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90% off All Shell V-Power Racing Apparel & Headwear + $9.90 Delivery ($0 with $80 Order) @ Shell V-Power Racing Team


Shell V Power Is Selling all Apparel and Headwear on the site at 90% off.

Also, get FREE SHIPPING when you spend $80 and $20 off your first order over $100 (excludes sale items).

Mens Polo Was $85 Now $8.50

Hoodies - Was $125 Now $12.50

Youth Polo Was $65 Now $6.50

Youth/Adults T-shirts was $85/$65 Now $8.50/$6.50

Caps - Was $35 Now $3.50

Beanies Was $35. Now $3.50

Be quick as they are selling fast. These prices are NEVER to be repeated.

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Shell V-Power Racing Team
Shell V-Power Racing Team

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  • +39

    I have to pay to advertise Shell?

    • +4

      Yep. For a billion dollar company.

    • +1

      My exact thoughts…why would you pay?

    • -2

      Also look like a douche wearing bright red with adverts on it. Some people like it though and it's cool.

    • +5

      FYI: All the things we wear are branded.
      In this case, it's a Shell branded apparels.
      We buy different brands. It's really a matter of preference.
      And nobody is forcing anyone to buy this shirt. :)

      • +12

        All the things we wear are branded.

        No they aren't.

    • +5

      so everything you buy doesn't have a logo? you pay a lot more to advertise for nike and adidas, and least with shell they are giving you a discount, lol.

  • perfect, thanks OP!

  • +15

    The quality of these is very good, I bought the hoodie and pit shirt and was impressed when they were twice this price.

    Don't want products from a racing team? Good for you, how about you keep your irrelevant opinions to yourselves instead of shitting on other people's interests?

    • +1

      Unless it’s Nautica….. then they can shit on peoples interests

    • How long did it take, i have not received an email with any tracking information? ordered 4 days ago

  • with sizing what is half chest measurement?

    • +2

      The "half-chest" or "across-chest" measurement is obtained by laying the t-shirt (hoodie, shirt or other top) flat on a flat surface. Measure across the front, side-seam to side-seam, from just a few centimetres below the sleeve


  • awesome purchased literally one of each haha

  • +3

    The title should be amended - the $20 off first order doesn't apply to sale items, it appears to be $20 off $100 new subscriptions which doesn't apply on sale items.

  • +2

    $10 postage domestic FYI
    Still, the hoodie for effectively $22 delivered. Clicked :-)

  • Ozbargained!

  • Site getting hammered can't get through must be ozbargained.

  • +1

    the website is crashing

  • +6

    Website dead.

  • +7

    Website must be 90% off as well, offline that is 😁

  • Site has been OZB'd!!! Very very slow if you can get on …. otherwise it's a 504 Gateway Timeout Error ;)

  • get smashed by ozb fam

  • +3

    Please stick with us while we get the site back online…the promo has gone wild!

  • I believe the website has been ozbombarded.

  • +1

    that was quick…can check out the google cached if anyone is interested in what they look like

  • Another site bites the dust…. OzB ftw! Straight KO

  • Bad gateway

  • -1

    Had a shopping cart full and as checked out crashed

  • +2

    how to ddos a site without any intention of ddosing a site.

  • I had issues from the first minute giving me a paypal bad token error and the site being extremely slow.

  • By the time we could get back in I'm sure there is nothing left.

  • The website been taken out just as fast as the dumped poor Fabian

  • -1

    Came up and then dropped out.

  • +2

    Are they hosting the website on a free starter's account?

  • Fail whale

  • I am more concerned if they are legit? They now have all more details after registering an account.

    • They are legit, I bought stuff when it was 80% off and it arrived quickly.

      • Thanks Wasted1. Just managed to put through my order. Now, it's time to wait for the delivery of my order and hoped they don't give me a refund instead.

  • Sell Vpower Racing Team Merchandise with a super slow and unreliable website…..makes me think again how go is Vpower now!!

    • +1

      They definitely need to top up the oil in their servers.

      • May be some fuel addictive too!!

