Kill Huntsman Spiders...Yea or Nay?

Should you kill a huntsman if you see one?

I have seen a few big ones around the pergola/deck. I am not sure if I should kill it or wait for it to kill me. 😂
(Slightly Terrified 😂)

Peeing on them is not an option.

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    Never* kill them, i will always try to put them outside if i find them in the house. (Trap em in a jar)

    *Never doesn’t apply if it jumps on me, if that happens its getting stomped. Self defence 😂

    • i will always try to put them outside if i find them in the house.

      Mate house spiders don't turn wild spiders overnight they won't survive and probably make their way back home again.

      • Agreed.

        But, The no kill treaty only applies to well behaved huntsman spiders.

        All other spiders and bugs get the death sentence.

      • Have you got literally any evidence for this? All spiders are 'wild'. Where do you think they are before they get in your house in the first place?

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    I have seen a few big ones around the pergola/deck

    They are not even inside, definitely don’t kill them. I do tend to put them outside if they are inside, I’m not keen on their antics scuttling around at night when I’m in bed or having a shower.

  • If you see 1 big one you know you have at least 2, they pair up

    • +1

      I dunno about that. We had a huge one hanging around the house for months, was the size of your hand and would move from room to room. Found him/her dead eventually from natural causes I guess but never saw more than that one.

      • +1

        "natural causes". Ie. Squished on the underside of someone's work boot.

  • +26

    Give it a name and it will immediately seem less scary. Say, "Hi, Bob!" when you walk past and see it.

    • +1

      Agree, 'huntsman' is a little misleading!

      • +1

        Tarantula sounds worse. - Quantumcat has the right idea.

    • +3

      "Hi, Chris Hemsworth!"

    • +3

      Call him Josh Frydenburg and then comment that he is much better looking than the federal treasurer when you walk by.

  • +1

    Catch and release. Yes, I understand why some folks are terrified, but a lot of that might come from the element of surprise when you see one.
    …outside you go little buddy ;-)

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    They are a good spider and kill the bad insects that you do not want near the pergola. If it was the OZzy red back or the white spider then exterminate them..

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    Kill them if they reach half your body weight.

  • +8

    I killed one last night after it dropped on my bedsheets, just prior to going to bed.
    Only did it because in the middle of the night last week I swiped off a spider crawling up my chest that woke me in my sleep.
    Yes, my vote TO NOT KILL is hypocrisy, but cut me a little slack for a one off

    • in the middle of the night last week I swiped off a spider crawling up my chest that woke me in my sleep.


    • " I swiped off a spider crawling up my chest that woke me in my sleep."

      Stupid spider should have pinned your arms first …

  • Plenty of room for them outside, so if they come inside, that's their lookout.

    My room 101 is full of huntsmen.

  • +1

    I had one that lived in my Kombi in the 70s. I love them and catch and release all spiders in the house before the wife gets her hand on the fly squatter. Red backs and funnel webs are a different story although never seen either inside and wouldn’t encourage them to hang around outside.

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    Get a broom, let it hop on, and put it in a tree or behind a shed.

    They're pretty amazing creatures.

    • +4

      I'm all for catch and release but no change I'm using a broom after seeing how fast they run up them. Cup (or plate pending size) and paper all the way.

  • Peeing on them is not an option.

    Maybe that's your answer; PeaBeau, “Hit ‘em high, hit ‘em low, hit ‘em with the ol’ PeaBeau.”

  • +2

    I have a somewhat irrational fear of them, give me the absolute heebie jeebies. Prefer not to kill them though. Fortunately my brave partner is better at catching them than I and they get relocated to the garden f they are inside, usually over the least pleasant neighbours fence! Outside I just avoid that area for a week or so until I forget I’ve seen one there.

  • I actually hate the black house spider, moved into a rental last November and have been killing them ever since… they are everywhere.

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    Leave them be. They are the best insect pest removal critters known, non-toxic and the don't stink or make you cough in use.

    Fear them not, they are friends and more scared of you than you will ever be of them but they won't fight for their existence, they will just run away and hide.

