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BlitzWolf BW-AS2 Double Driver (2x5W Mid-Treble & 1x30W Bass) Bluetooth Speaker US$19.99 (A$27.80) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Great price on the BlitzWolf 40W bluetooth speaker, $21 cheaper than the previous deal


  • 2 x 5W Mid-Treble & 1 x 30W Bass Drivers
  • 5200mAh battery
  • USB-C charging
  • Inbuilt mic
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 3.5mm audio port
  • TF card port

To get price:

  • Select Ships from AU
  • Apply coupon BGAUAS2 at checkout.
  • Remove shipping insurance.

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD

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  • whoa ! nice … so cheap ! dont need one but bought one anyways, I love to compare various portable speakers … 40W sounds impressive! cant wait to hear the bass.

  • +4

    That's crazy cheap for this. Have two of them and they're great. They also link up so you can use two together!

    Main issue is that Banggood uses Aramex which is a problem most of the time, and also one of the units I have doesn't hold charge.

    Speaker itself is great

    • +3

      Yeah unfortunately just rebranding fast way to aramex hasn’t made it any better. On my Last order they had no idea where my package was after 3 weeks. Tracking said it never left Sydney. They need a new carrier asap.

      • Took me 7 weeks to get my speaker the first time, was supposed to arrive in 7-9 days (I paid for express shipping).

        Funnily enough, I finally managed to get Banggood to send me a new one and then the first one arrived two days later 😂

        So I got two speakers for $60ish bucks. Almost as good as this deal!

      • +1

        Should of rename themselves to slow way or long way round

    • Thanks for your comment… Don't need it but grabbed two.

    • +3

      When you linked both speakers, does it work as right and left speakers?

      • +2

        No unfortunately, it's just the same audio.

        • Ah…

  • $30.49 when I paid just now with paypal

    • +1

      Did you remove shipping insurance?

      • +2

        Might need it with amerax lol. I had two parcels or LEDs go missing and end up being sent back to China . Amerax said incorrect address when it was the right address sigh.

        • +2

          Haha… Amerax are pretty bad, but there's no need for insurance when paying with PayPal.

          • +2

            @adr8: It probably depends on the contractor but Aramex is really bad in my area. I simply don't buy from sellers that use Aramex.

            • @nfr: Hahaha same. Does Banggood use Aramex? During the worst covid years the Aramex courier was so sick for his deliveries he should've been on leave! He was coughing, sniffing awfully bad!!

              • @PeeDee: Lol Aramex. My last order was delivered to another state acording to their tracking. But somehow it ended up at my doorstep.

                I'm really lucky with auspost and couriers. Never had any dramas and mostly on time. Probably jinxed it now

            • @nfr: Same here

          • @adr8: So if parcel lost in transit, you can just open a case with PayPal ?

            • @Scythic: Yes, if the item is significantly different to the seller’s description or doesn’t arrive, you have 180 days to file a dispute.

  • Tempting!

    I have a JBL Flip 4, is this an upgrade to that?

  • +1

    I am a sucker for speaker….Thanks OP

  • +5

    I have 58 speakers. Got one without even looking at what it was.

    • Buy first, think later.

    • +2

      The ozbargain way

    • +5

      So instead of Dolby surround, you got ozbargain surround 58.1

  • What's this speaker comparable? Hope you don't say Edifier cause even if Edifier gets super cheap I wouldn't even pay for it.

    Can I also play plugged in?

    • Reviews say yes to playing plugged in, not sure on comparisons though.

      • Bad ratings on YouTube so no thanks haha

        Like to know how it fares with a Google nest or echo cause even their volume and bass packs a punch for something that small!

        • +1

          Google Nest Echo are like 7watts? How is that comparable?

          • +1

            @HandsomeMonkey: Oh yeah, watts make a difference but there's a difference between a loud sound and a better sound.

            Google and Amazon may know better algorithmns to create a good sound. I'm not sure of Blitz. I had an Edifier, threw it away.

    • +2

      Has really good bass, good mids and average-good highs.

      Uses USB C to charge, has Bluetooth and 3.5mm Aux connection.

      I use 1 for my pc as I have a very small desk, and I use 1 for just general Bluetooth music.

      I'd say it compares to my Sony XB-21 that I used to have but with better bass and stereo separation.

      Mids and highs were better on the Sony (from memory).

      • +1

        I have one agree with twirlypiglet about sound quality but for $30 nothing around touches it

        • Yes exactly, best speaker for $30!

  • +2

    Order first think later

    • +1

      This is the way

  • +2

    Coupon used more than the limited number of times :(

  • +1

    Coupons expired, can only be used 230 times

  • +3

    Hey OP,

    Are you able to extent the coupon limit?

  • Missed :(

    • +4

      Lucky you did, poor battery life and degrading playback times quickly due to ultra cheap batteries being used and also only bluetooth 4.2 so poorer sound quality from source.

      • +2

        Yay, makes me feel better

      • I wonder if that means my 2nd speaker I received was second hand as it doesn't hold charge since the day I bought it 🤔

        I use it constantly plugged in for my PC anyway so worked out well!

