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Optus Oppo A72 128GB/4GB $199 (Was $279) (Limited Stocks) @ Coles


These caught my eye as part of the better offerings from Coles none of which appears in this week's catalogue.

The Oppo A72 received 6th place in the OzBargain Best Budget Smartphone (Under $300) in 2020, however this has better specs than the 1st place getter, the Oppo A52 according to GSMArena. Possibly, the Optus locking and restriction to a single SIM pulled it down but that shouldn't be an issue for everyone.

This includes a $30 starter kit.

Even in 2022, this seems a pretty decent specced phone for $199. The Optus locking is a nuisance but previous discussion suggests this only kicks in when the phone is updated to Android 11. It seems there is a way to unlock Oppo phones with the right software if you can manage it. What's unclear if the phone can be made to operate as a dual SIM with the right software and SIM tray. Is there anything better at this price? How long do Oppo support phones of this class?
Previous A72 deals and discussion

It's rare for phone under $100 to have 2GB of RAM, but the Alcatel 1S (2021), which this probably is although Coles does not says so exactly, has 3GB! Assuming the Vodafone description applies, a $30 starter kit is included, if not, Vodafone has it on sale for $10 more with a starter kit until the 8/3/2021.

And while people didn't think very much of the 2GB/16GB Nokia C01 Plus the last time I posted about it this is now on sale for $69 possibly the lowest so far. Chances are that includes a $30 starter kit too as per the descriptionfrom Vodafone.

The Vodafone locked phones with $30 and above starter kits appear to be eligible for Vodafone's offer of a free $10 Coles eGift card if the included SIM is activated before the end of March. Thanks, @crazyboy. Can any other OzB'ers confirm?
I also see Coles has got the refurbished 64GB Apple iPhone 8 back on sale for $279. Are those any good? In many ways the Oppo seems better.

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    I bought the Oppo A72 for $100 from Target a while back. I sent a message to Optus chat saying in leiu of their poor service / reception can I please have the unlock code. Received it via SMA within a few days.

    Still haven't used it yet. Any tips before I do a transfer from a Nokia 3 (running Android 9).

    Ie. Should I do an update, then factory reset on the A72 before using the built in Android back up.

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      You should do everything possible before putting your precious data on it so I'd unlock it as well, and if your into that sort of thing see if you can find a boot loader unlock in case somebody does a custom ROM in the future but check if your banking/payment apps don't mind that. and if they do hide the unlock or relock it. There's probably no reason to factory reset a new phone but it shouldn't hurt.

      Congratulations on getting for $100 from Target. Those went quickly. Makes the everyday place really stupid especially considering the age of the phone.

      • +1

        Hmmm. When i got the nokia 3 it was brilliant. I avoided os updates at all cost. Then i installed a 'security patch'…which was an actual OS update. Ever since then my phone constantly comes up with low storage errors and i need to restart/ manually delete caches. Also the stupid thumbdata file has appeared and gets massive. The solution is probably a wipe/ reset. But its 4 years old, replaced the USB port 4 times. Time to retire it into a crypto wallet.

        • Yes, there can be a risk with updating and also a risk with not. If you're not going to update you really shouldn't have any personal data on your phone at all, says the hypocrite.

      • Makes the everyday place really stupid especially considering the age of the phone.

        Makes the everyday price really stupid especially considering the age of the phone.


    • Can I get details of how you got the unlock? Just complained about the service on the freshly activated sim?

      • Yeah pretty much. On my way to work there's probably 3 dead spots. Just look up the postcode and say you live in one of them. They will say they are fixing it, so you say you need to use a Telstra Sim until its fixed, which means you need an unlock code.

        • Devious, but they know where you live. Perhaps you meant to say where you work.

  • +1

    Price-beat the Nokia C01 Plus at Officeworks https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/nokia-c01-…

    • Thanks for mentioning it, an extra $3.45 is better than nothing but perhaps more importantly Officeworks is probably more likely to have stock. I've had poor experiences finding phones in stock in the distant past.

      Pity they don't stock the Oppo A72!

