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Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard K780 $39 (Normally $69) + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Was looking for a multi-device keyboard that can connect up to 3 devices and saw this on special on JB-Hifi for $39 (Normally $69-$89 depending on stores). Not historic low (I think lowest was ~$28, but thought will be helpful for people that needs it now.

I was comparing this with MX keys ($170 keyboard) and think the build quality on 780 is quite decent for the price tag.

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        Nothing budget about the k780 except maybe this price. 100% quality.

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          Yeah I’m kinda confused by that comment and positive votes, I’ve been using it for a couple of days now and seems quality to me. Granted I was upgrading from a K270 - now that is a budget keyboard.

    • Delivery is not available and there is very limited stock.

    • I also got it through the $28 Amazon price. It's a good keyboard. I find it a little annoying at times. I have large hands so it may be the size of the keyboard. Although I have no problems with my 14" laptop. There's something about the round keys that affects my typing experience. I also game casually and the WASD is not as comfortable to use so if you do game as well forget this.

    • Weird… If you click the linked image directly it goes to a 404 but if you open in a new tab it works

    • Dead link. Would any of those K380 K480 K780 be a good ad-hoc option for operating multiple Raspberry Pi(s) running media centre or Linux desktop? It's been annoying to deal with the traditional adaptor + keyboard model which doesn't do KVM style switching… This seem to be able to pair with multiple devices and quickly switch.

    • Does anyone know of a quick switching mouse that would work in conjunction with this keyboard?

        • Thanks Boxall - much appreciated

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        Switching 1 device is tedious enough. I would imagine having to do that to 2 devices would be a painful mess.

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          I have this keyboard and mouse combo and it’s a 10 second task to switch both over.

          • @jackary: Keyboard has one button, m720 has one button. 1s to switch over.

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            @jackary: ^this.
            Keyboard is a click away, and mouse is worse case scenario 2 clicks away.
            Saying it's tedious is plain lazy, sorry.
            Source: I've got both k780 and m720

    • Paid around $50. Totally worth it

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      Deal link is 404ing for me now

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        Same, maybe expired.

    • Nice keyboard. Would like it to have light on the Shift Lock button though.

      • Many wireless keyboards has no lock indicators…
        But it has an on screen pop up icon when caps lock is on or off.

    • Bought one from Officeworks. Mine had deep scratches on same keys and some discolouration on the stand bit, so I returned it to Officeworks.

      I decided not to get a replacement as I found the lack of being able to elevate the keyboard a big limitation for everyday work and personal use. I can’t stand typing on a flat keyboard.

      • That's exactly my issue with this keyboard as well. Any new keyboard I get, raising the stands is the first thing I do.

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        Looks like you're doing it wrong

    • Currently typing a K780 that would be 5 years old at least. Has had quite a bit of beer, water, gin and other food/alcohol tipped into it and it's still going strong. Tempted to get another one, I must admit. Really short-throw keys make fast typing easy.

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