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Domino's Big Party Weekend Sat 28th & Sun 29th of April 2012 - $3.95 Trad/Value Pizza VIC ONLY


$3.95 traditional or value range large pizza pick up
Sat 28th & Sun 29th of April 2012

Available from 11 am to 6 pm.

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  • Seen the ad in Narre Warren, Victoria store last night.

    • where is the store in Narre Warren please?

  • I tried to use it just now and it says it is not active? :(

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      dates are for next weekend :p

  • +7

    slaps forehead

  • +1

    Good first post. Keep up the good work.

  • +1

    Super Mario

  • +11

    Anyone want to come to my party? Free drinks!

  • nice

    $4 pizzas next weekend!!! :D

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    Guess what's for dinner saturday and sunday night!

    • +7


    • +7

      I was going to guess spaghetti, but I guess pizza does make more sense…

  • +4

    Damn, I wanted pizza this weekend…

    edit: Just got this working at Robina 58231 $6.95 traditional pizzas if anyone else wanted pizza today like me ;)

  • yep, looks like dominos is on the menu next week, sat&sun

  • Cheapest I've ever seen it! Thanks OP. Dinner sorted next weekend :)

  • It is getting sooo hard to find $2.95 pizza coupons these days.

    • are you being serious? Id thought there would hardly be a profit at $3.95…

  • +1

    Anyone has a 'delivered' coupon?

    • +1

      looking for same.
      Best found so far is $11.95ea
      Code: 70347
      exp. 6/5/12

  • not accepted by Morayfield store QLD and croydon park NSW for next weekend!

  • Wow this coincides with the first Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend :D

  • Works at my local store, will probably have pizza next week then :D Thanks for the awesome find OP!

  • Not accepted East of Perth. North Bridge seems to work though

  • +2

    Not at Paddington, Forest Lake or Richlands (Qld). Oh well, going to have to make my own.

  • Not sure if it's going to work in my local store, will wait and see.

  • not accepted at kingswood, budegwoi or lakehaven.

  • +1

    mily you dont need to wait, open the online ordering put in your store address and put the code in the voucher box, it will tell you if it doesnt work

    • Thanks, but unfortunately none store accepts this code near Wollongong.

  • What happened to NOWRA store - they've closed - sign says the landlord has taken possession.

  • Fat bastards

  • Not accepted at Coorparoo, Woolloongabba or West End. I wonder if this will work anywhere in Brisbane.

  • not working at quakers hill or blacktown, sydney

  • -1

    Guys, code only works on the weekend. They have a promo start - finish time. Try over the weekend.

  • +2

    You can change the dates to check it yourself, you really think they will somehow change their mind?

    You don't need an IQ of 200 to figure that out.

    By the way, try Narre Warren, Victoria yourself. It doesn't say "Sorry. The voucher code 48909 is not accepted by the current store."

    Whoever negged our comments has no idea why we are saying what we are saying. Next time try to check the facts first before you jump to the conclusion.

  • whacked!

    just tested for 12pm onwards today and this code doesnt work on any of the following stores in sydney
    mount pritchard
    fairfield heights!

  • -1

    doesn't work on Gold Coast. Must be a one store deal…..

  • -1

    working for my store

    • which is where???

      • Just ordered and hving it now… YUMMMMMY

        Carlton Store

  • Doesn't seem to be working in Newcastle stores (Newcastle and Adamstown).

  • no good at Bowral either…

  • If you can't get this deal? to work where you are the next best option is probably code 37810 which does take out large traditional pizzas for $5.95…appears to work country wide…..I just used in on the GC

    • thanks,

      your code works

      the OP code was shit..waste of time

    • Thanks for the code it works out much better then the 30 mins distance to the closest store that accepts the cheaper code.

  • Doesn't work at Coffs Harbour or Toormina stores

  • +2



  • anyone found a participating store yet?

  • looks like only at narre warren????

  • Doesn't work for anywhere in or around Holland Park, QLD.
    Freaking fail.

  • +1

    yeah this doesn't work at Birkdale (QLD) either. pretty sucky
    was looking forward to this all week. Please list where you get this code to work.

  • Not working at Mawson Lakes or Gilles Plains, SA.

  • Doesn't work at Upper Mt Gravatt or Sunnybank, QLD.

  • Works at Malvern(VIC).

  • Doesnt work at Baulkham Hills, NSW

  • Doesn't work at Carindale, Qld.

  • +1

    Should Be Victoria ONLY ^_________________________________________^ "

    • It sure seems that way.
      Only worked for people from Carlton, Narre Warren and Malvern, all in Victoria.

  • Doesn't work at Smithfield Qld

  • does not work

    This is a shit bargain….

    how do i retract a vote?

    • +1

      Click on the votes tab up the top, find your vote and click the little red (-) looking thing.

      • +3


        too bad we can't vote negative once we already voted before

  • doesnt work earlwood,NSW

  • Not working Browns Plains QLD

  • doesnt work lakemba,NSW

  • This is a big disappointment since the allphones deal

  • doesnt work at Marboubra & Mascot, NSW. should be Vic only. Sad

  • was looking forward to getting a cheap pizza, and the code doesn't work!

  • dont work in tassie, see title has been edited

  • +1

    don't work in West Ryde - Sydney.

    • Don't work in North Ryde - Sydney

  • +2

    Revoked my +. I looked forward to this all week, yes I'm that sad.

  • Works in Essendon, victoria

  • -1

    No luck in west end, qld

  • No good in Lane cove, NSW

  • Dammit, they're too smart! Tried to put in pickup time for after 6pm, and says coupon isn't valid for this time :(

  • not work in pymble

  • Jusy picked up a couple of these, very nice. Can't complain for the price really!

    Thanks to the OP!

  • Lol, it would appear the OP or someone else has negged everyone who negged the deal.
    Nice try.

    • I didn't negged anybody, couldn't care less if you negged the deal. I had $4 pizza yesterday. Too bad is not working for everybody. I have changed the title to VIC only as apparently is not working anywhere else.

  • +4

    Worked in Flinders St.

    Victoria - the place to be for beer, pizza, sport,…….

    • and crap weather. Choke on your pizza….

      • Umad that GAJ is injured?

  • Not work in rockdale

  • Doesn't work in Albury…

  • Works. Thanks OP!

  • Works in mt waverley. Normally no codes work for that store :D

  • +1

    A bit rich negging the deal if it doesn't work..

    Check the title, it's meant to be valid in Victoria only.

    • Yes people went a bit overboard, but realise that originally there was no VIC in the title, then the OP updated it when the restriction became apparent.

  • thanks cornucopia code 37810 worked for me at Leederville WA

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