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Singapore Airlines: Tokyo Return Perth $736, Adelaide $745, Melbourne $764, Sydney $798, Brisbane $818 @IWTF


Singapore Airlines is having a sale on flights to Tokyo, Japan. Travel in August - October/22. Bags and Meals included.

$736 Return Perth to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
01/Sep 15/Sep $736 View Flight
31/Aug 14/Sep $737 View Flight
07/Sep 21/Sep $740 View Flight
05/Sep 19/Sep $741 View Flight
02/Sep 16/Sep $741 View Flight
20/Aug 03/Sep $741 View Flight
30/Aug 13/Sep $742 View Flight
23/Aug 06/Sep $742 View Flight
06/Sep 20/Sep $749 View Flight
21/Aug 04/Sep $762 View Flight

$745 Return Adelaide to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
08/Sep 22/Sep $745 View Flight
12/Sep 26/Sep $745 View Flight
22/Sep 06/Oct $745 View Flight
10/Sep 24/Sep $745 View Flight
20/Sep 04/Oct $745 View Flight
03/Sep 17/Sep $746 View Flight
30/Aug 13/Sep $746 View Flight
06/Sep 20/Sep $751 View Flight
05/Sep 19/Sep $751 View Flight
19/Sep 03/Oct $751 View Flight

$764 Return Melbourne to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
05/Sep 19/Sep $764 View Flight
06/Sep 20/Sep $764 View Flight
21/Sep 05/Oct $764 View Flight
30/Aug 13/Sep $765 View Flight
31/Aug 14/Sep $765 View Flight
31/Aug 13/Sep $766 View Flight
29/Aug 13/Sep $767 View Flight
07/Sep 19/Sep $770 View Flight
06/Sep 19/Sep $770 View Flight
04/Sep 19/Sep $771 View Flight

$798 Return Sydney to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
31/Aug 14/Sep $798 View Flight
22/Aug 06/Sep $798 View Flight
21/Aug 06/Sep $798 View Flight
23/Aug 06/Sep $798 View Flight
31/Aug 13/Sep $805 View Flight
23/Aug 05/Sep $805 View Flight
24/Aug 07/Sep $805 View Flight
29/Aug 12/Sep $805 View Flight
31/Aug 15/Sep $805 View Flight
22/Aug 05/Sep $805 View Flight

$818 Return Brisbane to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
12/Oct 29/Oct $818 View Flight
19/Aug 02/Sep $829 View Flight
31/Aug 14/Sep $835 View Flight
24/Aug 07/Sep $835 View Flight
27/Aug 10/Sep $835 View Flight
21/Aug 04/Sep $835 View Flight
23/Aug 06/Sep $835 View Flight
02/Sep 16/Sep $836 View Flight
22/Aug 05/Sep $836 View Flight
29/Aug 12/Sep $836 View Flight

Can I use my own dates? Yes - just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.

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  • Is early September a good time to visit Tokyo?

    • +3

      Somewhat decent. That time is starting towards the end of summer (which is hot humid sticky) but that'll depend on what kind of summer its going to be
      If you want autumn colours then preferably Oct-Nov depending on which latitude of JP you are going to be in

    • +1

      That's in the middle of typhoon season. Doesn't necessarily mean you'll be affected. Just be aware if you are really unlucky it could be a terrible time. Have alternate activities planned maybe.

    • +4

      I love Tokyo all year around.
      Here is a great website for you to make a decision : https://www.japan-guide.com/

    • As above it is hot and humid but not unbearable. Not my pick of being there but still nevertheless anytime in Japan is a good time 👍

    • Maybe depends on quarantine. I need to go there but worry about it. If they want me stay in a hotel room for a week I will give up.

  • +11

    I did these flights a few years ago. You may want to consider the time taken to get to and from Tokyo. It's 8 hours to Singapore, an hour or two transit then another 6.5 hours to Tokyo. A direct flight Sydney to Tokyo is around 9.5 hours.

    • +2

      Checking out all the facilities and foods at Changi airport will definitely shorten the time in transit.