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    The huntsman can be quite a social spider and unlike other species, the females and males don’t hurt each other and even have a long courtship before they mate. The Social or Flat Huntsman chooses to live in groups of up to 300 where they will raise their children together and even feed each other. Huntsman spiders can live for up to two years.

    Not sure if that makes it better or worse

  • NO…. move them outside

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    Good as dead if they enter my house, my cat eats everything like that so I'll go to bed with the spider chilling in the corner of my bedroom and wake up to it scattered across the floor. Same with lizards. I try to take them out but not always possible.

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    They look scary:

    • they can get big
    • they can move quite quickly
    • sometimes they have stripes down their legs
    • they make me think of facehuggers

    But they are more scared of you are of them and just want to find some food (eg. other insects) and hide. A container with a lid will pop them outside so they go on their merry way.

    I'll never forget the day I was freeway driving a full car load of ladies in dresses for a wedding and a big one came out from behind somewhere and went up the A-pillar and across the windscreen and luckily crawled down out of sight behind the dash. It got pretty noisy during that moment!

    • +1

      That reminds me of one day riding my motorcycle at about 80km/hr and one comes up over my helmet and down my visor, I had to very calmly look for a place to pull over and get off before starting to screech and jump up and down shaking all my limbs and wiping myself down. Luckily wearing head to toe gear. I never found it either on me or on my bike so when I finally got back on I was just hoping beyond hope it had fallen off and wasn't still hiding inside the fairings somewhere.

      • +8

        Once had a Huntsman live inside my car…About 4-5 years ago?

        Thought it strange that random strands of web started showing up one day, and just thought a smaller garden spider had gotten in after accidentally leaving a window slightly open. Nope.

        Thing is the Huntsman only decided to show itself late at night, just after I had dropped a friend off. Driving alone, the flickering orange glow of the street lights illuminating the interior of my car, when I see an extra shadow cross my steering wheel. The cheeky bugger had decided that was the best time to introduce itself. And on the steering wheel of all places, slowly crossing the wheel without a care in the world. Freaking the F out, I slowly pulled over, gripping the wheel with one hand at the furthest possible point I could from my guest. As soon as the car was stopped, I bailed out.

        Attempted to usher it out of the car, but instead it decided to crawl further in. Down the steering column and then into the footwell. At which point it disappeared into where the fuses would normally be. Well FML. Short of abandoning my car and getting a mate to pick me up, I ended up getting back in and hoping it didn't show up again…

        For the next couple of months, more webs would show up. But never saw Otto (Yes, I ended up naming it). We had a generally accepted deal where we would let the other do their thing without disturbing the other. He got to run around and maybe catch whatever bugs snuck into the car, I got to keep driving the car whenever I needed to. Fair enough, no harm done.

        But then one warm day, went out for lunch with some work colleagues. One decided to hitch a ride with me, and yes I warned her that there maybe a spider still in my car. Had lunch, and was about to drive back to the office when Otto, sensing a new friend decide to say hi again. And crawl across the radio / dashboard in front of my colleague. Needless to say she freaked out and got a ride with the others. Meanwhile Otto rushed back to the safety of the passenger footwell.

        Welp. Sorry mate. You broke our deal. Spent part of the arvo bug bombing the car, especially the foot wells. Never saw Otto again after that.
        Part of me hopes he managed to crawl out of the car as the gas clouds approached…and lived a long happy life elsewhere.

        ….Oh yeah I saw more web strands in my car this morning 0.o

    • luckily


  • +1

    I'm absolutely petrified of spiders more than any other bug so if someone isn't around to help me move it outside I usually kill it. But that in itself is a terrifying ordeal and I spend a long time mustering up the courage to moving from where I spotted it lmao. The really big huntsman have reduced me to tears before too lol

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    Accidentally killed one today - put a load of washing on and when I was unloading discovered the body plus multiple severed legs

  • +2

    Leave it alone? So it can invite all its huntsman mates over?
    I think not.

  • +1

    Huntsman is no danger to humans unless you really provoke one and they go into their kung fu stance.

    I had one ran up my hand in the car and I (profanity) freaked out and shook my hand. I saw it on the dash and I left it there. It was coming out because it was prob hunting for food and it was inside the car, so most likely no food and desperate for food.

