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Harvey Norman 8x 12″ Digital Photo Prints $1.00 (Usually $3.75, 70% off). Expires 22nd April


First post.

Harvey Norman 8 X 12″ Digital Photo Prints $1.00 (Usually $3.75, 70% off). Expires 22nd April.

I've recently had a baby and am looking to print some photos for the grandparents. This looks like a pretty sweet deal and fuji paper is pretty good quality.

Delivery to store is free. For Australian domestic delivery to your home or office, you will incur a $2.95 charge for 1-60 prints, $3.95 for 61-100 prints and $4.95 for 101 or more prints.

Like a true ozbargainer, I've tried to create a new online login for the additional 15 free 5 x 7 prints as well as placing an order for the 8 x 12, but the website is slow. It must be getting pounded with uploads right now. I might end up saving my pics on a stick and taking it to the store.

I think it could take 10 days to print.

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    excellent first post!

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    I printed out a 8" x 12" at OW today, and the price came to $1.00 (instead of $3.55). I was told it was discounted for some unknown reason. Little did I know I had HN to thank for this!

    So folks, it's probably $1.00 at your local OW too. The waiting periods at OW are much shorter as well!

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    also print from OW in QV, it's $1 as well, also I feel the picture quality is better than Harvey Norman, at least the color is more likely to the photo see from computer.


      I have always found the fuji labs far better than the kodak ones.

      Then again, if the person running the lab doesn't balance the paper correctly it can have a negative impact.

      This is a good deal VS the normal price but just remember, an 8x12 is essentially 4 6x4 prints joined together. They could be selling this for 40c


        I went other way, they've put 8 * 12's down to $1, but 8*6's remain at 75c. Time to get the scissors out!

        Meanwhile, if you wanted a 10 * 8, be prepared to pay more, have huge white border at sides, or some new extra passport sized photos (or a 2 * 8 panorama).

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    ditto - i went to my local officeworks and had photos printed out for a dollar each. Thanks OP!