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Mechpro 1/2in Dr Air Impact Wrench $8 & Other Air Tool Kits + $9.90 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Repco


Missed out on the last clearance from Repco
Now this one is $4 cheaper.

Mechpro 1/2In Dr Air Impact Wrench - MPAIW12-1
Square Drive: 13mm (1/2")
Free Speed: 7,000 rpm
Max. Torque: 311 Nm (230 ft/lb)
Avg. Air Consumption: 141L/min (5CFM)
Air Inlet: G1/4
Operating Air Pressure: 90 psi

Also on sale:

Mechpro 26pc Air Tool Combo Kit - MPATK30-1 $19

Mechpro 16pc Air Ratchet & Impact Wrench Kit - MPATK18-1 $18

Repco 6 Piece Wheel Nut Socket Set - 1/2In Drive - RTK2140 $32

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    Before anyone insta buys at the name impact wrench beware you need an air compressor to run it

    • +6

      Yeah but it's $8 though

      • +1

        Just blow up a balloon and attach to the drill …cordless impact wrench

        • Balloon? Just blow directly into it.

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    Thanks op, while i was able to place order successfully last time. I never received message to collect the item, in fact Repo sneakily refunded the amount without any communication whatsoever.

    • Same thing happened to me.

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    I got the impact wrench for $8 and it does a great job. My mates many hundreds of dollars one is better - but $8! Oh hell yeah!

  • Got it OP Thanks

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    Thanks OP, this should come in handy for my upcoming Subaru engine removal

  • thank. bought 3.

    • +2

      How many ugga-duggas?

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  • What coupling does this have? Hard to tell from the pics, but it doesn't appear to be nitto/quick release?

    • I'd like to know this also please

    • They often come with the nitto/quick release not attached and you have to screw it in yourself. Use teflon tape around the thread to help prevent air leakage when you do screw the fitting in.

    • Says in the specs it's a G1/4" which I've never used but believe it's a push in fitting. Looking at the pic it looks like you can unscrew it and screw in the appropriate size of whatever fitting you want to use.

      • G refers to the parallel BSP thread on the inlet. It does say the kit includes one nipple. Make of that what you will.

    • Thanks all. It comes with the nitto coupling in the box, as suggested by subywagon. Just need to screw it on.
      Seems pretty well made. You can regulate the airflow/torque through a dial on the bottom, but the manual doesn't specify how much the airflow/torque is regulated depending on the knob position….

  • Nice one! Just fixed up the compressor today

  • great deal! thanks op. Picked up the air ratchet and impact wrench kit. been wanting one of these for ages!

  • Do people use these on the road with a portable compressor or only in the garage?

    • +3

      I don't think a portable compressor would have enough grunt to run it and loosen wheel nuts. You'd be better off with a battery one but if it's just for the odd flat tyre, a breaker bar is going to be much better value.

    • A portable compressor won't have the volume to be able to run large air tools like this

  • Good find, lets see how low it lasts.

  • Wicked, thanks OP! At $19 i picked up the 26 piece kit for the fittings and impact wrench. neat that it has a die grinder too. Wonder about the quality tho… yolo

  • Thanks. Bought the torque sticks. It's always annoying getting out the torque wrench each time I want to remove a wheel so these should make the job a lot quicker and simpler.

    • Completely different purposes. Shouldn't be using a torque wrench to remove wheel nuts.

      • Clearly you don't know what a torque stick is.

        • I know what torque sticks are and definitely wouldn't use them to remove wheels. Not sure Repco actually sell any though so perhaps seanneko is actually talking about something different.

      • +3

        I think he's referring to putting/torquing wheels back on.

  • Thanks OP
    Shows available for delivery and in store.. But won't let me add to cart?

    edit: nvm, disabled adblocker and it worked.. weird.

  • +2

    no good to me as it advised me it does not fit my vehicle

  • +1

    grabbed the 26 piece kit…great value. thanks op

  • Just got notification to collect mine, so the stock levels online must be correct.

  • +3

    Not sure if this will help anyone, but these cheap and nasty impact wrenches aren’t always something to be sneezed at: I bought a marked-down random-brand unit from Supercheap for $14 just as a starter for my vintage resto while I saved for a better unit; turns out that thing was an absolute beast even with a basic 2.5hp direct drive compressor behind it. It was brutal and would chew through high-torque jobs that my more expensive one wouldn’t. Yes it was ugly, yes it was noisy and yes it blew through air like no tomorrow but there wasn’t much it couldn’t do. Rusted-on crank bolt, rusted 40-year-old suspension components, it did it all. I didn’t even oil it for the first year or so, expecting it to flog out but it just kept going. I couldn’t believe it. For a few bucks they’re worth having around and they’re pretty basic as long as they can flow enough to blast off stuck nuts.