  • Yet another random chinese product that I didn't need yet bought more than one of

    • chinese product

      Everything is a Chinese product these days…

      BlitzWolf is a popular brand here on OzBargain

  • Disappointed I missed out on this :(

    I wish OzBargain had a notification system where you didn't have to open the app to check everytime

    • +1

      There is a notification system. search for an item you want and click on create alert. Enjoy!

      • +1

        Thanks for that, but like most people here, I never knew I wanted this speaker LOLL. I just came across it on the front page this morning and realized it was an excellent deal.

        I will use that alert feature for other products tho thanks

  • "We are sorry to inform you that the item(s) in your order is(are) taking longer than expected to restock because of excessive demand.

    We are putting pressure on the factory to produce urgently and will ship it(them) as soon as the goods arrive.

    We apologize for this unexpected delay and would like to offer you two solutions, please select your preferred option by clicking on the following button:

  • +4

    got mine today. Wow !!!! the sound from it is seriously amazing for $30, wow wow wow!

    I want to buy few more !!!!!

    • +3

      Just got mine today as well. It blew my mind with the bass for $28. My first bargain buy for 2022 so far.

      • +1

        Got mine today. Agree with you all. It's amazing for $28.

        • Agree. Had I know the sound quality was so good at this price I would have got a second for pairing.

    • Definitely agree. It's pretty good for $30. Wouldn't pay $80, glad I didn't pay $80, it's a steal at $30! Will have to test it with a few different sources. I find music is well balanced up until about 60-70% volume, quite unbalanced above that as the speaker will focus more on boomy bass by cutting mids and trebles, will have to test on more devices to see if it's just my phone's Bluetooth being problematic. Latency over Bluetooth is decent for a 4.2 device. Also I find it likes to dance with its bass, mine nearly jumped off my staircase in the first ten minutes.

      Sort of wish I bought two for TWS mode though.

      • +1

        too late to edit my message, but it turns out it was my phone's bluetooth screwing up the balance at loud volumes. works brilliantly over bluetooth and 3.5mm on my laptop.

  • Just received mine today. For only $30 this thing packs a punch, it gets as loud as my friends UE boom, well worth the money!

  • Got mine today.. Box was really damaged during transit. Opened it.. Try to power it on.. No response.. Tried charging.. No blinking lights.. Probably got a dud one :(

    • I received mine and thought the same. Turns out it only charges with the original cable that came with the speaker. I tried using a 100w Baseus one and it won't charge at all. Have you been trying with the original cable?

      • I tried the original cable and atleast 3 other cables.. No dice.. No response.. No blinking lights whatsoever

    • I got a dud one too. It doesn't charge fully. Used the cable that came with it too, no difference. As soon as I unplug the cable, it only works for about 3 minutes and then dies. The speaker sounds great but doesn't hold the charge.

      • Yeah, mine drops to 70% the moment I unplug it and then to 50% after 5 min playtime. Seems like a common issue when I google it… Debating if I want to keep it as a stationary speaker or return it.

        • The BMS system seems to be problematic. I happened to leave it charging overnight, when I checked it, it had been over a day and the 4th charging indicator was still blinking. Other than that, the speaker seems to perform as expected.

          For this price, there isn't much point returning it as it can easily take you over an hour to get everything settled which might cost more than the speaker itself. I'm wondering if there is a way to remove or replace the battery…

      • I got a dud one too . Charged it all night. I can only turn it on for a few seconds if I hold the power and reset buttons down . It shows 4 solid white lights . Beeps 5 times then turns off. So annoyed as I waited 4 weeks for this thing

    • Hmmm, bad luck seems. Mine arrived with 3 of 4 lights on so probably ~70% of charge. That's what to expect with lithium batteries leaving the factory.

      Maybe try a different cable and see how it goes. It's indeed picky about cables. It obviously does not like quite a few 100 USB-C cables from a couple of different brands, but seems to be pretty happy with any other USB-C cables I have, doesn't really matter it's USB 2 or USB 3.

  • just arrived today, i've gotta say, DAYMN!! the volume and quality is awesome, well worth the RRP - i should have bought a dozen (can a store rep make that happen?)

    • Im keen on a couple. Missed out.

    • mine arrive also this is my second one for workshop. good sound for the price doesnt matter if get grease. or oil on it

    • +1

      Mine arrived today. Damnnn the bass is lit 🤙
      Luckily I bought two

    • Got mine a couple of weeks ago but did not really got a chance to open the box. I was only expecting something could make some loud sound really. It was quite a surprise when I turned it on and played something I was familiar. I don't need a dozen but I probably should have bought half a dozen for the price.

  • Just opened mine but have been away a few days. circa 2-3 weeks delivery.

    3/4 bars charged on power up.
    Quality sound on low volume via BT. Haven't turned it up to 11 yet.
    Doesn't compete with my bose wave radio but far better than flip2 jbl portable.

  • Mine never came and i just checked and no stock in AU, so Banggood being Banggood told me repurchase the item at a higher price of $80 AUD from the China warehouse after already charging me for the item. Sigh!

    • also don't forget to upload a video of the package not arriving lol

  • After a full 1 month my speaker finally arrived. Charge it all night. Problem is when I hold the power button to turn it on it just beeps 5 times and then turns off. The included instructions have no useful information. Has anyone else had any issues turning it on or pairing it? Thanks

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