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Apple MacBook Pro 16" M1 Pro 16GB RAM 1TB SSD $3,568.95 + Delivery + Surcharge @ Shopping Express


Pretty good price for the 2021 16" M1 Pro 1TB MacBook Pro. Slightly cheaper than AOC Education Portal pricing as well.

Discount applied at checkout. Delivery seems to be $9.90 for Sydney suburbs. 1% surcharge applies for select payment methods.

Part of the Shopping Express 10% off storewide sale.

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  • is there a 32GB ram option?

    • Unfortunately not from this store. Base M1 Pro / Max models come with 16 GB RAM, for 32 GB or any other customisations you'll have to directly order from Apple.
      On the odd occasion some retailers also carry custom BTO models.

      • there no silver option?

  • +2

    Yikes - better mortgage the house for this bargain!

    • -5

      If you need to mortgage the house for a MacBook Pro (or any computer) then you’d have better things to do then making silly comments here on OzBargain.

    • +9

      Do you realise that a similarly spec'ed Dell XPS, or ThinkPad X1, or HP ENVY laptop is about the same price?

      And this laptop far outperforms those competitors, and you'll get back half your money when you resell it after 3 years.

      • +4

        So this laptop will beat something like an i7 11800 with a GeForce RTX 3050?

        • +11

          Yes, the performance per watt is off the charts.

          But Apple doesn't make gaming laptops, so it's a poor comparison.

          • -15

            @guidedlight: Ok, you mentioned the Mac would far outperform Dell XPS etc and i just picked the 17" XPS off the Dell website as it was the same price, screen size, RAM and would be the best comparison.

            So the Mac doesnt outperform in terms of GPU, i'm guessing it doesnt in CPU either? Plus from what i've read you cant put more RAM in this Mac, but can in the Dell, Thinkpad and HP.

            • -9

              @LowRange: Ok 2 down votes, looks like Mac users are sensitive little snowflakes.

              I'm in the market for a 17" laptop and was looking at switching from Windows to Mac, all good i'll scratch anything Mac off the short list.

              • +3

                @LowRange: yes yes enjoy your very nice windows laptop

        • +18

          CPU performance on the M1 Pro is comparable to an Intel i9-11900H and it achieves this without breaking a sweat.

          I've used both a M1 Pro Mac and a Zephyrus M16 i9-11900H and under load, the Intel system is about to melt my desk and makes a huge racket preparing for lift off. The Mac has the same performance without any noise or noticeable heat. And It does this unplugged! Unplug the Intel system and the performance drops drastically. Battery life is also way beyond any other laptop. With casual use it'll easily last you all day or often more.

          GPU performance is not directly comparable as you can't game on M1 Macs (not natively at least). However they hold their own against Nvidia/AMD under creative workflows and GPU compute workloads. If you're after gaming then a PC is the way to go.

          • +1

            @fireforce: I love my Macbook Pro for that, unplug and there's absolutely no difference with performance, gaming or otherwise. If I unplug Windows gaming laptops I pretty much can't play anything. I still find the OS a little clunky compared to Windows for some things though.

            • +1

              @sghetti: Apart from indexing, Mac 'finder' is so counter productive.
              Windows finder/Explorer is so much better.

              That's one of my main reasons I cannot return to mac

            • @sghetti: Windows has very extensive power profile settings, so you can quite easy set the min and max processor state from 0-100% when on battery. You have the same sort of granular control over every piece of hardware in the device. So the problem is not with the machine.

              Dont know what Mac does, perhaps it will run it flat out on battery whether you like it or not. If so that's negative, i'd rather full control over the machine then none.

              • @LowRange: True, but package power limits apply to Intel CPUs on battery to prevent over consumption (PL1, PL2 etc.).
                So a processor state of 100% on battery is slower than if the machine was to be plugged in where it can run at a higher power limit.

          • +1

            @fireforce: If your a video editor this is the most no-brainer decision in existence.

            No one can compete on performance per watt against ARM and dedicated media encoders.

            If you're editing at home on a desk exclusively and don't care about cost, then yes a 12900k and 3090 will perform better.

      • -1

        that's gonna change with 12th gen…

  • Can OW price beat ?

    • Don't think that would be an issue

    • Have you tried and any luck?

  • +2

    Bear in mind though that apple education store also has the airpod promo, and can be stacked with the 10% off apple gift cards from Coles as of Wednesday

    • Link to the Apple Gift Cards 10% off at Coles deal? Can’t find this anywhere!

      • Go into a Coles store today and you should be able to see it (20x flybuys)

  • +2

    Ugh, I've made the switch to Apple and there are still so many shortcuts and regular things I miss. This thing works and looks pretty but it's way overkill for what I need. Dunno if it's get one again. This better last me 10 years

    • What shortcuts and regular things are you missing?

    • +2

      What are you missing with Mac? genuinely curious. I'm across both Windows and Mac and I've been able to do most things on Mac without too much trouble. Apart from gaming of course.

    • -1

      10 years, your forgetting Apples renown designed obsolescence
      Didn't linus tech tips pull apart a recent mac and discovered future heating issues?

