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Samsung 85" QLED 4K Smart TV QA85Q60AAWXXY $2499 (Save $200) Delivered @ Samsung EPP Portal (Membership Required)


Samsung QLED TV's Quantum Dot technology delivers a world of immersive colours and contrast in a variety of lighting conditions - allowing you to discover details you haven’t before.

NB: The regular price on EPP at the moment is $2,699, the price reflected in the title is due to : Spend $1200 or more on any Domestic Appliance, TV, Soundbar, Monitor and Memory products and save $200. Offer ends 31.01.2022. T&Cs Apply

***This does also stack with the $50 Newsletter Voucher, so the final price could come down to $2,449 Inc Delivery.

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    Any way to access for the uninitiated?

    • Any easy way to get EPP access for those of us interested?

      • if you have a .edu.au address you can get in

        • It’s not the same thing. Not the same price I don’t think.

          • @kavie87: Whoops I’m not associated with Samsung…

  • Anyone can give their review? Price seems to be too good to be true.

    • +3


      Small sample size but some fairly worrying reviews.

      I'm going to give it a miss.

      • +33

        To be fair people go on productreview to rant when things go wrong.

        When the product works as expected, 99.9% of people don't go on productreview to give it 5 stars

        • Fair point.

        • +1

          But isn't that the main thing you want to know? How can you do a review of a TV say, does not turn on?

      • +2

        Just a heads up, the first reviewer on that page had it faulty out of the box and the store said they'd have to contact Samsung. That's not the case. If you buy something and it's faulty you can always return it to the store for a repair, refund, or replacement. If it's a major fault, it's your choice. The TV not working from the beginning is a major fault.

        • Just note 85" TVs are not the sort of item "you" can pack up and return to the store by yourself. They are big + somewhat heavy + fragile and need 2 people to move at least.

      • +1

        Product reviews have plenty and plenty of fake reviews.

    • +1

      HN has it for 3k discounted at the moment, so they are coming down in price.

      Fairly well reviewed also:


  • Is the 55" also on sale?

  • Unboxed q60a 75” tv today(bought it on catch.com.au for $1869)and used for two hours.
    Sound Quality is not good. Picture qty is good.
    Will test more during this weekend

    • q70a brand new are like 1999 on sale, last year

    • Sound quality is as good as it's gonna get for that price range.

      I bought a soundbar and rear speakers because i found them for cheap, but i'd suggest a 5.1 set up, at least.

    • Respectfully, if you're spending this much for a visual experience, you should also be investing on a good audio experience with a high end sound bar or entertainment system, or at the very least some high quality bookshelf speakers. Audio is just as important as picture imo.

    • lol

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    Can someone with EPP access provide a screenshot of the checkout page with date if possible. I am going to try to get a price match at Tgg or Jb.
    Thanks in advance. Appreciate the help.

  • I can only get it for $2649


    • CBA Epp access seems more discount than mine too based on the 75"

  • +3
    • +3

      Those are not good scores.

  • I prefer to buy from retailer so that I can add extended warranty to cover this expensive purchase for at least 5 years. I struggled to find extended warranty cover if you purchase it from Samsung directly. Any ideas?

    • +1

      You don't need and extended warranties, especially paid for ones. You have consumer rights.

      • Consumer rights only exist until you have a problem. Then it all depends….. Samsung wanted to replace the 82" LED screen on my brand new TV calling it a "minor" defect instead of replacing the TV itself. The technician that did the inspection said it's a big issue during his visit. I could only get them to take it back because I was able to force them through JB Hi-fi because I had their extended warranty.

    • +3

      Look up ACL, you don't need to pay for extended warranty because you are already covered under our consumer laws. Extended warranty are generally a replacement option and might be quicker to make a claim then initiating your ACL rights. I've had TV replaced for latest models years after warranty ended under ACL

    • +1

      acl for expensive tv usually is 7 years, dont need to buy extended warranty anw.

    • Manufactures don't replace or attend if anything goes bad after default warranty period of 1 or 2 year. They put some charge to attend after this period. interesting to know ACL process. I had a Philips Air fryer that died just after 2 years and they refused to repair. Asked for almost 70% of the cost of new. Should have gone to ACL.

      • Should have gone to ACL.

        No, you go to the manufacturer and tell them that you'd like to file a warranty claim under the ACL. That's the starting point.

    • +1

      Extended warranties are a scam

      • Some people her seem to think that it's a great idea. Good for scummy retailers.

  • I would warn everyone that Sampsung E Com portals are a terrible place to buy a TV.

    They are taking orders but not fulfilling them and some buyers have had their shipments lost.

    Check product review website for Samsung and ANC.

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    What the hell is going on with model names these days? Lmao

  • Should i be worried if it's 60 hertz only? I'm not a gamer.

    • +1

      Non gamer don't worry about it.