      • Funny I have watched Sophie's Choice last night for the first time and here you are 👍

        • I'm not sure I'm understand your reference. Nothing bad will happen except some relatively minor damage to you wallet if you choose one phone over the other or choose neither. The phones don't mind. Maybe buy both?

          • @Stingo: IMDB

            • +1

              @Laziofogna: Ah. "That's my seersucker."
              Phew. I was worried I might be violating the fundamental rights of phones or that I may be one of the movie's less savoury characters.

              For those like me not sufficiently familiar with the film, Stingo is a post-war friend of Sophie and her partner played by Peter MacNicol.

  • Why does the image on the phone's screen have a Boost logo?

    • +2

      I guess you mean the Apple. The description reads: "Boost Refurbished supplied & supported by Alegre."

  • +1

    Upvoted for the descriptions and links to prior discussions of each device.

    Does "locked to Optus network" mean Coles / Catch etc SIMs will work? Assuming yes…

    • Seems so according to the prior discussion. FWIW, I don't recall ever hearing that Optus locked phones blocked their own MVNOs though I think they did with Virgin-locked phones. Some reports of SIMs for other carriers working too in prior discussions which stops after the OS is updated.

    • +3

      I've got an A72 locked to Optus and I've used it on Catch and now Coles. No issues.

  • -1

    Very annoying phone. The fingerprint reader is triggered a lot without meaning to and same with volume decrease.

    • I have problems with fingerprint reader only if I use wet hands or wrong finger.

  • Anyone knows what colours are available for the A72? Coles website doesn't specify colour!

    • +1

      I wish that was the only thing wrong with that page. The previous deal specified "Twilight Black / Aurora Purple" but that probably was information taken from Optus's web site rather than obtained from Coles. I'd say you'd be lucky to have a choice of colours. If I get to a Coles before Tuesday night I'll try and remember and ask what they have in stock but my betting is they won't have any.

    • I was at a Coles last night, spotted what I thought were some A72's and since someone was at the service desk I finally managed to ask: Black, though I didn't press to make sure all boxes were checked. Of course, that's just the Coles I went to, yours might be different. Price is still $199.

  • +1

    Optus prepaid can be unlocked free via Web chat (may just need to wait a week or so for code sometimes)

    • Thanks a lot for this.

      What about Vodafone? Have you tried to unlock Vodafone phones for free?

      • Np.

        Vodafone isn't as generous and charge you a fee

      • Please see my comment below.

  • Purchased Nokia C01 Plus and Alcatel 1S. Both look great phones. Alcatel 1S screen and camera are much better compared to Nokia C01 Plus.

    Can confirm Alcatel 1S 6025D from Coles has 3GB RAM, 32 GB storage and 4000 mAh battery.

    I even got $10 Coles gift card from Vodafone for each phone purchased.

    • I'm glad to read someone besides me is a fan of the low end phone. Unless it is memory constrained the Nokia should perform better than the Alcatel due to the more efficient processor (Thanks, TeddyBear). If you can manage it some more thoughts on the phones would be appreciated.

      Unfortunately, I'm not a Vodafone customer and couldn't find any cheap 3rd party unlocks. BTW, occasionally some Vodafone phones are left unlocked or the automated system cannot help out so some people seem to score free unlocks.

      I even got $10 Coles gift card from Vodafone for each phone purchased.

      That's interesting I wouldn't have thought that offer would apply for starter kits included with phones but since its an eGift card I'm guessing that Vodafone may be applying the offer to every $30 starter kit + above from Coles sold and activated within the promotion period. Did your starter kit have credit loaded at the check out? Your receipt will show this I think.

      • Hi Stingo,

        I use iPhone 11 Pro for my personal use but have a few spare phones for business work and free trials of Uber and other services. I use these phones very less, so I cannot comment much about them. I expect 2-3 days of battery life and decent speed from these phones.

        Yes both the phones came with $30 starter kit, which I activated yesterday, so I am guessing this $10 coles gift card is from the starter kit.

        Thanks for the information on the unlocks. I will try to see if I have any of these phones unlocked.

