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HEYMIX 65W USB-PD PPS & QC GaN Charger + 1.5m 100W USB-C to USB-C Cable $25.99 Delivered @ SAA Selection Amazon AU


Excellent price on this AU GaN charger that has a 65W USB-C port with Power Delivery PPS and a USB-A port with 18W Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and 22.5W Huawei SuperCharge. It includes a 1.5m e-mark USB-C to USB-C cable.

Click on the Save an extra $20 when you apply this coupon voucher checkbox under the price to get $20 off at checkout.

  • Name: HEYMIX GaN Quick Travel Charger C+A 65W AU PLUG
  • Size: 11.5 x 4.8 x 4.8CM
  • Weight: 100g
  • Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A Max.
  • USB-C (PPS) output:5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3.25A(65W).
  • USB-A (QC3.0) output:3.6-6.5V/3A, 6.5-9V/2A, 12V/1.5A(20W), SCP(22.5W) Max.
  • USB-C + USB-A total output: 45W+20W[65W]
  • UL/ETL/CE/FCC/SAA(Australia Safety Standard) Certified Charger ensures safety and stability.
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  • nooooo, just got the black one delivered today for $45, what have i done to myself

    • +1

      Black has a $12 off code too. You should cancel and reorder.

      • yeah thanks, will do that, luckily it's not open yet so i can just return it

        • You could even try live chat and ask for a refund difference.

          • @Clear: Nope, Amazon don't do that. They will ask you to return it…

            • @DisabledUser285624: Seems ridiculous, more work in everybody’s part.

              • @phatmike128: They don't seem to give a sh*t. Customer service team are a bunch of robots, or you can just replace them with actual robots to achieve the same result.

                • @DoctorCalculon: Nope, they deliberately do that.

              • @phatmike128: Yep. It's a game, Amazon is betting on that you won't bother return it for a couple of bucks.

                The best move for us would be opting to return even though everyone is losing in this scenario. The reason is simple: if you don't bother returning it as they bet, they will pocket the difference. But if you do, they would lose the difference plus return postage and handling.

  • One per account ?

    • +1

      It 1 per order, but can make multiple orders.

      • Yeah no trouble. I went through twice.

  • +4

    Didn't even think twice. I just click $20 voucher and then "Buy Now"

  • FYI - these make a weird noise thats quite noticeable

    • Coil whine. Just means there's less sound dampening inside the charger.

  • Cheers op

  • Great price if you need it. I find the shape a bit awkward but it works well. Comes with travel adapters and a usb c cable as bonus.

    • Mine just arrived. Wow, it’s literally double the size of the one it’s replacing (BW-S14) from 2 years ago, and sticks out SO far. Can’t have this in the kitchen. Gonna use it somewhere hidden.

  • Good enough for a backup Switch charger?

  • Thanks OP! I bought one of these ages ago for $33 and it is worth it so $25 is flipping good deal.

  • +1

    would this work with 45W Samsung "super" fast charge?

    • I'd like to know too - not sure if it's proprietary or if this can work

    • Sounds like that is just using PD technology which this one has so should be fine

      • Samsung's 45W super fast charging requires PPS 45W. It's not clear if this Heymix charger supports PPS up to 45W. At the minimum it would have 25W PPS.

        • Interesting article here saying 45w makes very little difference to actual charge time on an S22. 6 minutes for a full battery charge.

    • Ah all good ill just test it when it comes through - Got one cos of upvotes and cheap price - Thanks OP :)

    • It would in theory but you are better off buying 25w charger as the charging time between 2 chargers 45w and 25w is negligible. 0-100 will save you 5 minites.

    • Yes. "Super fast charge" my S21 Ultra from 0% to 100% in about 1hr 15mins

  • I need one for my iPhone and ipad but Iphone and ipad need usb pd not pps, is that correct?

    • +2

      This is a USB-PD charger so it'll work fine.

      PPS just allows for stepwise changes in the current and voltage to make charging more efficient. Samsung for example supports 25W PPS charging. If your phone doesn't support it then it makes no difference.

  • I don't know what I'm going to do with all of these. thanks op bought one

    • Charger in every room of your house.

      • That will cost you money if you don't use

        • +2

          Not if the power point is off.

  • +2

    Have one, didn’t need another, bought. Thanks OP…

  • Ordered, will find a use for it later.

  • What is the smallest GAN 65W AU charger? This looks pretty good but doesn't seem ultra compact.

    • +2

      This is already pretty compact given it has 2 ports: USB A + USB C (PD)
      You can make it even compact if you do not plug in the AU plug (best for travelling to China, Japan or US)

      I have been using over a year and its really handy to carry on trip
      Also no overheat issues

      $25 for a 65W GaN charger with travel adapter is a steal

    • +2

      Could potentially try this one: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B09MSDB9QT

      Looks a bit smaller, and is a bit more conventional in shape. + an extra usb-c port.

    • This feels more compact. But it's $20+ more.

  • -1

    don't know how safe it is using 65w on your phones battery

    • +1

      Assuming your phone supports 65W charging it's only going to supply up to 65W if requested. It doesn't push that much constantly and it won't have a substantial impact on battery life.

    • +2

      65w is just the max output it can supply
      the PD charger support multi-voltages so the phone will pick the right one (eg. 9V 2A)

      For example, this PD charger support up to 3A at 9V
      if the phone max input is 2A, it will only draw 2A so it would not overcharge and overheat

  • +3

    Not seeing the voucher anymore on the product page or checkout.

    • +1


    • Same

  • +4

    $20 coupon is not there anymore.

  • Is there any consensus about the quality of the HEYMIX USB-C chargers? I remember there’s a guy reviewing USB-C chargers and/or cables but could not seem to get any results from a quick google.

    I would buy it in a heart beat if the brand is included in some reputable reviews such as https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/best-usb-c-macboo...

    • +1

      Benson Leung ran around doing reviews when USB-C first came out as USB-A to C cables weren't made to spec at the time causing damage. Not an issue for USB-C to USB-C and he stopped doing it when his employer (Google) didn't approve of him doing it.

      • Yeah that’s the guy. Thanks Clear.

    • +3

      I'm using 3 Heymix (2 different models) and so far they have no issues charging laptops.
      One of the higher spec laptops prompted that charger isn't sending enough power, turns out I was using an older USB-C cable (no issues with any of the USB-C 66/100W cables I bought in the last 2 years)

      • Thanks for the feedback. It’s encouraging!

  • wow that was fast, the 20% discount has been removed :(

    • +1

      was actually $20

      • +4

        just re-read it, wow now i feel worse thanks, lol

  • +1

    Missed it !!!

  • Bought two previously, but GaN cycling on and off drove me insane

  • $45 is a rip

  • Doesn't supercharge my P20 pro.

    • -1

      I assume you're using the same cable you'd use with your stock charger?

  • $36.79 now with current 20% off promotion not as good but still one of the options I have found if you agree looking for a charger with a 65w output and a 1.5m usb c cable.

    I stupidly had to get a $35 45w output pd charger with a $10 2m usb c cable from ebay as that was the best I could find yesterday before I revisited this.

    Yeah that's a loss of savings of able $8.31 or a very nice meal for the day.

    Ah well can't win them all but doesn't hurt to try.

    If you are looking for a good fast pd charger and need a usb c 65w capable cable this is the best one to buy value wise atm.

    Be careful of the no brand generic label ones on eBay I think they are electrical and safety fire hazards waiting to happen.

    All the best all.

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