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Galax GeForce RTX 3080SG 12G LHR Graphics Card $1,799 + Delivery / C&C @ Umart


Another RTX 3080 deal with 12GB VRAM. Not ideal for miner. HODL if you can.

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    This is pretty impressive given the 12gb model performs close to the 3080 Ti. Still not sure why NVidia even bothered releasing it…

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      Do you have links please?

      All the videos I have seen suggested the performance is closer to the 10GB model but runs hotter and drinks about 50W more than the original version.

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      Because then they can wipe away the 3080 msrp… This will be the new msrp of all X080 cards going forward I bet 🙂

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        Worst part is, this one doesn't even have an official MSRP so it can just be whatever they need it to be, as long as it's below the 3080ti MSRP.

        • Exactly.. So they'll be selling this at a higher price to AIBs and catching more of the 'scalper' market.

  • What are these branded cards like performance and heat wise, to those who have used them?

    • Haven't used this card but it looks like a large (19CM x 3 slot) cooler with three heatpipes which isn't ideal. I could be wrong. However, it's not catastrophic and will likely only affect OC performance - it's probably fine at default settings.

    • Have a look at this video

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    It’s coming down fellas. That’s about the price of the 10GB model a week ago

  • sg?

  • What’s the defined rrp for this model?
    Remember when a deal was below rrp… good times…

    • There is no defined RRP or MSRP for this card. Loosely it's between 3080 and 3080ti MSRPs but that's a range of $700US to $1200US.

      • Sorry but I only have $AUD on me.

  • 👎

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      username so totally checks out

  • Still 17 left.

    • Sold out looks like? it says notify when its ready to order?

      • Still 14 left at Mansfield warehouse which I believe supplies the whole Australia, I'm not too sure about how the stock transfer to SA/WA works.

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    • Most I can afford will be a 3060Ti haha, this one still out for me

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    It kind of feels strange that I've never paid over $600 for a GPU. This is 3 x that.

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      must feel good to not buy flagship cards for 15 years :p

      I'm a "every 3rd gen" kinda person

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        Never bought a flagship. Always just below. My GTX 1070 is ageing quite badly though.

    • Patient gamer with a 1650S, I've never paid more than $250 for a GPU.
      Very happy playing (mostly older/indie) games on High settings.
      Never desired pushing latest AAA releases at maximum/ultra graphical fidelity.
      Happy to wait anther 18 months, until prices and demand settle down before my next upgrade.
      To each their own, just presenting my personal alternative to a 3080 @ $1,800.

  • When this drops to $1000 I’ll bite.

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      I suspect you're going to be hungry for a while.

  • Keeps dropping huh

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    Finally bit the bullet and upgraded from my gtx1070. Thanks op

    • Huge upgrade.

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    Couldn't hold any longer, see ya l8r 1060 we had a good run!

    • wise choice, congrats. don't be a hodlr wait till $100 on gumtree and keep missing out and then keep whinging on ozb :)

  • At the rate prices are coming down, I'll wait for the eofy sale to buy parts.

  • 4070/4080 is out later this year correct?

    • yes, reports says September

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