  • +1

    Great price if you can get it for 2449 :-). However can't get the price of $2449 - advertised price when logging in as EPP is 2849 less the $200 discount brings total to 2649! anyone else having the same issue?

    • https://ibb.co/b5gTB7p

      I assume it may be different across different EPP's?

      The $50 newsletter should stack on top of that.

    • FWIW, Im seeing the same thing you are when I log into the EPP… 2,849 less $200 discount = 2,649.

      Seems to be different price bands depending on who you are accessing the EPP with..

  • Owning Samsung smart tv since 2015 my only feedback is not liking the Tizen operating system. IMO to get a better sound quality in any LED/LCD TV is to use a Sound Bar, Home Theatre

    • Google Chrome cast TV solved my problem. Been using samsung tv from 2017. Currently have 55" how this is a good upgrade

  • +2

    I'd skip this TV, at 85inches you'd want something beefier and better, this is very entry level hence reflected in the price.

    If you're buying it for literally just simple shows and a display, fine. But for sports and cinematic experience go up a model. Q60 is very basic.

    • Thinking of buying this, my criteria…

      Watching movies on 4k
      Room is well lit with large windows during day
      Prefer deep blacks and less ghosting

      Not sure of it can tik all boxes

      • Good tv for still for what you need. My brother had the exact same scenario. Other than very minor dirty screen effect, tv is good if paired with a sound bar.

  • This is not the top of the line, its not the Neo QLED.

    • +2

      Of course, that's pretty obvious from the price too.

  • Be aware of order timing. I ordered a 75" Q60A back on 20th, selected the 25th delivery date option, and still shows order is sitting in 'processing'.
    Tried twice to do live chat to see what's happening, and each time after waiting the obligatory 15 mins queue time, they automatically close the chat when my turn comes up.
    Not happy jan.

    • Similar situation last year for myself as well. June 2020 and i had selected delivery within 2-3 days of purchase date.

      The courier company called me the day before i had selected delivery to tell me they had no slots available and the first available slot for Samsung was in 3 weeks.

      I then spoke to a few people over at Samsung chat, although this wasn't very helpful at all. Just a waste of time.

      Tried calling through to Samsung and this was probably an even bigger was of time. I was advised by Samsung that the courier company they use has a certain allocation of Samsung products per day that they can take, once this is exhausted they can't take anymore. The guy i spoke to said he would put in an urgent order and would let me know. I never heard back from him or anyone at Samsung so i lodged a complaint a few days later.

      I lodged a complaint on 9th of June.
      Followed up on 11th of June.
      Followed up on 12th of June.
      Followed up on 19th of June.
      Followed up on 11th of July.
      TV arrived on the 12th of July.
      Samsung finally replied on the 12th of July saying they are handling it and looking into and will update me when they receive an update from investigation with their partner carrier.
      Samsung then sent another email on the 19th of July saying they are still investigating (i had already received the TV by this time, so for the fun of it replied to the email asking what was taking so long)
      Samsung replied on 26th July saying they were still investigating and would get back to me with an update.

      I still haven't received this update lol

      • ouch! I got a response on the 4th attempt, after noting in the chat that the session had been closed (their end) the previous 3 times.
        My order hadn't gone anywhere, so cancelled it for refund. Covid issues, which is completely understandable, but comms is always appreciated. Rather not get to delivery day without any update. Oh well, could clearly be worse, as you've shown!

  • AU8000 series 85" is $1,959.00 on EPP. I have the 55" version of this which is decent and have rich deep blacks like QLED. not sure if this is much better for the price.

    a small video to compare

    • I was tempted for AU8000 for $1959.00 85 "
      But after watching alot of reviews, it said the q60a is worth the extra money.
      Lets if i have made the right decision once i receive this TV. General reviews look really good.

  • I would rather wait (and save some money) for an offer to come up on QN85A rather than buying this one and regretting in a few months time. A short visit to the nearest TGG or JBH, where you can see the difference between the two, would be worth it.

  • i am getting $2079 for AU8000 and $2649 for QA85Q60AAWXXY, how are you guys getting $200 less than what i am seeing with my .gov.au ID?

  • Out of topic, I can't access my edu cart. Every time I click on cart, it shown Error 500.

    Anyone know solution?

  • Damn, I am only on my 4th call.

    On every occasion they promise to resolve the matter within 24 hrs.

    • Lol I've just placed an order today for The Frame TV with a scheduled delivery date of 27th Jan….. let's see how long it takes.

      • Good luck. And if you get stuck, remember to leave a review.

  • Did anyone have any luck getting JB or TGG to price match?

  • Is the 85" worth an extra $900 over the 75"?
    I'm torn. Else the AU8000 85" costs in the middle of them.
    Coming from a 5yo 60" plasma, I assume they'd all feel like a big upgrade?

    • You were able to buy plasma TV 5 years ago? Thought they were dead long time ago

  • If anyone is still following, Costco Epping Vic also has the this TV for $2449.99 today.

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