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[NSW] Samsung 85 Inch QN85A 4k QLED TV $4299 Delivered (Sydney Region Only) @ Powerland


I have been eyeing this partucular model and size as it has a VA panel and comparable to QN90A. The deal is not as good as the David Jones deal during black friday but I believe is lowest advertised price since then.

You can use this price to negotiate a better deal at other retailers too.

Should be possible to get under $4K.

For those not having much luck at other retailers or don't want the hassle of going to physical shops, you can also order the TV from Powerland's eBay store for the extra $100 off ($4,199).


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    Would be interested to know if anyone can price match this in Perth

  • How does this one compare to the Sony a80j 77 inch OLED TV.

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      Get oled in dark room, get this in bright room

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        I would change this a little to say get OLED in most rooms, get this if you have a very bright room.

        OLEDs these days go to 600-700 nits which is plenty bright unless there's direct sun on it. My LG C9 is next to wall length north facing glass sliding doors and I almost never have a problem watching during the day - only in very dark scenes (you can change the dark level compensation for your daytime setting).
        A80J or C1 etc aren't your old dim plasma or first gen OLED!

    • I have this and am very happy with the black levels.

      • -2

        Of course, because it's an OLED.

    • Samsung have always been my go to tvs mate but I just purchased the a80j and this thing is insanely good. My room can be fairly bright sometimes and it's still fine. When the sun is coming up and I have my blinds wide open then for about 30 minutes of the morning with the sun on that specific angle, it's not the greatest. But for every other hour of the day it's perfect.

      Or I just shut the blinds for 30 mins.

      • Where did you get the a80j from. I've tried the big stores in Sydney and all sold out. Apparently back in stock in March.

  • Still waiting for 75" to go down

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      The 75” uses an IPS display.

      • Really confusing for normal user, same model difference size difference spec.

  • Interested to know Sony 85inch X85J or this one. As I enquired from the guy working at JB says Sony is best. My budget is max. $4500. Just no knowledge of technology just go by reviews. Will be using sound bar so Sound is not much an issue.Thanks

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      Easily this one. This TV is comparable to the X90J or even the X95J. I personally prefer Google TV platform on Sony but that's an <$100 fix with a Google TV w/ remote deals.

      X85J has no local dimming and is their entry/mid level LED option. QN85 is Samsung's near top end option other than the 8K models or QN90.

      Rtings.com comparison tool is a good starting point - but keep in mind that the 85" QN85 is VA panel vs smaller size which are IPS, which means deeper blacks (although worse viewing angles): https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/samsung-qn85a-qled-v...

  • Sony 85inch 85J is $3795 and the plus side is Google TV

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      No local dimming on the 85J which you definitely want on an 85 inch TV.

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    This is a great TV for the price. And also is incredibly thin if you're planning to wall mount, it will look like a million bucks.

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      Yep. Do it. I went against the strong advice from the store guy and got the super slim wall mount. Looks great. But I would have to take it off the wall to plug anything new in

      • Did you have to reinforce the wall (assuming it is not solid brick wall)?

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          You mount into the wall studs in the wall though the plasterboard rather than relying rather than relying on the "strength" of the plasterboard alone (which is negligible). As long as your mount fits the stud you shouldn't need extra reinforcement.

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            @AlanHB: Yea, into the studs 2 bolts, I could probably hang from it

      • did you get the samsung super thin wallmount? was there any issues for mounting?

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          Nah just go for the cheapest you can find. The thin ones are nothing special

  • I used the super slim wallmount, the way the holes in mount are it is inevitable that you will have holes where there are no studs. I ended up getting a couple of studs and then used plasterboard anchors for the remaining holes. I put in a few extra screws and is solid

  • Also need to bear in mind cable thickness as with the super slim mount you only have 7.5mm clearance at the back of the tv. I need to get some super slim cables as my tv isn't sitting flush at the moment

  • Curious as to whether there are aftermarket solutions like the Samsung Frame that has a single cable to a box with all the sockets and power in a cabinet. Can't imagine one that doesn't have a half dozen connectors at one end, that all stick out. And doesn't do power. Looking for the USB C PD of the TV world.

    Only other solution is to put a plate in the wall with all the adaptors, and run cables inside the wall itself.

