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ECOWITT HP2551 Wi-Fi Weather Station $237.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Usual price has been around $289, although it was down to $259 over the weekend. This is now the same price as when I bought mine about three years ago.

Wi-Fi Weather Station with 7'' Large TFT Coloured Display Console, 7-in-1 Solar Powered Outdoor Weather Sensor and 3-in-1 Indoor Sensor, Indoor/Outdoor Temperature & Humidity, UV Light, Rain Gauge, Wind Speed/Direction, Moon Phase, Sunrise/Sunset, Weather Forecast

If you have home automation (eg Home Assistant), this integrates so you can link irrigation and air-con with the data.

Ecowitt are very responsive and support usually answers within an hour or two.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • How's your experience been with the unit? Should I be looking at this sort of unit as a beginner with a vague interest of recording weather?

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      Good. It can be set and forget and you just look at the console as you think of it. eg: It's hot & humid, I'd better turn on the air-con….. or now it's cooler outside, I can turn it off. Or - the garden's had enough rain in the past week, I don't need to water…. wow, it was windy today.

      The batteries will last a year or two if you use good quality (I put in Everyready Lithiums and they've been good for 18 months)

      If you want to get geeky, you can link it to Weather Underground and a few similar sites. You can go crazy with spreadsheets and graphs if you want. Compare your rainfall with last year…etc etc

  • Does it depends on the cloud? Can it just work local with HA?

    • My understanding is that it can upload data directly to HA, just like it would normally push data to Weather Underground

    • Good question. I always assumed it was pulling data direct from the console, but now I've thought about it, I am not sure, because you have to initialise it through their app.

      This is the HA integration:

      You can get data from the micro SD card in the console, but that's a pain.

      I am toying around with an SDR (software defined radio) that can work with Home Assistant to interrogate data from sensors directly on 433mhz. That would allow you to mix and match brands of sensors, but of course that doesn't give you the console which is handy.

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      It can send data directly to HA as well as cloud services such as wunderground and ecowitt. You need to use the wsview app go through the list of services and use 'customised' to configure the station so it sends the info to the ip address of the local HA server. You also need to install the integration manually or via HACS. Just follow the bouncing ball at https://github.com/garbled1/homeassistant_ecowitt

    • It works fine with HA and you get some awesome info, I have this with 4 extra temp, humidity sensors and a lighting sensor (lighting sensor not that accurate IMO). The standard unit is fine I just wanted more info for my house for climate control.


      Link to station

  • Looking at getting one of these as a gift - why would one choose the HP2551 over say the WS2910? Thanks

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      I think the outdoor sensor arrays are the same. The difference as far as I can see are the 2910 (I believe) has a smaller display (4" vs 7"????) and it is LCD vs TFT (the TFT being more vibrant) I think the 2551 might be able to add more sensors, but I haven't had the need for that.

      Also, the 2551 has a separate indoor Temp and Humidity sensor, while I think, the 2910 has the indoor readings in the console. This means you can take readings from anywhere you want with the 2551.

      • Thanks. That's very useful.

      • I assumed the 2910 could be used for additional sensors as well. Is this not the case?

        • You can add more to the 2910 according to the Ecowiit website - I just thought the 2551 had greater expandability (way more than I would ever need)

      • @Public21 - I presume you have to purchase a separate mounting pole?

  • One of the reviews mentions that the WS2910 model tablet (gateway) needs to be set up every time it loses power or internet connectivity. Can anybody comment if the HP2551 is the same?

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      My 2551 just comes back on line after a power outage or internet down, so I have not had to set it up again at all.

      • OK cheers, think I might pull the trigger on this one

  • Why would you own one of these when you can get free weather infomation from Bom Radar or Accuweather? Are you guys using this weather station for a very specfic reason like agriculture? I am missing something here?

    • I can't speak for all areas but BoM is usually around 20% out on any measurement for me. Wind speed is usually the worst, they'll say there's a light breeze when there's a cat5 cyclone passing through.

      I'm tempted to get one just so I can get a bit of an advanced warning of adverse weather while I'm not at home, so I can come back and get all the plants under cover plus tie the loose stuff down.

      • @schquid:Thanks for the reply. Makes sense now why you would invest in this. If it is accurate I think I should let my mate know about the product, as he relies on Bom for his live stock to get them under cover during storm or windy days in the remote parts of Basalt(Qld).

    • Depends how close your nearest BoM station is. My closest is over 10km away and is located on a small island. Temperature difference between that station and my house is often up to 5 or 6 degrees difference, and wind is wildly different too.

  • We have one of these & it's great. Comes with one external sensor array & one internal sensor. We've added 6 more internal sensors to track temperatures & humidities in various rooms. We can get live readings using the supplied screen, or using any web browser on a phone/tablet/computer.

  • I have had the WS2910 for about 18 months and we think it is great. Still on the first set of batteries No rain gauge to empty after it stops raining. I paid $137 for it when it was on a flash sale.

  • Is the difference between the 2551 and 2910 just the display?

    • Other than the display I can't see anything different

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    If i don't care much for the display, as i will display data in Home Assistant dashboard, will the ECOWITT WN1900 be fine for the task? Looks like it has the same outside instruments. Seems decent for $115.

    • I've got the same question …

    • The outdoor sensor looks the same and the shot of the console and the phone app on their website suggests it is pulling in all the same data.

      You could send a message to the seller. They are very responsive. There is also a Facebook page that the company is active on.

    • I'm gunna answer my own question for future punters.
      Received, installed, added integration into HA, receiving data, Happy Days!!

      Note: No LUX data onscreen, in iOS app or Home assistant entities. HA sensors

      • You got the ECOWITT WN1900 in the end?

        NVM says so in the device info on your link.

  • Looks like it is missing the light sensor (no biggie for me) BUT also not solar powered.

    • It has light sensor & is solar powered.

      • Yeh sorry - bad reply threading by me. Was referring to the ECOWITT WN1900.

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