    • +2

      I Believe that was what she said !

      and bought the $26 blue set ,
      for the extra torque on my nuts.

    • Which one in particular did you buy? I bought a cheap one from supercheap years ago and it was pretty weak and I hardly use it anymore.

      • +1

        It was so off-brand I can’t even remember it. I was surprised they even sold it because most of their stuff is their own labels.

  • +1

    Thanks Op,

    Got a call from the local store saying that online stock was there but they didn't actually have any. They were able to order it from their interstate, just won't be today.

    • +1

      Went to place an order again and its now showing no stock. I must of just got in

  • Also another 26 piece set with die grinder (only 3 impact sockets though)


    • What is a die grinder useful for? I bought the 26 pc kit btw, so wondering what to use it on :P

      • +1

        yes im that excited…

      • +1

        They are good for sanding in tight spots , like roof gutters on 4b.
        They sell cheap sanding kits in Bunnings to fit die grinders in the tool shop , on try a panel beaters paint shop for slightly larger 4" pads that are much easier to control/use , also relatively cheap.
        I do prefer right angle die grinders though for most jobs , as they feel easier to control also with a more natural grip.

  • Thanks OP, went to my local Repco in WA bought $300 worth of air tools for $52.
    The guy who served me said he was going shopping himself, as soon as I was gone.

  • Purchase the Mechpro blue set for $26 as it looks to have better specs. Also got the 26pc set with the die grinder as it may come in handy. Only $55 with delivery seemed like a good deal.

    • the problem with the blue set is that it's apparently not reversible. I almost bought the blue kit until I saw this in the review.

      • +2

        Reading further they say the switch is on the back for forward and reverse.

        • doh! I got the normal kit. oh well.

  • Picked up my order, the 16 and 26 piece sets. Label on mine say 'clearance $69', made me feel even better about this bargain. Wonder what the original price/rrp was? Thanks again op

    • +2

      Apparently RRP was:
      26pc @ $115.00!
      16pc @ $104.00!
      6pc @ $125.00!

      • +1

        Thanks, seems great value, actually impressed with the apparent build quality and weight of these tools. Haven't used them yet but definitely look alright

  • REPCO are notorious for cancelling these clearance orders. YMMV

    • Picked up i store at 09:30am, asked if the online prices were legit, and he said they were, and had no issues. Sales person was honestly super excited to get some deals himself.

  • They also have 25% off for Auto club members. I did a $50 order from one store, processed Friday morning & collected. And another $100 order from a different store (due to stock availability) but no word on that one yet.

    Got the $26 MechPro Blue impact gun and wrench kit because it comes with a decent selection of impact sockets (though only one nitto fitting) even though I have it's little brother from the $12 deal last time.

    Some of the hand tools on clearance were just too cheap to pass up and MechPro seems plenty good enough for the homegamer.

    • Do they have any other tools on clearance?
      The website does not seem to have a clearance section.

      • +1

        There was about 3 pages worth of Mechpro Clearance items (which aren't eligible for the autoclub 25%) when I was buying via mobile site. I searched "Mechpro" and there was an option to filter only Clearance items.

  • picked up mine this morning…nice kit, pretty damn impressed for under $20

    • Yes I agree. Just picked up mine and seems very good value.
      I have a couple of very basic questions someone might be able to help me with

      With the reverse switch I have tried pressing the button on the back but the back button doesnt depress. How do you change from forward to reverse? Is it because it isnt connected to the compressor yet?

      Also just above the F-R marking there is a small threaded hole. Would that hole be for Inline oiling?
      Thanks for any help.

      • The button on the back is connected to the button on the front. Push the button either from the front or back to move it forwards or backwards.

        • Thanks Lamsy
          I have tried pushing the button/rod from either end but it doesnt move forward or back.

          All fixed now.
          It was just a bit stiff/frozen.
          Sprayed both sides with Innox then a couple of taps using a hammer and a piece of dowell managed to free it.
          Still very stiff and it needs a bit of encouragement but working now.
          Thanks for the help

  • +1

    Picked up my order today. I was wondering why the air ratchet looked different to the photo. Turns out they gave me MPBAR38 rather than MPAR38 which is the clearance model. I think the one I got is a new/updated design, so can't complain about that.

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