water resistant when doing activities

          The skin on your face is the most sensitive, so this is a must for people that have any sort of skin condition or sensitivities

        • That's why you buy it at discount and use the recommended about

      • +1

        For use on your sensitive skin on your face, for those that card about skin care

  • +2

    What's the benefit of this over this at Chemist Warehouse, which gives 250ml of La Roche Posay Anthelios sunscreen for $29?

    • +3

      If you want your face to look and feel like a blob of sunscreen, then this is a solid purchase.

    • +2

      The fluid is a completely different sunscreen that is light and disappears on the face. Not thick like normal sunscreens.

    • +12

      It appears that is for wet Posay. This is for Posay fluid.

    • +1

      For someone who researched this prior. One is body One is face.

      • Which one is for the body?

        • +1

          The one which is not for the face.

        • +1

          Jokes aside, the one posted in this deal (La Roche Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid SPF 50+) is for the face.

          • @SuperScope: Haha I’ve been using this for the body too but at 50ml, it’s not cost effective. Which one would you recommend for the body?

            • +2

              @madmo: Pretty much anything is fine for the body, your skin is tough and you just need something that works - Cancer Council or Woolworths or Coles bulk sunscreen, whatever is the cheapest really. The supermarket stuff is pretty good in my view

              Perhaps the only consideration (other than SPF factor) is whether you have a particular aversion to the 3-5 minutes of the sunscreen feeling slightly oily on your skin/body until it sinks fully in. If you dont like that, try some of the 'dry touch' stuff - personally I like the Banana Boat version, not the cheapest but not the most expensive. But there are plenty of other options (nb: it works just the same as 'normal' sunscreen, it just feels a bit different and maybe has less risk of staining delicate fabrics)

              Oh, obviously if you are swimming then you should look for water resistance and, ideally, 'reef friendly' options if you are in waterways/ocean. But for day to day out of the water, anything

              • @dtc: Thanks for the tips. I like the LRP invisible fluid as it does not feel oily and sticky whatsoever at all. Not a fan of the zinc based sunscreens too.

            • @madmo: If you are applying the right amount of sunscreen one 50ml bottle is only enough to do your body once.

              You should be using 35ml for your whole body.

  • Thanks OP, got some to try. Have read good reviews about this as a sunscreen for sensitive skin.

  • +1

    Can't seem to add to cart anymore

    • Me too, sad

  • OOS

  • +2

    Nooooo, OOS? Why do I never learn to just buy first think later

  • OOS

  • +1

    back in stock, just bought 3

    • OOS again?
      ‘This item is not purchasable right now’

    • +1

      Hey! Leave some Posay for the rest of us

  • +4

    Heyyyyyyyyy, we want some Posay!!!!!!!
    I had to do it lol

    • +1

      Thought of Jay from Inbetweeners when purchasing.
      Glad someone else has a child like mind.

      Got it for $32.59 with S&S, not sure if the price dropped?
      Normally buy these for the missus from Chemist Warehouse for $24, epic saving.

      Thanks OP

    • I was scanning the comments for this lol

  • Great deal, nice!

  • No more S&S?

  • Are those Posay cream effective at blocking out UV rays?

    • Very. Their sunscreen formulations are highly rated.

  • +2

    Still in stock but no S&S.

    I still prefer the Biore UV sunscreen, but for this price LRP is a winner. Thanks OP.

    • Is LRP similar in feel? I use Biore and love it, but it is not so easy to find.

      • +1

        Biore literally feels like a moisturiser both in consistency and after it has been applied, and I don't notice it after applying tinted moisturiser over the top. LRP is more like a watery sunscreen. It feels okay once applied, but after applying tinted moisturiser on top my skin feels tacky.
        Biore can be found at a lot of Asian supermarkets but the mark up is a bit steep.

  • +8

    It is pretty nice sunscreen, I’ve used it, and I like it, but I’m hesitant to say it’s THAT much better. I think people who enjoy it mostly have the impression that sunscreens are all thick and sludgy because they have memories from the 90s when all sunscreens were by and large cosmetically inelegant. It’s really not the case anymore. It used to be a thick awful product you wore only to the beach. Now they’re formulated for discrete, comfortable everyday wear - and cheap generic brands HAVE caught up. Nowadays, even Coles brand has quite similar texture, white caste, and SPF performance to products like this. (And is well-rated by CHOICE.) Is LRP better? Mmmaybe, yeah. 15X the price better? lol

    • +5

      There's a good reason why this is so expensive (iykyk).

    • +3

      If you don't have sensitive skin, there are lots of great cheap sunscreen out there.
      I have sensitive skin and most sunscreen BUUURRRNS my face but this doesn't.

      For others looking for cheaper alternatives, Neutrogena has ones with great texture. Unfortunately for me, Neutrogena ones feels like I'm applying acid to my face so it's a no go.

    • In terms of PPD this is one of the best sunscreens you can buy

    • I have the Coles, Cancer Council and Nivea brands to use on my body. They are noticeably more oily and thicker than LRP. LRP can be worn under make up and my face doesn't slide off like it would with the other brands. So yeah, 15x price better in my opinion.

  • +1

    Now displaying ‘Usually dispatched within 1 to 4 weeks’. Be quick if you haven’t ordered or you’ll end up with these after summer!

  • Agreed

  • OOS again

  • Just ordered. Couldn't use S&S but nonetheless, great price. My most recent favourite sunscreen purely from how my skin feels after application. Remember it's important to use sunscreen everyday :)

    • Is it? Hat if you don't go outside? Or wear a hat when you do?

      • +1

        You’d be surprised at the amount of uv radiation you receive sitting close to a window. Then again there are those who have a five step facial cleaning routine and others who just use water. Its all up to you in how much you want to protect your face.

  • Looks like 49$ now?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I use this on my wife’s posay.

    • Only the best for the wife

  • Thanks OP great 3 for 2 offers☺️

  • $49.99 now? Seems offer gone?

  • +1

    Jealous of anyone who got these. My favourite sun screen.

  • Damn. Sold out. I was waiting for half price at Priceline.
    I also like the Effaclar Duo Plus moisturiser from this brand.

    • +2

      It’s 40% off at Priceline at the moment

  • hopefully a restock soon

  • Used to be my favourite and this is an amazing deal! I’ve moved onto Screen Clean or whatever they’re called.

    • I do love the LRP one but how do you find the Clean Screen one? Less greasy?

      • +1

        Yep, way less greasy and nicer on skin! I've tried so many and it's truly the best one I've tried (but kind of expensive)

        I also find the LRP one irritates my eyes which is a no no for me as I'm a daily contact lens wearer.

  • thanks for sharing op! I got some from the previous deal and highly recommend for sports if you prefer a lighter sunscreen with SPF50 protection

  • Expired Pooosay….

  • I previously bought LRP using CR and cashback rejected, because it is labelled as "Beauty" not "Premium Beauty".

  • I like it on my face because it's not sticky, it's dry and smooth. I don't feel it much.

    For body, especially when I swim, I reply on the cheap big bottles.

    • -1

      That's what she said

  • Should my moisturiser (Dermeze treatment ointment) be applied under or on top of this?

    • Under

      Skincare (lightest to heaviest)
      (Then) moisturiser
      Then sunscreen
      Then makeup

      But leave time in between if you can.
      (Highly recommend youbeauty Facebook group :) )

  • its meant to be from 18-24th of January

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