    "Despite their often large and hairy appearance, huntsman spiders are not considered to be dangerous spiders. As with most spiders, they do possess venom, and a bite may cause some ill effects. However, they are quite reluctant to bite, and will usually try to run away rather than be aggressive."

  • Wait until one manage to get in your car and hiding in the sun visor then surprise!

    I think I may have got bitten before a few time. The bite area gets quite swallow and itchy.

    I think it crawl into my bed while I was asleep. This happen a few time too. If it was not a huntsmen then I have no idea what bite me

    • Probably bed bugs…

      • I don't think it is bed bug because it is one high swallow bite. If it is many small bite then I agree it is bed bug.

      • Shoulda let the huntsman into the bed to eat the bed bugs for you ..

  • I worry they'll give me a heart attack…

  • Outside I will leave a huntsman alone, inside I used to leave them alone till I woke up with one on my face one day, was only medium size but freaked me the hell out and ever since no spider is allowed inside. Now I catch and release outside.

  • Burn the whole house down…

  • +4

    The contract i have written up with all spiders is that: outside my house, you are fine.

    Inside my house, only daddy long legs are allowed, and only at ceiling level, nothing below. If you are any other species of spider inside my house, you will die.

  • +1

    Apparently I had a pet one when I was a baby. It would just hang out with me in my crib and (apparently) just be a pretty chill dude. Then one day my cousin was baby sitting me and it was chilling next to me on my parents bed and she freaked out and killed it. RIP spider man.

  • +2

    If your gentle you can catch them with your hands.
    Few years back I got one about 10cm across and showed my 5 year old. It went from my hand to his hand easy enough.
    It then ran quickly up his arm and behind his neck. He handled it well.
    Had his older scared brother recording it so had a funny video from it.

  • +1

    Here's a fun fact that may result in some peeps here having a bit more respect for the 'humble huntsman'. They can go for up to 10 hours in the sack! I kid you not:

  • Always take outside if they move to awkward spots. If they’re on the floor, the cat has a new toy with only legs left as proof usually. White tails and lost black house spiders face execution by me, white tails because they have the souls of mass murderers with no redeeming value. Daddy long legs get named and feted as they eat white tails, we have mutual respect.

  • +1

    I catch them and take them outside, by hand if they are easily accessible. If not, a takeaway container and a piece of paper.

  • +1

    Well, this conversation led me down a curious rabbit hole as I've always advocated to let huntsman and daddy long legs be. Friendly pest control and all that.

    But then it struck me our place has a 'healthy' population of long legs but is strangely devoid of huntsman. A little bit of googling later and it turns out Daddy Long Legs > Huntsman in a 1v1. And also apparently snakes…

    0.o time to catch and release huntsman…for their safety…

  • I have a catch and release policy for any huntsmen and daddy long legs spotted inside my flat.

    Tips to catch an insect indoor.

    • Always keep a couple of ferrero rocher clear containers. (size 8x2 or bigger, preferably be able to hold single handed)
    • Cover the container on insect single handed
    • slide in a A4 paper at the bottom and scope the insect to the box
    • used the original ferrero rocher cover to fully trap the insect

    I would release all spiders to the near by bush

    —> If it were a cockroach, lift the box up a bit and spray in a small amount of insecticide. A small dose will kill it in this gas chamber.

    • Always keep a couple of ferrero rocher clear containers.

      Take away containers are fine too.

      If it were a cockroach, lift the box up a bit and spray in a small amount of insecticide. A small dose will kill it in this gas chamber.

      Cockroach holocaust.

    • +1

      Catch both - put in single container. Watch the match as the huntsman kills the roach :D

  • +2

    Wife gets very upset with me when I don't kill them so I try to get them to hide before wife sees them.

    • Me too

  • -1

    Kill it with fire.

  • What a bunch of sooks

    Leave them alone

    This is not whirlpool.

    • Straight to the pool room (for a self indulgent circle jerk amongst frens)

      • +2

        Name checks out

  • Don't kill any spiders unless you have kids or something.

    Got bitten by a redback the other week. Would recommend!

    • Got bitten by a redback the other week.

      How did this happen?

  • I used to leave them be indoors and out until I saw a really chunky one before leaving the house.

