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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Dual Sim G780GD 4G 128GB 8GB $643 Delivered (Import Stock) @ MyMobile


Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Dual sim G780GD 4G 128GB 8GB $643 Import Stock

Free Shipping 12 months warranty

Colours Navy , Mint , Lavender and Red in stock

call 07 30127977
69 Adelaide st Brisbane city

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    Didn't realise they made 4G Phones of the S21 FE?

    • +1

      Its not s21, its s20. They have some nice colours back in 2020.

      • Oh the price put me off as what I paid for my s21

  • -2

    Hesitant to buy 'new' imported stock nowaday.

    In case anyone wondering, google huaqiangbei.

    • +2

      Googling that on its own doesn't get very far… other than "worlds biggest electronics market" etc

      Are you suggesting these phones are from there? And supercheap?

      Can you give an example?

      • +1

        Try huaiqiangbei imitation.

        Eye opening if you get a chance to go there…

        • +1

          Not sure what you are getting at, the fakes are obvious unless you are a total idiot

          • @oznik: No. Asia have the tendency to buy used phone, refurb and then sell it off as new.

    • Googled it, says it was being shut down two years ago for demolition.

  • +1

    Got s22 for 600'ish after trade in credit and extra bonus trade in bonus. Why would you get this?

    • +1

      Maybe the expanded memory option, otherwise not sure ~ maybe some are allergic to 5G :p

    • +7

      Because they don't have a S21 to trade in?

  • +2

    For anyone with access to Samsung Educational store, S20 FE 5G 128GB $719.20 or S21 FE 5G 128GB 799.20 / 256GB 879.20.

    Might be a preferred option and/or newer phone for anyone considering this.

    You need access to a .edu.au email to gain access - https://www.samsung.com/au/estore/samsung-education-store/

  • +4

    Imported stock so no Australian warranty. Wouldn't touch it with a 10ft pole.

    • +3

      Why feet? We are a metric system country

      • +2

        Good point. Wouldn't touch with a 3m pole

  • Good phone. Decent price

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