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Weber Spirit II E320 $865 Delivered (to Most Areas) @ Appliance Online


Was in the market to replace my 11 year old Baby Q. difference between this model and the 310 is the extra side burner.

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  • Do you think 'removal of old appliance' would be my old bbq?

    • yes that's what they told me over the phone today. I didn't need this as my Q still works

  • I was about to buy this during qantas sale but I already have the q2000 so will wait for the genesis to come down a bit. New genesis is coming soon I was told

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      Beat me to it, 20% iff on Qantas store points.

      • It was 30 off before. Wait, is it 20 percent off again?

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    or you could buy some bic lighters

  • I got an email from a Weber dealing advising Weber was raising prices on 1 Feb. not sure if it’s only premium models or certain models but may be worth jumping on if you’re on the fence. Bought one in the qantas sale it’s great. Love the side burner so as not to heat up the house and it’s right there if it needs stirring

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      Kamado's are raising their prices World Wide by 5%…………..

  • BCF have 10% off stackable with vouchers + cashback.

    Qantas 20% off is still around RRP, definitely poor value for points.

    • Only on Weber Q's, not these ones.

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    Side burner is great for cooking dishes outside where you would normally use a frypan inside (or maybe a wok), great for steaks on cast iron. Also good to boil things like pasta or potatoes.

  • I have this barbecue. It’s a mini beast. Gets up to 300°C in 10 mins… far too hot! But shows how powerful it is… need to keep it off High to stay at a recent temperature.

    Assembly was not the most straightforward, but doable.

    I highly recommend this barbecue!

    • Worthy of an upgrade from a baby Q? Looking for a bigger BBQ for the apartment.

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        I just did this uprgrade. Its obviously a lot bigger, less mobile. Will consume more gas. But Im really liking it. The shorter preheat time is super convenient, can get a better sear too. Even for one or two people, as someone who likes to grill lots of veggies alongside protein, the extra real estate and being able to do indirect without setting up the trivet is great. Theres also a warming rack that I use for indirect also.

        • Thanks for that info! Close to pulling the trigger. Apart from being less mobile (which doesn't bother me, as the only time I'll ever move it is if I move from my place), are there any other downsides compared to the baby q, for example cleaning up?

          The grill of my baby Q is one piece which is annoying when I have to take it out to do a thorough clean.

          • @eltito: I think the Qs have a much lower-strength heat output (BTU). So while they’re great for portability and fitting in tight spaces, I don’t think they come close to a ‘proper’ barbecue.

            With the Spirit, you can fold down one of the shelf arm things on the side, which makes it take up less space from side to side.

            Cleaning is super easy. I bought a T-grill wire brush and all of the Selleys BBQ cleaning products. If you maintain it well, it’s less of a hassle. Also, given that I assembled the barbecue myself at home, I now have an intuitive understanding of how it’s constructed and what’s under the grill plate. Which means I will feel better about going inside to give it a thorough scrub down once a year, etc

          • @eltito: My baby Q has two racks and is the premium version. If I was roasting something that would fit in the baby q I might be inclined to use it for the gs efficiency. But whilst bigger and higher btu output, the spirit does have better insulation so it’s hard to compare actual gas consumption especially when you could probably maintain like 200deg with one burner on a medium setting.

            Worth it for me though for the reasons I mentioned above.

    • Hi, can this be converted to Natural Gas? Apparently, an adopter is available on the same site.

      • The natural gas version can be converted to LPG, and I read somewhere that Weber can/does provide adaptors. Not sure of the detail though.

        I have a natural gas connection, but got the LPG version. If I ever move to a new place without a natural gas connection, won’t have any hassles. Also, if I move the BBQ to a diff location at my same place, still no problems. The LPG version apparently has a minor reduction in BTU output compared to natural gas, but unless you’re a world-class BBQ person, I don’t think you’d notice the difference.

        • Thanks. One thing I am sure of is that Natural Gas produces less heat than LPG from the same size burner.

  • I have the 320. Not sure what the difference is, but great little bbq. Cooks a mean roast pork / roast chook.

    • you have a side burner.

  • fam q or this?

    • If you mainly grill, this.

    • do you need to be portable?

      If not, whilst the FamQ is terrific you'd be better served by going the E320 for the extra grill space.

  • What about the traveller? It folds up like a suitcase

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    This is actually a pretty good price, especially since delivery included (at least to ACT Metro).

    Their non-side burner model (E310) is actually more expensive at $899!

    Weber sells this side burner version (E320) for $1000 + del.
    Nice find OP, hard to get Weber products on sale.

    • Yeah my Q couldn’t ignite earlier this week so started to look for excuses to upgrade( the Q just need a new gas hose). Luckily it dropped from earlier in the week.

  • Same price listed on eBay: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/284524730402

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    Thanks OP!

    It's 138,980 Qantas points. Does anyone know how much is that in cash?


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    Hey all,

    I decided to pull the trigger and get this new BBQ - delivery came today - was pretty excited until I realised they delivered the wrong one :(. I got delivered the E310 model - which one of the key differences is it has no side burner :(. Already called Appliances Online and they told me to send an email with pictures of the box showing that it says E310. The consultant wanted me to open the box to make sure that I received the wrong BBQ - which I said no to - as literally the pictures on the box along with all the writing says E310.

    Has this happened to anybody else? :(

    • sorry to hear. i had the 320 delivered last weekend. im sure they will fix their mistake?

      • Still waiting, basically it took about 3 phone calls to get it fixed (along with new delivery date). The delivery date was yesterday - anyway the delivery driver rocks up, and what happens? They deliver the wrong BBQ again. They set up a new delivery for later today. Hoping it'll be 3rd time lucky.

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