    • The 8K mini LED models come with a one connect box

  • need a monitor for my PC - this should be just right

    • I bought this TV to use as a PC monitor, I'd highly recommend it. I ran HDMI 2.1 leads in the wall to it, so I get 4k/120hz. Playing games is super smooth and looks good

  • I tried to pricematch this with Harvey Norman online and I was told it is less than market price and can’t match it. Then I shared appliance central link which is $4470 and he kept me on hold nearly 1 hour and said ‘sadly we can’t price match this’.

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      Esh83, I got told the same story from HN. JB Hi-Fi must be selling at a loss then.


      Good luck.

      • Did you get that deal for $3.9k?

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          Yeah, negotiated. Based on other invoices shared on the previous post. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/667733

          • @Tupac: Did they tell you when the stock would be arriving?

            • @ksun1985: Mine is arriving tomorrow. They said it was in stock and I could gave received today if I wanted.

              • @Tupac: Interesting. Down in VIC they said there's about 50+ on back order. I guess it's not a shared national warehouse then.

      • Wow, that's a great price. I got it from JB last week at $4650. No stock and apparently going to be a while before delivery.

      • thanks, really deal. I called jb hifi, he could able to match $4299 but not $3900.

      • Hey, im planning to go to the same store today. Is there someone in particular i need to talk to or something i should say to get the same deal?

      • +1

        Thanks got price matched at castle hill


        • Damn I just paid $4400 for this from JB last Monday with delivery expected next month. What are my chances of getting a credit/refund on the difference if it's yet to be in stock or dispatched?

          • @HeihachiMishima: maybe cancel order first if that is an option as its yet to be delivered. but i am not sure if that works i mean not sure if they will agree to cancel and refund.

        • I went to both Moore park and castle Hill store. Both said no lol…

          • @JW3: i have not idea what it is but i was quite surprised they agreed too as it seems stocks are limited too.

  • Last Black Friday I got this TV in TGG for 4320$ including delivery with a 2 weeks delivery time. TGG was saying for 75 inches its 2 months waiting time. Harvey Norman has stock and was not even matching the price as TGG doesn't have stock.

    I have bought a Samsung Q950A soundbar for 1262 in HN and linked to this TV. Its amazing to watch movies in this TV as it uses soundbar and TV speakers as well.

  • I want to buy this TV, any help to get this model cheaper in the Melbourne region?
    Everywhere it's $5195 and not a single penny less.

    • Have you tried negotiating?

      • I did not tried negotiating with any outlet such as jb-hifi because of no stock in Melbourne. Do you have any store in mind I can try talking with and what do I need to provide them to get discounted price?

      • Talked with HN online chat just now and they replied following;

        "I am sorry we could not match the price as per the price match policy with Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value."

        • +1

          Yeah you gotta keep trying. Always better to go in store I think. I see the qn85a 85 inch on display in quite a few JB hifis, but no idea of they have stock. Maybe try and negotiate for a display model?

          • @ifreddo: This. Said no on phone, said yes in store after negotiating for a bit.

  • I was able to price match to 3900 thanks to the above invoice


    Hopefully helps someone

    • I went to the store this morning and showed both moore park and this invoice. They still said no. How does this work haha

      • not sure maybe need to find the same sales person.

    • Is it for ebay plus members as I cannot see this code to get extra

  • Thanks guys (and OP). Managed to get it at JB Castle Hill (NSW), but at $3900 + $59 postage. Didn't want to budge on free postage, even though I lived 7 mins from the store.

  • Received mine yesterday. Coming from 75 inch QLED 70R (2019), I can see and hear upgrade in every department. Very happy with the TV. The level of immersion is at another level compared to 75 inch although it doesnt sound like much different on paper. When I viewed in the store, it didnt feel like that big a jump (perhaps being surrounded by other 85 inches and even 100 inch made it look relatively normal).

    I was debating between this and entry model (au8000 crystal uhd), glad I picked QN85A.

  • Seems to be out of stock on both the ebay link and powerland… The next best price I could find is $5k, anyone else got any other good prices?

    • Videopro have it at $4450 on their website.

      • Hi, I ended up getting it from Appliance Central $4298.

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