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Dell 27 4K UHD Monitor - S2721QS 4K 3840x 2160 $329 Delivered @ Dell eBay


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In continuation to dealbots ongoing dell sale, I found the S2721QS also to be on sale.
I was after a second monitor myself, but the S2721QC is only $40 bucks extra for the usb-c port - so I went with that.

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          • @cyssero: Thank you. I'll do a bit more research but this is a good starting point.

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            @cyssero: I read somewhere someone said the QC doesn't support true USB C downstream. So you can't daisy chain it via the USB C port to the same monitor USB C if you are to connect laptop via the HDMI. I did look at a thunderbolt dock where U connect via thunderbolt to laptop (the dock) and that in turn has some USB C ports. I don't know if connecting two of the QC monitors to that dock can pass through the power charging function to dock to the laptop. And at the price of dock buying a cable or adapted to go to the second monitor probably seems far less taxing.

  • Good excuse to upgrade my 2x24" to 4K 32s and make wfh a little less painful.


  • If you add a firestick to these monitors, do they make a good TV ?
    You can stream most content via apps and can even watch live tv via apps.
    Most 27-32" TV are only 720p and are in this price range.

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      This won't have speakers but a TV will

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        They should have speakers

      • The eBay listing says it has speakers or maybe it redirected to a different model?

      • It has speakers. But can’t be controlled with a remote control.

        • Ah I see. Could you use an app on a smart phone instead?

          • @6828: I don't think it has an IR sensor, so I don't think it's possible.

        • Set it on max and use the firestick remote control to adjust volume ?

          • @congo: Fire tv remote volume won’t work.

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    FYI only.
    I bought exactly same thing S2721QS during Christmas-ish time from dell ebay. It comes with 20% off discount, which was about $290. Wait for win.

  • I've been using 4x Monitors setup (3x 27" Full HD and 1x 34" Ultra Wide 1080p) with my 6yo PC - i7-4790, 32GB RAM, 970 EVO, 2GB GTX-750. It's been running smoothly.

    I'm now thinking of upgrading my PC. Maybe 4x 4K monitors (3x 27" 16:9 and 1x 34" 21:9) at 150% scaling.

    Is 120Hz noticeably better than 60Hz?

    No gaming, mainly for multi-tasks e.g. Internet browsing (hundreds of Chrome tabs), Words and Spreadsheets, and occasional Photoshop.

    What sort of PC configuration is required to power 4x 4K monitors at 60Hz and 120Hz?

    I'm also happy with the 4x 1440p set up. What configuration required for this?


  • Is this good for photosshop and video editing on premier pro having true colour representation?

    • For True colors you will need to calibrate this (and basically any) monitor. This has full coverage of the sRGB colour space for screen work, and poor coverage of the AdobeRGB colour space for printed work, but a 4K adobeRGB monitor will cost substantially more. I think it's quite decent. I've calibrated it and can chase up the numbers later if you're interested.

      • How do you calibrate your monitor? Genuine question. I am assuming you are following a certain standard (eg: RTINGS) or you just play around and find your best fit?

        • No, I borrow a device from a friend and use some open source software- they are about a $200 buy. There are two main consumer devices, the Spyder and the i3. The software I use is DisplayCal

  • damnit. i want this monitor. blast you ozb

  • Anyone in Sydney buying this want to sell me their stand please PM me. Cheers

    • You can PM me

  • Something to note:

    better contrast ratio of 1300:1 vs 1000:1 for QC

    better display port standard DisplayPort 1.4 vs DisplayPort 1.2 for QS. Which shouldn't really matter.

    • QC supports USB C though which includes power delivery charging so think this is a major diff to QS for those with thunderbolt ports?

  • Does this support vertical swivel/orientation?

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      Display Position Adjustments - height, pivot (rotation), swivel, tilt

  • Estimated between Tue. 22 Feb. and Tue. 1 Mar. ??

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    Cheers OP. Got the DS version. Est. delivery is over a month away though, but all good.

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    I have this monitor (just over a year now with moderate use) and it's currently having image persistence issues (text and graphics stay on screen after switching windows, even if they were only on screen briefly).. Trying to sort a replacement from Dell but their support is basically ghosting me at the moment (they keep telling me there's an issue on their end but won't tell me what that issue is and they would update me; it's been like this for a few days now). Aside from that, it's a good monitor and I hope I can get a replacement for it.

    EDIT: I followed up again and they said they're having some internal application issues. I asked for a phone number to call, which they are providing so here's hoping phone support goes better for me!

  • The code doesn’t seem to work for me??

  • Dealbot, any idea when the S3221QS will be on sale again? desperately want one for the missus

  • I bought this monitor and had issue with it dimming and changing color by itself. I contacted DELL, they told me it is a known issue with this model. Then I returned it and got the newer model S2722QC which I haven't had issue since I got it. The new model is certainly worth it.

  • Hey guys, not sure if anyone can confirm the S2722QC does in fact support USB-C charging? Dell site says: 1 x USB Type-C upstream port (Alternate mode with DisplayPort1.4, Power Delivery up to 65 W). My understanding is upstream port derives power from a HOST device (e.g. plugged into a Desktop PC) Happy to be fact checked. I currently use a P2721Q which does power my laptop fully (Macbook 16" 2019)

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    Paid $250 for S2721QS back in June 2021

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