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10% off Uber (OOS), Binge, Kayo, Hoyts, and The Iconic eGift cards @ Woolworths Gift Cards


Likely a Valentine special.

10% off the following eGift cards:

  • Uber - Out of Stock
  • Hoyts
  • The Iconic
  • Binge
  • Kayo
This is part of Valentine's Day Sales for 2022.

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  • Store in title or desc?

  • That is nice you can buy them online .

  • +2

    Uber gift card when added to your account can be used for Uber eats?

    • +6

      Yeah it's Uber Cash

  • Can't process Uber gift card, the "Purchase" button didn't work after entering credit card details!

    • +1

      Worked for me, I've just purchased an Uber one about 10 minutes ago.

  • Has anyone a clue of Staff discounts working anymore on gift cards in-store?

    • Recently I tried to buy Ebay gift card but no more 5% off. I think staff now have dedicated website called plusclub to buy gift cards. Someone might chime in bcos I forgot my password and couldn't get into the site.

      • Yea I've seen the plus wow site or something for gift cards now, but I'd always prefer in-store, staff discount only works on groceries now which kinda sucks! miss the days when nothing was limited, and you could use rewards dollars on giftcards

    • At least one other person has confirmed it has stopped working across the board recently.

      However, I think Woolworths Group has been quietly and gradually killing off the 5% staff discount for gift cards over the last few months. During another gift card deal late last year, someone privately told me they bought the Visa gift card that can be used at home improvement businesses (which was basically brand new to Woolworths at the time), but it didn't attract the 5% team member discount.

      Disclaimer: I am not a Woolworths Group team member, nor do I have access to the discount.

  • Thanks OP, got a Kayo gift card

  • +1

    Does anyone know how Kayo gift cards work? does the $100 just give you 4 months or can I add it to my account thats got a $15 offer and it'll just take $15 out of the credit each month?

    • +2

      Yeah it just takes the cash amount out for whatever the plan amount is.
      So in your case, $15/month

      I'm in the last month of the Telstra $5/month deal about to switch into the $15 offer.

      It also shares the value across to Binge if you use the same account details. They really shouldn't separate Kayo and Binge cards IMHO. Should just sell a dual purpose card to make it clear.

      • +1

        Got a link/details to the $15 Kayo deal? I'm also in the last month of my $5 Telstra deal and need a hook-up.

        • Same here

        • @daanish if current Telstra customer in the app click on
          Save $10 a month

  • Sorry for the silly question, but could you sign up to the Kayo Telstra $15/m deal then use the discounted gift cards to pay for it?

    • +1

      Yes, I assume so.
      I'm in the last month of the Telstra $5 plan and it worked this way perfectly fine, still have $40 remaining from the $100 gift card I loaded.

    • Yes. I did this an hour ago

      Though having trouble with the uber gift card

  • +1

    Kayo and Binge are cheaper at Costco usually

    • Price?

      • $85 normal price for $100, haven't looked for it recently but been that price for a long time.

  • Can the 10% off your shop once a month for Woolworths mobile customers discount be applied to these gift cards?


    The T&C seem to say the 10% off only applies to 'groceries' so it probably doesn't apply but no harm in asking.

    • +2

      It doesn’t apply to this deal, as the 10%-off-your-shop-once-a-month discount is only redeemable through Woolworths (and Woolworths Metro) in-store or on Woolworths Online (i.e. the section of the Woolworths website where you order groceries). This deal is happening through the dedicated gift card portal on the Woolworths website, which is completely separate from Woolworths Online.

  • +1

    Sweet, now I just need a deal that gets me a girlfriend.

    • Username undersells yourself. :-) Austria is an awesome country and one of the wealthiest in the world.

  • Uber no longer 10% off. Likely Ozbargained?

    • Bummer. Was gonna grab some Uber ones today….

      • same, do they have that in-store?

  • I can't register with this gift site. Can't get past the phone verification part. It won't send me any text messages or voice calls, after waiting an hour or so.

    Maybe in a while I'm going to get 40 text messages and voice calls….

  • I bought uber gift cards last yesterday and still can't redeem them.

    • Looks like they have been removed from Woolworths GC website, now…

  • Australia Post have a similar deal going. I will put it up in a new deal.

  • Just saw this on the OzB insta story or I would have missed it. Cheers OP! Grabbed one for Kayo

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