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[Preorder] Polestar 2 EV from $64,608 (Drive Away) @ Polestar


Here’s Top Gear’s review. Quite curious to see this on the road.

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    Cool ad, where's the deal?

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      It can cross the Nullabor

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        So can a Toyota Yaris

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        All while being “carbon neutral”

        • On carbon neutrality, all electric cars come to AU from overseas on container ships that consume massive amounts of fuel/oil, hardly carbon neutral. I won't get into the sourcing/transport of materials for it's manufacture, the manufacturing process itself and the likely coal burnt to keep it charged for daily driving. We're all kidding ourselves with creative accounting that support the idea of carbon neutrality.

          • @sim36: Hence my "Quote marks" sarcastically hinting to bullshit.
            There are videos that emerged showing the poleshart drafting the diesel burning mitsubishi fuso being used to transport the biofuel diesel generator (made with highly carbon polluting steel but we'll leave that aside for now) so the trip wasn't done on merit at 100kph. There are also reports of this poleshart being delivered on the back for the same truck after failing to cover the last 100 or so kms.

            I also heard the GM of biofuel state on Vertical Hold podcast that the whole process is 'solar powered' as well as 'carbon neutral' as the flowers/seeds used process the carbon in the air using photosynthesis and then it burns the same energy. What a steaming load. They're almost as bad as King Elon in the BS department.

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    How is this a bargain?

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    No special listed

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      We’re all special in our own ways.

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    But this is just their standard first time price?

    • nothing to compare too, so its a bargain

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        Thats.. that's not how a bargain works…

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    Dam, already purchased 2 Tesla from the previous post

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      Have you checked if they've fitted the brake pads?

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        doesn't need them anyway. "The best part is no part"

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          This. Cars nowadays are fitted with gps and maps so rather than braking, they just plan the driving routes around hills for deceleration. The next generation of cars won't even need motors. They'll just use down-hills to accelerate and up-hills to decelerate. All they'll need to run is a AA battery to power the GPS. So if you ask me, all those eneloops I have stocked up will double… no, triple in value in the next 2-3 years.

      • One less part to replace and maintain

    • Did you able to claim cashreward?

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        Yes, got $0.20 tracked. Thank you for extra saving.

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    You need to factor in government rebates, then it might be a deal
    Standard Range Single Motor Long Range Single Motor Long Range Dual Motor
    NSW $64,600.46 $69,850.46 $75,100.45
    Victoria $64,737.10 $69,947.10 $75,283.09
    Queensland $63,310.65 $68,410.65 $73,510.64
    South Australia $64,441.04 $69,641.04 $75,841.03
    Western Australia $66,302.95 $71,627.95 $77,002.06
    ACT $62,611.90 $67,611.90 $72,611.89
    Tasmania $61,986.78 $66,986.78 $71,986.77
    Northern Territory $63,960.75 $69,110.75 $74,260.74

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      Will buy in Tasmania 👍

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        WA must still be committed to fossil fuels.. for reasons.

    • +53

      Easier to read:

      State [Standard Range Single Motor] [Long Range Single Motor] [Long Range Dual Motor]
      TAS $ 61,986.78 $ 66,986.78 $ 71,986.77
      ACT $ 62,611.90 $ 67,611.90 $ 72,611.89
      QLD $ 63,310.65 $ 68,410.65 $ 73,510.64
      NT $ 63,960.75 $ 69,110.75 $ 74,260.74
      SA $ 64,441.04 $ 69,641.04 $ 74,841.03
      NSW $ 64,600.46 $ 69,850.46 $ 75,100.45
      VIC $ 64,737.10 $ 69,947.10 $ 75,283.09
      WA $ 66,302.95 $ 71,627.95 $ 77,002.06

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        Real MVP.

      • +2

        can you please create another as a comparison to Tesla model 3 please :)

      • But that's before you add the extras like the Pixel headlights, or the gold brakes…

      • I still don't like the WA numbers compared to the rest of the country….

    • +1

      Then for Victoria, you need to factor the EV road usage tax back in… Dan giveth and Dan taketh away.

  • this , or ioniq 5 ?

    • +4 reviews
      ioniq 5 8.6
      Polestar 2 8.1
      Tesla Model 3 8.3

    • +10

      Neither, EV6

      • +1

        Seen some ads for this recently with the tennis being on. This really intrigues me. It's a good looking car and seems to be really competitive.

      • -2

        $100k ? for a kia ?

      • aren't both the ioniq 5 and ev6 priced really stupidly? like their EV kona and niro predecessors.

        • It's only stupid if you still subscribe to Korean cars as being nothing more than cheap and cheerful

          • @His_Holiness: no, it's stupid because competitors exist offering superior products at significantly lower prices.

    • Ioniq 5 seems to need local suspension tuning for the long wheel base going by most reports. The Kia will get it so should be a much nicer driving car…not to mention the lack of a hi performance model like the GT

    • The major drawback of the Polestar 2 is the back seats. Not as spacious as the competitors.

