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DarkFlash DLH21 PC Case ITX Mini Tower $99 (Was $149) Delivered @ EZPC Technology eBay


Introducing Video:


  • Dual PCI-E slots
  • Heat Dissipation
  • USB-C port support
  • Lighting Effect on the bottom
  • Power Supply not included

Darkflash 360mm CPU Liquid Cooler on Sale as well $99 ( Was $149 )


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    lemon squeezy

  • Anyone know how good are this case? Got inwin A1 plus. This seems like an upgrade with smaller size!

  • Be careful of the way the case mounts the GPU. It can actually worsen the temp for some models of GPU such as ASUS ROG Strix. The better way to mount a GPU vertically is like SSUPD.

    • Can you please elaborate more?

      • +3

        Sorry just realized I wrote it incorrectly. Instead of vertically, what I mean is when you mount a GPU perpendicularly (at least for 30 series, not sure about the others), the temp will increase significantly.
        One explanation is that the design of the heat pipe that causes this (not confirmed but just heard of, something related to gravity). However, people have also argued that the case airflow could be one problem.
        So if you wanna mount perpendicularly, the best way is to have the ports face downward which is the SSUPD way but don’t face upward.
        The link below could be a good example:

        I did a bitta research and found this:
        Here is a paper talking about the impact of orientation on heat pipe etc and so looks like it depends on what type of heat pipe it is as well:

        Forum of discussion (more focusing on cpu cooler but still a discussion of heat pipe):

        • I have a case that points the display outputs at the top, I never really noticed high temps. Its had a 1660 5700xt 3060 3060ti. might double check it though

          • @WT: It’s more common in cards above 3070ti due to the amount of heat they produced based on videos. Low to mid tier cards won’t suffer that much.

            • @nelladream: Would you still recommend a case with a GPU IO at the top even if I only planned on getting a mid-tier GPU?

              Am strongly considering the Silverstone Alta G1M since there seems to be no other choice in a non-ITX, vertical, small footprint cases. Unfortunately the top IO has me quite hesistant to actually get it.

              • @CarWashRedhead: If it’s mid-tier should be fine, unless you are AMD FE version. G1M is a big boi so airflow should be sufficient.

    • Don't know why you are being downvoted - this is certainly true for some GPUs depending on heatpipe orientation.
      From personal experience as an X-proto user, flipping the case lowered GPU temps by 20c

  • Really nice case. Well priced

  • Care to share/sell the PSU that fits and is powerful enough for higher-end GPU's?

  • -3

    Noisy by design. Don't get it unless you like white noise in the background while using PC.

    • +1

      You have it, or going by reviews?

  • I have another case of theirs, its amazing for what it is.

    I'm tempted to buy this as I'd imagine it would be similarly awesome.

  • +1

    thought it's series x lol 😂

  • Check out the HYTE Revolt 3 if you're a fan of these small-footprint, tower designs like me. Not sure of it's availability in Australia yet.

    I've built in the Meshlicious and NZXT H1 and have been enamoured with the form-factor ever since. So much so that I even got myself an XSX too add to the collection

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