  • +2

    Server has run out of (V)power.

  • Should of got ampol fuel to power the site lol

  • +3

    Come on change the plugs on the website…

  • may day may day! Site is under attack!

  • sigh still broken.. fail. moving on

  • The Links are broken and still not working, was anyone able to order anything ?

  • +3

    Whincup told lowndes to crash into the server

  • Its working now.. thanks OP

  • +1

    Looks like the site is back in action….still a bit of stock available but at this rate it will be gone by the morning. Ozbargainers are super hungry today!

    • +1

      Yeah, after the quiet weekend. As an OzBargainer, I don't think any of us will be dining out with the Mrs or Mr for this Valentine's day.

    • Is sale item can be returned?

  • For the sake of my wasted time, I have wasted some money by placing an order successfully. My rage won!

  • I'm not work at the servo.

  • +1

    While I prefer the logo to be smaller, still bought 5 pcs for slightly over $50 delivered, can't go wrong with 90% discount.

  • +2

    It's a Valentines Day miracle!

  • Could only get Afterpay to work of the 3 payment options… site absolutely on a go slow still.

  • Well I finally bought three of the large men's polo.
    Still got an error but I have a confirmation from PayPal and the website so hopefully it works

  • +1

    Got there in the end.

    Order confirmation got caught in spam filter.

    • Yeah same ended up in spam

  • -1

    Just letting people know placed a transaction and took my paypal money but after paypal processed and tried to return to shop displayed an error. I just rang store and have no record of my phone number on order. Told me to email then and wait 24hrs for a reply,

    • Did you get an order confirmation email?

      • No, that is why/what wanted to let people know, Have again queried them and now blaming system IT glitches and can see they got paid but never got order and reason why didn't get a confirmation email.
        Told me to wait for them to fix with IT and then able to generate a invoice when available,

  • +1

    https://djrshop.com.au/sale/shell-v-power-racing-team-driver... this one still has stock for anyone wanting.

    • +1

      Hard to support Fabs though

  • Anyone else really missing Scotty at DJR?

    • Yep. ADP is a good driver but there's no-one with the star quality that Scotty displayed.

  • -1

    Why doesn't the code in the newsletter subscription work for orders over $100?

  • My measurement is 102 so half 52cm is that the way they size?

  • How’s the quality of these? Got a an F1 RBR polo from a few years back. If they quality is anywhere near as good as that definitely a bargain

  • I got through and ordered a few things. The quality will be excellent I think. The garmets will last for many years. A bargain IMO.

    • Would be good when mowing….

  • got 4 polo shirt and a hat 😅😅😅 thanks
    missing out on the hoodie though

  • Cheers got 4 polo shirts, 3 beanies and 5 hats

  • +2

    I am thinking of getting one and wear it to fill up my tank with Mobil 1 from 7 eleven locked price

  • +1

    Feel dirty buying this while running a team project zero three chopper to sunnybank hills Qld for a competitor's E10…

  • -3

    Just received an email to tell me unable to give me a Large Hoodie and asked me to choose a XL or X2L instead. How silly are they thinking can sell me any size that will not/does not fit me as a replacement. Items were there at time when I bought and paid at 6pm and to tell me now aren't available now and tell me to buy a larger size is a crappy store resolution for their mistakes!

    • What would you like them to do sew you a new one? Inventory management is rarely perfect. Your options are pick a bigger size or ask for a refund.

  • OOS on Hoodies…….

  • +1

    glad the hoodies were out of stock and thus the temptation…i don't need any more clothes

  • Well Done Op! ;-) Order placed

  • Nothing left worth buying :/ guess that's a good thing really

  • a hoodie would be nice to work in the garage on those cold mornings and nights.

    bring back the hoodie :)

  • But why

  • Is there any way to select the size for the Hoodie that's still in stock?

  • Has anyone got shipping confirmation, are they shipping from Sydney?

    • Hi, i ordered on Monday and am yet to receive any shipping information??

  • +1

    Bought beanies for the family.. road trip!! Hoodie would have been great.

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