  • +3

    Tesla model 3, has more included equipment as standard

    • +4

      Telsa also has some pretty horrible subscription models, and the lack of Android audio or Apple car play for a new car these days immediately kills it for me (now that there are equivalent options)

      • +2

        Huh? What horrible subscription model? There is literally only one subscription that costs ~$10 a month for a cellular sim for the car, which comes with unlimited data for Netflix, live traffic etc!

        • +5

          And fsd. If you buy fsd. If you sell the car, the new buyer doesn't get it, and you need to repurchase it on your new car.

          Wait. I shouldn't have said "subscription". "add-ons".

          • @incipient:

            the new buyer doesn't get it

            this is fake news

          • +1

            @incipient: That's not true. FSD remains enabled for the secondhand buyer.

            And just don't buy FSD if you don't want it? It's not like the Polestar 2 has it standard?

          • +1

            @incipient: You realise that the included Autopilot with Tesla (not FSD option) is an option from almost every other company? Almost all just come with dumb cruise control and to get the Autopilot style CC you pay extra. The 10K full FSD is of limited benefit in Australia so no idea why anyone would option it, but it's great that Telsa included ALL hardware for it to work. So you can buy it at a later stage (or subscribe when available) and avoid paying LCT (33%).

            Also if a car has FSD it goes with the car when sold. The only times where it might not is if Tesla trades the car in a resets options, at that point it's their car to do with as they wish and to resell it second hand in any spec level they wish.

      • +1

        Yeah scree that sh*t. All the Elon apologists will find a reason why it’s ok.

        You buy it once for the car and that’s it.

        Imagine having cars as a service….. crazy world if that happens.

        • !remindme in 5 years


        • Imagine having cars as a service….. crazy world if that happens.

          We have that already. It's called a taxi.

      • and the boot with terrible access. There is a third party display for the tesla 3 that has Apple & Android.

    • But the Tesla might not come with brake pads.

    • Totally agree. Polestar pricing really blows out once you start adding the features.

      Add to this the Tesla supercharging network makes it a no brainer in 2022 until new chargers are rolled out.

      Real competition is probably at least a year away. Personally Ill be looking more closely in 2023.

      • And then waiting 12 months for the stock to arrive in dribs and drabs into 'Straylia.

  • Meh

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    Polestar 2 [from Volvo] EV, actually not correct.
    Polestar is jointly owned by Volvo and the automaker's Chinese parent company, Geely.
    Basically its not a volvo, so don't expect to take your polestar to a volvo dealership or similar service to your normal volvos'

    • +2

      Actually it's a little more nuanced than that, they do access the Volvo service network; "As a brand we go our own way, but we do retain some ties to the Volvo Car Group, this is why we plan to access their service network. This means that we are planning an extensive network of service locations all over Australia to be at your disposal. ​"

    • Good thing EVs barely need servicing?

      • It’s a Geely, it’ll need servicing.

    • +1

      It's not a Volvo, but it sure as heck uses a lot of componentry from the Volvo stable, and built using same manufacturing plant in China as say the XC40 recharge. Polestar will be serviced by Volvo, probably for the whole of the 5 year servicing covered under initial sales. Having a chat to both Polestar sales and Volvo service folks, that's the plan for the foreseeable future, at least until Polestar have enough of a presence to bring their own standalone support into the country.

  • Made in China. Sadly Volvo and Polestar are all made in China and owned by a Chinese company. I would trust BMW or Mercedes and Audi more.

      • +4

        Unfortunately with phones we have essentially no alternative.

        And no. Everyone knows not to trust thier phones haha. Either commercial data harvesting from basically everything, or worse from china.

      • +7

        Just buy Samsung, there're not made in China

    • +1

      Sadly Tesla Model 3 is also made in China

      • +1

        We don't get any American made ones here?

        • No, unless you move to America

        • Not Model 3 and probably not Model Y. Model S/X, when they are available again, are hopefully still US made.

        • We did till a couple years ago. It's generally agreed the Chinese made ones are a little better made than the American ones.

      • +7

        The issue is not made in China, it’s made BY China.

        An iPhone may be made in China but the operating system and chip firmware is written in California.

        Same for a Tesla.

    • So are the current Tesla 3s

    • You think BMW/Merc/Audi dont use parts from China or have full vehicle assembly parts in China????

    • both bmw & volvo have gotten bad press in recent years for their petrol engines catching on fire. i think it has to with plastic parts failing then melting to eventually burning.

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    I must have clicked on the wrong click and ended up at "OzAdvertising" instead.

  • Thanks OP got 4.

  • +1

    Let's make every EV on the market a separate post and see which gets the most upvotes

    • So Lucid, Rivian, what else

      • VinFast!

  • +2

    This should be a forum post. It's lacking the bargain part.

  • +1

    No bargain here, disappointed.

  • No autopilot no deal.

    • You mean advance cruise control? FSD will come after Tesla can figure out how to spot pot hole fist.

  • Thanks OP, Got 1

  • Informative, but not really a 'bargain'

  • +2

    but can i stack with cashrewards?
    referral bonus?
    price match at officeworks?
    how does this compare with a nuclear submarine, which i can also afford?

  • The Brembo and Ohlins DFV certainly got my attention….

  • +1

    Sounds like the name of a strip club I possibly want to visit

    • +1


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