        • You sir, are a true OzBer and/or selling something illicit.

  • Does anybody know if the current batch of Vodafones are strictly locked to Vodafone, or can they still be used for Kogan , Lebara?
    I ask because Telstra seems to now lock out other companies, even though they are on the Telstra network.

    • Has Vodafone ever done that?

      • Ever allowed it or disallowed it?
        Mine allow it.

        • +1

          I don't recall ever hearing of Vodafone preventing their phones from being used on their own MVNOs but I suppose I could easily have missed that.

          Maybe see if you can try a phone with your own SIM in a Vodafone store if you can't get a definitive answer here.

    • +2

      I can confirm that Telstra only allows Boost and Telstra and no other network on their locked phones.
      I can confirm that Optus allows Amaysim on their locked phones. So I believe it will apply to other Optus MVNO too.
      Regarding Vodafone locked phones, I am yet to try the Kogan sim. But I strongly believe that it shouldn't be a problem using Vodafone MVNO.

    • +1

      Can confirm you can use any TPG telecom sim (vodafone, lebara, tpg, iiNet, Kogan)

    • Thanks everyone. That's very helpful.
      IMHO, a company that wants less people on their network has missed the point.

      • IMHO, a company that wants less people on their network has missed the point.

        Telstra want these people on their profitable retail product. While its true that Telstra would be better off with these people with one of their wholesale customers rather than with the other carriers it must be more profitable for Telstra to employ the locking strategy that have. Telstra, BTW, give you a free unlock after 2 years so they are not all bad.

        The point of locked phones is to attract people to your network. Telstra does have an advantage that people are more likely to seek their MVNOs so a phone locked to Telstra retail is not as much as a disadvantage to them as it is to their competitors.

        I reserve my criticism for Optus. Deliberately paying their suppliers to have bands removed from some of their phones to degrade the phones performance on the other carriers. I wish the ACCC gave a toss about that.

        • Telstra, BTW, give you a free unlock after 2 years so they are not all bad.

          Hmm. How do I get that? It's been a paper weight for almost two year now…

          Yes, I suppose all this is about market share.

          Also, I would be getting the Alcatel if I could justify a new phone. 3 GB is a good deal.

          • @RecklessMonkeys: Contact Telstra. As usual, you will probably need to try multiple times before you manage to reach somebody who is aware of the policy and competent enough to help you. FWIW, Telstra have this to say.

            • @Stingo: OK cheers. The hoop jumping is why I didn't really pursue it .
              I've never had an active service either!

              • @RecklessMonkeys: So your paperweight never had an active service?

                All I know is that I managed to get a 3G MiFi unit I found on the street unlocked after a few attempts. Other than testing it, I wouldn't have used it in anger. I can't recall whether I had a Telstra service at the time, I don't think so but there were also low cost ways of acquiring and keeping Telstra services from expiring in the past. Worth a shot at trying to get a free unlock if you have time to waste.

  • How’s the lag on Optus Oppo A72 for things like Microsoft teams / outlook?

  • alcatel 1S looks appealing

  • I bought this phone from Kmart. It's a solid phone - literally. Very much like an upgraded Oppo A73. Snappy & responsive. Lovely speakers. Fast charging.Has AR Core so I can play that Witcher Monster Slayer mobile game.However the deal breaker for me is the weight.At nearly 200g, it gives me severe arm pain.Dunno if it's cos I have arthritis, but the heft is making me miserable. My old 2017 6 inch Oppo F5/A73 never gave me this issue. I like the phone in every other way but I simply can't stand the weight. I'm going to sell it & try to get something closer to the weight of the A73(153 g). Interested in the Xiaomi 11 Lite, which is only 157g but still has the large screen.
    If anyone is interested in buying this phone, Iet me know. It's only 2 weeks old, very little use & I still have the $279 receipt & will knock a bit off it to sell it. I can confirm an Amaysim sim works on the Optus model. Have all the original packaging &the Optus Sim with $30 recharge included in the box is unused. Nice phone, if you don't have jelly arms like mine.

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