      • +4

        more than half the facilities and food in Singapore Changi airport is now closed, unfortunately. Unsure what will reopen, when…

      • +6

        Yeah, in the past. I flew through it yesterday. Almost everything is closed. The "market St" food row was closed. Cinema, butterfly Park, all closed. There's a cactus garden/smoking area that was open. More than half the shops are shut. There are 2 burger Kings (hungry Jack's) a fried chicken place, subway and about 2 local style rice and noodle places open.

        It isn't like it used to be. Covid restrictions I suppose.

  • +2

    Can you actually visit Japan?

    • +18

      All tourism is closed at the moment and they haven't announced when they will be reopening it yet.

    • +1

      Japan is considering easing the entry ban on nonresident foreigners to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus in March, amid growing criticism from academic and business circles, a source familiar with the matter said Saturday.

      The current border restrictions introduced at the end of November will end on Feb. 28 as scheduled and the government is preparing to announce details of the relaxed steps next week at the earliest, according to the source.

      A quarantine period of seven days is required after arrival for nonresident entrants allowed in under special conditions at present. But the government is looking at shortening the period to three or five days as long as certificates of a negative COVID-19 test result or a third coronavirus vaccine dose are presented. Some government officials are calling for even terminating the quarantine period.

      The government is also considering easing the cap on the number of daily new entrants from overseas from the current 3,500, the source said. Until November, up to 5,000 were allowed in each day.


      • +2

        5k per day definitely won't be including tourists.

        • +5

          Yep, in 2019 Japan had 31million tourist visits. That’s ~85,000 per day.

          Although Japan would be brilliant with only 5000 tourists a day. If I was one of those 5000 of course

          • -1

            @dtc: Yeah, lol someone downvoted me for just stating the facts.

  • +2

    Hope they open up soon

    “Japan has suspended the entry of all non-resident foreign nationals, including those who have already obtained a visa. You can only enter Japan if you're a Japanese citizen or have a valid Japanese residence card with a re-entry permit. New visas will only be considered if exceptional and/or compassionate circumstances apply. All international arrivals, including those who are fully vaccinated, must isolate for 7 days.”


  • +8

    I assume these are via Singapore? That’s a pretty substantial detour. We did it and it sucked.

    • +5

      Turns a 9.5hr direct flight into a 16.5hr journey.

    • +2

      Singapore is one of the better airports to transit, but with COVID I wonder how many how different it would be comparing Changi airport pre and post pandemic

      • +1

        more than half the facilities and food in Singapore Changi airport is now closed, unfortunately. Unsure what will reopen, when…

        • Thought as much. Singapore is still seeing almost 20k cases daily. I'm guessing that's a lot of people in quarantine (and thus out of the workforce) at any one time.

    • I fly to Japan quite often, once a year before COVID. The detour to Singapore I find refreshing as can get some good food and stretch of legs before the onward journey. Did help that the last few flights were all flying business but Singapore airlines and Singapore is great layover.

    • It as good pre covid as they had this 1 day layover thing where you can leave the airport and go around to eat and explore for a day but not sure if they do that now since the page has been 404'd.

      They also had transit hotels you can book for a few hours to shower and sleep which were pretty comfy.

  • +2

    What about the cancellation? for example if the board rule by the time from Japan is still closing the board, or there's another variant of the COVID virus around the world, can I cancel the order and get full refund? I couldn't find any info from the website. Thanks!

    • +1

      This is the same thing I'm afraid of, looking to go autumn but i don't want my money to be locked up (i.e credit / rebook + difference later)

    • +2

      I’d recommend booking direct through the airline rather than a third party. It would be easier to cancel / reschedule based on the covid situation.

  • +3

    Don't bet on countries opening up until they do, we had like 2 years of this.

    • +1

      japan reopened to students before omicron, then reversed the decision quickly

  • +5

    JAL has direct flights for a similar price, I did a look on skyscanner and 24-Sep - 7 Oct (SYD-HND) for $781 (school holidays)

  • +1

    There's also direct flights on Japan Airlines for around $840 return, around these similar dates, into early October.

    I'd probably prefer that as it's only about 9 hours direct.

    • +1

      With the uncertainties around Singapore and their approach to COVID (Changi airport is still a ghost town) a direct flight is a better alternative right now.

  • +2

    We love Japan! Hope the situation in the largest country nearby is not screwing up these deals.

    • +2

      Given that China is still chasing a zero COVID policy, there should definitely be less overseas Chinese travellers.

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