    When we got back there were hundreds of teeny weeny baby spiders everywhere. Recreating the mission impossible vault scene all over the place.

    Like everywhere. Under the dining table, hanging from the ceiling, crawling into boxes.

    Now if I see any inside I move them on.

  • Hunts man Yeah, that's right. they hunt man!

    lol on a more serious note, I usually let them go if possible. But they move incredible fast if you try to catch them though.

  • Just a reminder to everyone that spiders are psychic and know that you’ve been thinking about them, one should be paying you a visit soon.

  • once I had a huntsman climb down from my sunvisor in my car just at the same time I started to negotiate a round about.. I tried to keep calm and as far away from the spider, when finished the round about I quickly jumped out to shoo it away.

  • spidey senses are tingling

  • FYi…The "Dark Den" on youtube has huntsmen in his collection, if you wanna see some…… when he moves them or feeds them, they are lightning fast….I always leave em to kill the bugs,,, but they still scare the shit outa me…..

  • The spider that gets no mercy from me is redback - spiders in our house usually gets relocated as our cat eats it and pukes

  • Given the question is "should you", the answer is "no".
    But I certainly would.

  • But personally I am ok with most spiders, Huntsman, wolf, crab and golden orb spiders I just leave alone.
    Actually they are kinda awesome. The huntsmans tend to take roaches / nats etc. Love the Orb spiders with the webs, as they catch all the mosquitoes and flys around the house. Smaller crab spiders eat the slugs and snails around the garden.

    Only ones I tend to kill are the white tails - red backs, as I have small children playing in the garden.

  • Keep the huntsman spiders, they are really quite non assuming and they kill redbacks and cockroaches, which are actually bad for your health !!

  • If it's outside let them be and if they are inside catch them and put them outside

  • Don't kill unless it's in my bedroom. I told them upfront, they have free reign but the bedroom is offl-imits! I warned them! They made me do it!!!!

  • I've never been particularly fond of them in the bedroom, but to be honest I get more freaked out trying to catch them and having them drop on me, than to just ignore them and let them go about their business. Just leave them be. Ohh, and keep an eye on the weather!

  • Spiders at home bring good luck

  • Definitely kill or be killed. Killed one the other night. Bloody layed eggs. Next day baby spiders all over my apartment. Took me 3 days to kill them all.

  • +1

    If it moves kill it

  • Huntsman are fine.

    Compared to COVID they’re of no concern

    COVID is going to end the world forever

    • Unless the huntsman start eliminating covid, I think they should die together.

  • +2

    Nuke the bastards, preferably from orbit

    • This is the only valid answer for any spiders inside or out

    • It's the only way to be sure

  • I am terrified of them, but understand their place in the world and will always make an effort to catch and release them outside. I've only killed one once. It was by accident and believed it or not it bit me in the process! I had pulled down the bathmat before stepping in the shower, once in the shower looked down and noticed a medium sized huntsman on my left lower bicep. I assume it was in the shower mat. In a panic I squished it between my forearm and bicep. It bit me in the process of being squished. Was slightly red and sore for a few days.

    • Jeez 😂😂😂

  • Kill.

    Using fire preferably.

  • +1

    Came for the discounts - stayed for the spidey chat

    • Hasn't showed his/her face since. Probably gathering the troops to beat me up in the middle of the night.

  • Not a popular opinion and I understand that's probably irrational, but I hate spiders. Although I understand huntsmans are not dangerous, and contribute to the environment someway, eating other animals, I can't tolerate them too close to my living area.

    I accept them outside in their natural environment, but if they get inside they will be killed because the idea of waking up with a spider in bed or 30cm from me on the wall's bedroom is not acceptable.

    There was a huge monster spider in the garage for a few days… I stopped parking the car in the garage and left the spider there. Yesterday, it was on the door, centimetres from the entrance. I used some Raid spray to make it go away… She might have died in the process, I don't wanna know… And I don't really care about the health of spiders… Bring me all the non poisonous lizards (outside) and geckos (even inside, just not in the bedroom) but I can't cope with spiders inside…

  • I’m to scared to pick them up so they wonder freely around my house. I had one who kinda grew on me after a while, I swear he’d even smile at me for time to time

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