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SCA Workbench with Drawer and Pegboard 100kg $62.99 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Supercheap Auto eBay


$3 more expensive than the previous deal.
Mixed reviews on SCA website on it being flimsy though looks suitable for light duties. I would replace the workbench with pine and reinforce the four horizontal supports with wood to make it sturdier.

SCA Workbench Powder Coated 100kg
Brand: SCA

Product Info
This SCA Work bench is comprised of a strong matte black powder coated steel frame with strong MDF bench and back boards. Featuring a full-width ball bearing sliding drawer and a pegboard you can organise your space the way you want to. With a maximum load limit of 100kg this workbench will hold all your tools safely and securely.

Durable powder coated steel frame with 12mm MDF bench top
Pegboard backing for organised tool storage
Roller bearing sliding drawer for tool storage
Plastic foot covers to protect your floor from movement or vibration damage

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  • It's $3 more.

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      than ?

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        • thanks

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      updated description thanks!

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    I just put 3 of these together last week. There a little tricky to assemble but feel quite solid once they are completed.

    A rubber hammer was invaluable.

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    Yeah, it's ok. I have one and it's good for light duties. I agree with the need to reinforce the leg's and bench for any heavy duties, but it's reasonably sturdy once it's together.

    +1 to using rubbers, it's best to be careful. ;-)

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    It is a good bench as I got from last deal.

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    If you sign up for a new ebay account, they give you the option to pay with afterpay and give you $10 off, bringing the price to $59.99 pickup

    • thanks, was able to buy it in this way

  • Any idea what the height of the workbench is? ~900m i assume…?

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      Length: 905mm
      Width: 450mm
      Height: 1400mm
      Weight: 21kg

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        While rare, sometimes I come across comments that are in the red for no fathomable reason.

        This is one of them, the guy just gave the dimensions as asked, what's wrong with that?

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          Ahh, because he didn't read the question and his reply doesn't answer it 😅

          Unless the bench sits chest high

          • +1

            @TheFlyingCoder: Aaah, I see now! Yes, 1400mm is crazy high, meaning it includes the backboard, yep yep, this doesn't answer OPs question at all!

        • Yeah, let's get him. Pitchforks! Get your pitchforks! Oh wait, that's me. I definitely didn't read the question properly… However, if anyone wants to know the width, you're welcome

          • @Iost: Yeah I mean you had 2 downdoots at the time and now are positive, I didn't see any pitchforks 😅

            This was helpful though, annoying that they don't list the bench height it's obviously one of the most important points haha -.-

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      Scaling off the vertical RHS of the image, given total height 1400, I get a bench height of 880mm ±5mm.

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      Just measured mine, 913mm

  • It's a good bench, and as mentioned in this post and the previous deal, you can modify it to make it sturdier.

    The standard make is also fairly decent, only the drawer seems cheap/flimsy.

    There's flexibility with this thing to thicken the wood benches, add struts to the existing legs, attach a powerboard and hang a strip lit under or in front of the canopy.

    Good little pickup if you don't have something like this already.

  • Is this really Plus? I have a plus voucher that won't apply to this.

    • Doesn’t seem like it’s plus eligible

  • You can save further $10 If you have cash back rewards from Commbank rewards.

  • Is there a way to add additional legs to have more room at the bottom for easy cleaning instead of moving up the bottom board?

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    Can you keep this in the house? Any strong chemical smell or risk?

    • Depends whether you are cutting up dead bodies on it

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        Well.. I bought some retro school style plastic 60l bins from bigw and they're inside but have a rank smell to em. You just don't know these days with furniture.

        • I'd say this would be less pongy considering not much plastic - only thing that may stink is the MDF but easily swapped out if so

        • +2

          I ordered one and assembled it today - didn't smell rank, however the MDF seems to smell like weetbix :)

          • @bdl: Thanks. Got 1 too. Haven't assembled yet. Will make mods to suit application. Probably attach a piece of pine/oak board from bunnings to top for durability

            • +1

              @cobknob: @cobknob - let me know what you reckon about the smell, definitely hints of weetbix with mine

              • @bdl: will do once I've set it up ;)

  • Thanks OP just purchased. Wanted to buy one last time but was sold out.

    • +1

      Just put mine together. Not too hard, instructions could have been better.

      I do feel like the table height is a bit short though. As ifonlyiwasyounger advised propping up the table on bricks made the height for me a lot more comfortable.

      It does feel a little 'cheap' but for and odd $60 its not bad.

  • Is the code for eBay Plus members only?

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