[Unobtainable] Free Sunglasses Delivered from QUAY Australia

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Free sunnies using AOFREE as the code, put 1 pair into your cart and checkout. Good luck!

Update: All orders cancelled for reason of "use of fraudulent code".

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    nice and easy. Got one. Hopefully they will honour it. Equally not a big deal if they don't.

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    Now delete this post so we all stand a chance

  • Ordered with free shipping! 🤞

  • Refunds coming in 3, 2, 1.

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      They can't refund nothing

      • $5 shipping fee?

        • Discount (code: AOFREE): $-85
          Subtotal: $0
          Shipping: $0
          Total: $0

        • $60+ orders are free shipping

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            @FDA2020: Not everyone was given free shipping. Included me in Melbourne for a paid that took $85 off.

            Discount (code: AOFREE): $-85
            Subtotal: $0
            Shipping: $5
            Total: $5

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              @cute as ducks: Ah okay, my apologies

              • @FDA2020: No worries. To clarify, the option is there for free shipping but then it reverted to forcing me to pay for shipping in the next screen.

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                  @cute as ducks: I believe they've removed the free shipping option, because now every product shows $5 shipping. Including the ones that were $0 shipping before

          • @FDA2020: Must be area specific. Had to pay $5 shipping here.

        • I didn't get charged a cent, but I know some people did. I think it was based on the sunnies? Probably the ones with free delivery went first.

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    they definitely won't honour it

    they don't honour warranty claims …. just read the comments

    to give you some perspective Kogan out-rates Quay by 2x …

    • Oh well, this is karma then..

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      Based on some of the reviews they don't send you sunglasses even if you pay for them lol We haven't got a chance.

  • Rolled the dice $5 shipping to regional NSW but I doubt they will honour.

  • Anyone get cancelled yet or do we have to wait till tomorrow when they open.

    • Someone with the shopify app will notice soon enough.

      • They popping the bottles celebrating atm - 5264 clicks with 5264 orders!

  • remember to pick the most expensive ones to get free shipping lol

  • Thank You OP

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    5000 clicks. Tight asses sure come out of the woodwork!

  • Ordered 1,thanks OP!

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    Ordered 2 for $0 shipped

  • Jumping on the Ozbargain free-shit-that-likely-won't-work roulette with an order - free shipping too (Sydney).

  • Yep, pigs can fly.

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    they don't know the half of it…

  • At least i won't be sad once they cancel my order

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    Hey if Dominos can honour the 3 pizzas, these guys should honour the free Sunnies 😂

    • I’d be genuinely surprised if Uber didn’t step in and subsidised some of that. No way dominos would cop that for the sake of ‘good publicity.

      • Let's call the Don and see what he has to say!

      • I think it will depend if it was Dominos who made an error loading the product/pricing or an Uber fault

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    They're all going to get cancelled and the company will get your personal details for free to on sell and make money out of.

  • Worked for me, free courier delivery too 😀

  • Brutal…this will go into the ozbargain history books

  • Well, doubt it will be honored, but there you go, add another attempt in the pile, cheers for the effort OP.

    Hope you don't lose your pair on account of a million people jumping onto it instead of just the lucky duck who found it.

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    Awesome! Went through, I hope ppl trying to do this 43 distant emails don't ruin, I'm sure there's enough unique OzB users to do that.
    Out of interest where did this promotion originate? I'm assuming it's something to do with the Australian Open given the AOFREE code?
    & Thanks OP!

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      You can use the same email multiple times..

  • Ordered 0 for $0! Thanks OP!

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    7000+ clicks going strong, think we will make it to 20k clicks?

  • Thanks OP no way this is going to ship but my names in the barrel just in case

    Also free shipping to Tasmania for me

  • Placed order for fun

  • Or this is some ploy to phish all our information

  • Thx op, for one for free, any idea of shipping times for melbourne cbd?

  • Thanks. Looking forward to receiving the cheap $5 sunglasses.

    • Doubt they gonna send it out, let alone empty boxes

    • Yes I just read through the reviews of the model I ordered and there are a decent number showing poor quality control but more disconcerting even the lenses seem to have issues with the polarising later being misaligned and making people feel sick??? I bought a cheap pair from a tobacconist a few years ago that were like that and it's really disconcerting kinda like a mild firm of travel/sea sickness.
      Hopefully I get a good set though lol
      Can't really complain when they are free esp if they actually arrive, just wish I had some free coffee to celebrate ;P

  • Chnages to $5 shipping when using code?

  • Anyone willing to trade for a RAT

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    Imagine actually paying for your order legitimately and now having to wait an extra week because our members have caused a shit-storm 😂😂

    • That's me 🥲 I bought 2 sunnies for $75 this morning haha

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    Guys there's no need to pay for shipping. Get to the calculate shipping part first, and then add the promo code. If you add promo code before getting to shipping it asks you to pay $5. Don't get SCAMMED

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      Tried your way and still have to pay the $5 shipping

    • It doesn't really matter, everyone is paying zero and getting zero!

      • meh $5 killed the deal for me… already redeemed optical from health insurance at end of year.

        • I went in for $5, fully not expecting to get anything!

  • Bought one free shipping. Total $0.

    • which sunny did u order?

      • One of each.

      • I ordered HardWire and it was free including shipping! Like someone else has already said wait until you are at the confirm shipping page then pull down the order summary from the top and enter the code then not before and you'll get free shipping. I didn't need to do that but my girlfriend did for hers she's using an iPhone so might be something different between Android and iOS I'm not sure?

  • Free Shipping thanks OP

  • Great start of the year!

  • got one, good deal, thanks

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    I keep getting $5 shipping after code after choosing free shipping

  • deal of the year

  • Free shipping fixed now $5

  • Amazing, 49 minutes after the OP and its still working. My order went through no problem, with free courier delivery.

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      It is a pubic holiday. Dudes are going to have a fun day tomorrow.

  • My order didn't even charge for shipping, 2 days courier delivery. All free.

  • Ordered… wish I don't waste $5 and time…

  • Meh, $5 shipping now looks mandatory.

    I guess that's alright for a pair of "$85" polarised aviators. Let's see how the quality is!

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    This has Step One written all over it. Still ordered.

    • Didn’t step one come back and offer a bigger discount than usual, still nowhere near free iirc

      • We Quay with their glasses down

      • Was all a dodgy marketing ploy IIRC.

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