      • +6

        It’s far more common for MacBooks to last ten years than for any windows laptop. That could be simply down to the fact that apple stuff can still look and feel premium after 5+ years because of the design and materials. Whatever the reason is their stuff tends to last a long time. My iPhones five years old and still gets all the updates. My Apple Watch is four years old. My 2015 MacBook is still going strong. My 2018 iPad Pro is still so good nothing on the market even slightly temps me to upgrade. Their stuff lasts.

        • All my of windows laptops have lasted 10 years, all depends on the specs and how you treat it ;)
          My 6 year old Apple ipad is blocked from receiving updates and has lost its connection to many apps.
          Apples suggestion to me was to buy another

          • +1

            @Headless: You're selectively switching from laptops to tablets, then you stir in some "depends on", while in other comments you admit "oldies [macs] are goodies" despite stating "Apples renown designed obsolescence".

          • +1

            @Headless: This logic is so flawed.
            The Apple equivalent to a Windows laptop in your comparison is an iPad?

          • @Headless: Haha that's apple for ya.

      • +1

        Still using my 2011 iMac for photo editing. i5, 4GB ram, no upgrades. It’s 11 years old this year.

        • Oldies are goodies - but the new ones not so sure

      • +1

        Apples renown designed obsolescence

        You obviously have never owned a single mac computer. Like myself and my friends have been - using the same sturdy MBA/MBPs for 8+ years.

        Unless they're gamers or they work require native Windows machines.

        • Oldies are goodies - but the new ones not so sure

    • +2

      If it last ten years then I’m sure you will have learned the equivalent shortcuts by then.

  • +1

    Was going to buy but shipping costs is a dealbreaker.

  • +1

    The lack of a Touch Bar on this model is a deal breaker for me. I used the Touch Bar so much on the previous MacBook Pro and was disappointed to see it had been removed. Not sure why apple could not have kept it and put it in the row above the function keys. There is room for it.

    • It still has plenty of shortcut keys on the F keys by default. But they're not contextual. I loved the TouchBar on my MBP 13 M1, but tbh have not missed it since switching to the newer 14" model.

    • Not sure why apple could not have kept it and put it in the row above the function keys

      I believe an extra $100-300 (?) for having it above the F keys only for niche users wasn't calculating well for Apple and I know no person who wouldn't be happy about its departure.

      • +1

        I am another person that wish the touchbar remains on the latest MacBook Pro. ‘Found it handy to have contextual commonly use buttons for different programs..

        • +1

          I can see how it's helpful to some, but it mostly destroys standardised workflows in professional environments.

          Also you need to look at it to use it, as it's flat and gives no feedback whatsoever, and that's not how keyboards are used. Having it as a separated gimmick doesn't seem to calculate to Apple.

          Also from my experience, it's just unreliable - I sometimes had to tap the same button a couple of times while F keys never never failed.

  • The Air is half the price.

    • +1

      It's also half the computer

    • +2

      It's unlikely that people are cross shopping between the MacBook Air and the 16" MacBook Pro. These computers are in different catagories.

  • Is 16gb memory really enough for future proofing Considering it's shared as GPU memory too?

    • +1

      For most people (even the ones considering this kind of machine) I would say yes, unless they have a specific use-case where 32gb of RAM is necessary.

      Modern OSs cache aggressively to memory, which makes sense from a performance perspective — free memory is effectively wasted memory. However I think can give people the wrong impression as to how much RAM they need when they see 14 of 16gb memory "in use", when in reality only a small amount is strictly in use by the currently open applications.

      • +1

        I have 16 GB intel MBP. 3 instaces of IntelliJ and few chrome tabs and I can see it struggling. The new MBP memory is faster though, but if one is buying it, it would be for next 4 years atleast. So would 16GB still be useful in the year 2026 is what I wonder!

        • +1

          I don't work with java so don't have any direct experience with that ide, but if you're genuinely using 16gb then yeah 32gb makes sense. A shame its a $600 (!) upgrade.

          The new pro does have faster memory, and the pcie 4.0 ssd will be faster for swapping as well, which will help for people whose use is borderline — not that you want to be relying on that all the time.

          I personally wouldn't pay the extra $600 in the name of future-proofing if I didn't need it now or in the immediate future, but it sounds like you might.

          • @snep: The 600$ is a bit more, but I believe its apple tax and that memory is expensive. I had a 2015 MBP until last year, I think I was able to use that becuase it had 16Gigs of RAM. Back in 2015 when that was purchased, I dont think 16 Gigs was required, but it did help in using it till 2021. Now I am on a 2019 MBP and I see applications struggling and in 2 years I would not be happy with this. (Both were office provided though).

            Now if we are buying one in 2022 hoping to use it till 2026 or 27, I feel 32GB makes sense as its shared with GPU. I wish there was a 24 GB version. Anyways, its a thought for another day. I wouldnt spend this much on a MBP unless my office gives it to me. lol.

  • +1

    I wish the M1 chips were available in Windows machines, so tired of hot, noisy, power chugging x86 chips.

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