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Dewalt 15GA Brushless Finishing Nailer DCN650N-XJ, Skin Only, $513 (Was $599) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


I drop by Bunnings for some gardening fertilizer today and saw they have various Dewalt tools on-sale. The Brushless Finishing Nailer (skin only) has been reduced from $599 to $513. Sydney Tools only match or beat the price by a dollar. I took a picture but however they have updated the price on their website.

Just share if anyone need one now and can save a few bucks.

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  • Total tools have a DeWalt roadshow this weekend

    • Do you have the link?

      • I saw this on a tv ad, there were no mentions of prices or what was on sale

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      i asked them to price match earlier and they said they wouldn't because of the dewalt deal they have running atm.

      The following exclusions apply; Special event, club or membership offers, third party promotions or prices not available to the general public. I think that's what they were referring to.

      I had priced matched during these promo days previously though, They've been terrible for price matching for me lately, always finding some excuse the last few times i've tried.

      • Sydney tools have refused to price match for me the last nine times I've tried - I do it just for a stir now. Lets see if I can make it ten.
        Each excuse is more dodgy than the last…

        • Feel free to entertain us with some of their responses.

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            @BringAPlate: Often times they decline the price match and say they will contact me with a better price…spoiler - they never do.

            One of the better ones was when they declined to price match a circular saw because bunnings listed it as a 184mm (7") blade and they had listed it (incorrectly) as a 185mm blade therefore no price match as the item wasn't identical despite having the exact same product number.

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    $487 for powerpass account.

  • I own this for $650, along with 2 x 5AH batteries, charger and a case as well.

    Good nailer.

  • Good for zombies.

    • what do you mean? It's good for zombies or it's good for zombie apocalypse? the first one indicates how bad the quality is, as opposite the latter one

  • Will this nail Sarah Palin?

  • This or Paslode?

    • Completely two different systems, one cordless battery the other is gas.

    • For finishers Id go with battery, I do like the ryobi one it's fast and consistent and I didn't jam up. For a framer I'd stick with paslode, for thr power, weight, ergonomics and reliability

      • Have you forgot Milwaukee? :)

        • Have you used a Milwaukee? Too slow for my liking. Takes too long to fire shots and needs time in between. Their framer jams so easy and it was sooo slow. Idk if they improved but when I was using it, wasn't a fan

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