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½ Price Philips LED Globe 2-pack 1055lm Range $6.50 @ Woolworths


Edison Screw

Warm ES
Cool ES

Bayonet Cap

Warm BC
Cool BC

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    Get it if you want your place to be as bright as the hospital. Hold your receipt in case.

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      I have 3 of the warm ones over my kitchen table. Can't stand gloomy, dim lighting nor cold bluish light. These are nice bulbs.

    • for an 11w LED - 62w equivalent?

      Shouldn't make it too bright. Go the 'Warm' variant, generally don't seem as bright as 'Cool"..

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        I haven't witnessed the warm one's yet but these have a bad CRI rating.

        • What is a CRI rating ?

          • @Andy99: I think maybe it's better if you google that. Philips have one of the poorest CRI. Perhaps that's why it's cheap, and I get the negs haha

    • Is use 1500 and I find them to be dull. These ones are candles

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      Hardly. I like bright rooms. Can't stand peering in a dingy house. Only time lights are turned down is TV watching.

      Kitchen/Dining etc, I have 4 in a rectangular largeish space - 1050 lumen each, kitchen 3 downlights over the benches and a central light - 2x 1400 lumen and 2 1050. So nice to be able to see.

      Same with the bathroom. Hate shaving in dingy light.

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    1055lm is not that much…i run a 1400 in the kitchen and its fine

    • It depends on room size and lighting needs. 1400 isn't enough for some kitchens and too much for others.

    • My floor lamp is like 800lm and it brightens the room almost as much as the 2*1600lm bulbs that i have on the celling

  • Anyone know if the warm whites are 3000K or 2700K?

    • They're all either 2700k for warm(or soft warm and whatnot) or 6500k for cool (or daylight.. soft white idk)
      I've actually been looking for a 4000-5000k bulb with no luck, so I'm going with two cool and one warm

    • Unfortunately these cheap Phillips ones are 2700k for warm white (too yellow) and 6500k for cool white (gross crusty blue harsh). Neither appeal to me.

      I pay a bit extra and get the purple box Phillips at Bunnings - 3000k for warm white. So much nicer. Still warm, but more of a white light than yellow, and definitely not blue/cold.

      I want to live in a home not a morgue.

  • does the light need to be compatible with LED as such?
    im currently using these https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/741388/phi... and not sure if LED would suitable

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      From the light Globe you are using(in the link), just get the BC one and you will be fine. I am using 11W for my desk lamp and in small room 3mX4m and it is okay.

  • Interesting because Woolworths Circa (Bella Vista) has/had the same ones on Clearance for $5.05 in their clearance section in Warm Bayonet version. I picked up two of these yesterday with four more on the shelf. I wonder why the clearance when coming up on special soon.

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    Literally bought these bulbs today at Woolworths (B22 and E27) seems that the sale has already started?

    • Sure those weren't the 8w? They're on special near me

      • Yeah grabbed the 1055lm ones, 2x for $6.50.
        They also had the 1400lm ones, 2x for $7.50.
        Glad I got the less powerful ones because these are even a bit too bright, maybe should've gone with the 806lm ones which were even cheaper for 2.

        • been kicking myself or not buying 1400lm 2x for 7.50 when I saw them as online special..

  • They are finally back, been waiting for those bulbs for the past 6 weeks, my ozbargain spirit wouldn’t let me buy them at full price.

  • LED globes are free for Victorian households under the Veu scheme

    • I believe they replace 400-1000lm globe only, and you need an old globes too. and not sure if the free globe offer is once at life time or not. :)

      • They replace any cfl or halogen, only rules are that you can’t of had them replaced that your adress previously & minimum of 8 and they must be in a socket (can’t just hand the approved installer a box and except to get led in return)

  • The 1400 lumen range scanned for me at $6.50 at my local Woolies (advertised on shelf at $7.50).

  • price match from amazon would be nice……….

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