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CyberPower PFC 900VA UPS $220, CyberPower PFC 1300VA UPS $271.20 ($214.50/$264.42 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


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Some decent deals for the Pure Sine Wave CyberPower UPS

1300VA - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/362207213619

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  • What exactly is the benefit of this over the Value Pro 1600VA for $217?

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      Better quality output of power signal. smaller battery capacity so lighter?

      Bit more information about the different from Pure Sine Wave vs Simulated sine wave

      • yea seems technical, i already bought the 1600va VP for networking equipment, mainly for SOHO. for a telstra smart modem gen 2 router and nbn box, need to minimize downtime as much as i can.

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    I just got done replacing the batteries in mine today. Be warned that it might be a bit more difficult to replace the batteries with 2 generic batteries than you might think. This is the closest video on YouTube I could find of the process- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFt_alU-csE

    Every other video I found would just show the replacing of the batteries with the official battery pack, which is much easier to do.

    Note: I think the 900va model only comes with 1 battery so it will probably be easier to replace the battery than the 2 battery models.

    • Yep I have the 900VA, single battery (though I have run cables out to an external 40AH AGM)

      • Hey.. abit OT.. can you share some info on how you connect the UPS to the external AGM please?

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          Nothing too special about it, made up cables with spade bits to connect to the internal battery cables so no modification done to the UPS. The 900VA has the battery door underneath so I just left it off and ran the cables out to the battery.

          The only thing is to use cables thick enough to handle the current. Being a single battery 12V system, can draw 40 to 50A at high load.

          Charging a larger battery with the UPS probably isn't ideal but it rarely needs anything but a top off so never really worried about it.

          • @bamzero: Thanks for sharing. Got the 1300VA I'll take a closer look at it tonight as I have a few AGMs being top up by a solar panel, will see I can move one to increase the running time.

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              @yotis: That'll be 24V so will need two batteries in series but at least shouldn't need as thick cable for 780W, about 30A. Looks like front panel needs to come off for access though so prob need to drill some holes in that one.

    • How long does it require to replace batteries?

  • I have recently upgraded to a new PC after a decade (Corsair RM750x PSU and MSI B550 tomahawk mobo) - is a pure sine wave actually required for new PC builds? I have read both for and against arguments but wanting to know people's real world experience.

    • Hi Leyton,
      Your PC motherboard actually runs on DC power so the type of sinewave is almost irrelevant. The only component the could benefit from true sinewave is your PSU any they do just fine on stepped sinewave. Save your money, stepped or modified sinewave is just fine for computers

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    The PFC 900 is not a bargain, especially after the so called 20% "discount". wink wink, futu you've faked a discount again….

    CPL $216.80
    Centrecom $219 free ship.
    Normal prices and in stock.

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      Exactly what I found on a quick search.

      Not a bargain.

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    They also have the 1500VA.

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    1300VA for $269.10 with code CA10 here at Computer Alliance if not on eBay Plus

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