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[VIC, NSW, SA, QLD] $50 Off Gas or Electricity Plan (Credit Applied on Second Utility Bill) @ GloBird Energy


Comes off the 2nd bill when the first is paid on time, stacks with direct debit (1% bill discount) and dual fuel (2% bill discount)


Brought to you by.. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/684600#comment-11798752

March 2: Changed code from TODAY to REFER as it works for ALL PLANS

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$50 account credit for referrer & referee.

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    Use a referral?

    • Same amount as referral, no relationship verification steps required

  • I dont see the offer stated anywhere

    • It's not. You have to go request a quote, submit the promotion code and it'll apply. See screenshot (https://imgur.com/gR0tuHX). If it doesn't work, DM me your address and plan and I'll see if an equal offer is available.

      • quote system isnt working - requires you to phone.

  • What's the difference between this and WEBFIFTY ?

    • Looks the same!

      • TODAY forces my gas and electricity to use GloGreen. I can't select Boost or GloSave.

        • Worked with GloSave for me. See image.

          • @autonomate: Doesn't work here. QLD, dual fuel maybe the difference?

            • @xsacha: Doesn't work in VIC either, forced to GloGreen

              • +1

                @t0087669: Works in Brunswick on GLOSAVE. DM me your meter no/address.

  • +2

    The referral system is nicer as you're also giving someone $50 towards their bill - please do consider it instead!

    • +1

      Probably worth splitting with your neighbours!

  • +2

    Their other fee is a rip off. They asked $132 to reconfigure meter for feed in tariff (Solar), so I transferred to another provider where I only paid $16.50

    • What other fee? The only 'other fee' i can see are Other fee paper biil fee for $2.50, and credit card fee for $0

      • By other fee I mean if you have to get them to do something such as set up feed in tariff in my case. More examples here

    • That $16.50 reconfigure fee seems the lowest I have come across. Was that in Vic?

  • Damn, signed up last week for nothing

    • -1

      Shame as there has always been the $50 referral here on OZB. Both for you and the referrer.

      • +1


        Didn't even think to check :(

  • Anyone know who is the best for a large solar system? No battery.. about12kw solar system?

  • Any idea on expiry? Looking to churn off Red Energy soon but still have some credit left.

    • None listed in the API response.

      • Ok thanks, will see if I can sign up for a future date.

  • ReAmped still cheaper.

    • I just wish Reamped did gas as well… I guess they'd need a new name then.

      • +1


    • It depends I am guessing on plan selected and perhaps where you live?

      Globird are cheaper by approx 3% over the space of a year when all said and done. I am basing this on a TOU (time of use) plan via Ausgrid network. Not sure though if one has solar as have not compared.

      Either are decent rates regardless and both have their pros and cons like most suppliers.

      It's worth checking what shows up for your requirements on the 'Energy Made Easy' site and comparing the top few side by side.

      • It seems to be the same for United Energy TOU power and Multinet gas.
        ReAmped was a close second for power, maybe slightly better with the improved solar feed in rates.

        btw globird's peak gas rates are from 1 June to 30 Sept, whereas the others I checked used peak from 1 May to 31 Oct.

  • trying to sign up now (in VIC), using promo code "TODAY" will let me select different plans for Electricity, but GAS is stuck on GLOGREEN.
    Anyway, waiting for someone to send me a referral link (used the random referral private message option on ozb)

  • +1

    For who got stuck on the GLOGREEN plan, please also try using "ONEBILL" as the promo code.

    • "REFER" will work for all plans. Updated code.

  • Dunno about globird, I have referred people and I never got credit. Also they massively increased charges after 1 year of being with them.

    • I have 3 referrals approved so far. The person referred has to have paid one invoice and the $50 then gets deducted off your next bill.

      Pricing: yeah be careful. In Nov/Dec, they massively increased pricing (around 25%+ from memory) however in Jan prices dropped back down. If one was hit with the increase (you do get advanced notice), you can call them to request the current lower rate. It's silly I know having to request the new lower rate but is how many work. It's important to monitor rates and believe every 6 months they adjust.

    • +1

      The only way to get fair energy prices is to compare the market at least annually and when your current plan changes. Same for insurance.
      No loyalty points unfortunately.

  • Hi,

    would like a promo code for globird as well but dont have the meter number.

    • "REFER" will work for all plans. Updated code.

      • +1

        With this code - on a sign up page, it is asking for phone number / email of the referrer.

        • Sheeeeit, try the others ones in the list. Not at the PC right now. The ones near the bottom are prob better.

        • Try code WEBFIFTY instead

        • TODAY code worked for me on GLOSAVE.

      • +1

        I found ONEBILL works.

        • thank you! this one worked without having to put in any referrer details

  • GloBird cancelled my order. They do a credit check and seem rather picky. I have a very good credit rating but it's not good enough. I had the same result with ReAmped.

    I rang GloBird twice and waited 40 minutes each time but their agents could do nothing.

    compare.energy.vic.gov.au has excellent comparisons and a few other Aussie energy suppliers got vote: Electricityinabox and Discover Energy.

    • I wonder what makes companies like these reject if one has a very good credit rating i.e. what is on there that the do not like. Seems many people get rejected by smaller places like this.

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