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[Refurb] Dell Optiplex Bundle - Dell Optiplex 3040, i5-6500, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD + 22" Monitor $299 + Delivery @ FuseTech AU


Bringing in new Optiplex's, With a newer, cheaper bundle. Everything you need pretty much to get started, for home or office! Also have the 24" dell monitor option as well for HDMI output, and a larger screen available. All bundles come with a 600mbps WIFI+Bluetooth USB that you can just plug in.

Storage(SSD/HDD) and RAM upgrades are available.

Free Click and Collect available at our Melbourne, Yarraville 3013 warehouse.

Intel® Core™ i5-6500 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.60 GHz, 4 Cores)
8GB DDR3 Memory
Front I/O – 2x USB3, 2x Audio Jacks
Rear I/O – 2x USB2, 2x USB3 1x RJ45 Networking, 1x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI
WiFi - EZCast Dual Band 600M WiFi BlueTooth USB Adapter
Includes Power Adapter
Windows 10 Professional
1 year warranty

Monitor - Dell P2214H 22-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor (Refurbished) :

Refresh rate 60
Brand DELL
Screen size 22 Inches
Series P2214H
Hardware interface VGA, USB, DisplayPort, USB 2.0

Also have the Dell 23.8in FHD 60Hz Business Monitor (P2417H) (Re-furbished) as an upgrade option:

  • Device Type
  • LED-backlit LCD monitor - 24"
  • USB 3.0 hub
  • Panel Type : IPS
  • Aspect Ratio : Widescreen - 16:9
  • Native Resolution : Full HD (1080p) 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz

  • Dell mouse and keyboard also included with HDMI/Display port cable depending on monitor

For those who want just the Optiplex standalone there is a few options including Optiplex 9020, 3020 & 3040:


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  • I don't do a single thing PC gaming wise, or computers in general.

    How would this go paired with a Game Pass Ultimate sub? Would there be many games that would work or is it hella outdated, like am I gonna be able to play Forza or Halo or whatever on this, or nah?

    • +8

      No unless you add a low profile GPU but even then it would be a subpar gaming experience.

    • +7

      Better off using it as an emulator machine (NES, SNES, N64, Segas, PS1 should work) and buying 8-bit style games (FTL, Stardew, Undertale etc).

      Modern 3D games will suck on it.

      -edit- also older PC games, pre-2012ish should run OK, the older the better.

      • +4

        Based off their inclusion of Game Pass Ultimate in their question, they clearly aren't looking for old emulated games. They mentioned Forza and Halo as well.

        • +3

          Yeah, and others had already answered that in the negative. Bit redundant for me to say it too. My post wasn't necessarily for The Duke but for anyone wondering what they could actually run with this.

      • Fair fair.

        How do you reckon it'd go with early/mid 00s stuff then? Can never have too many Quake 3/Duke 3D/Vice City/Tony Hawk/OG Battlefront machines floating around.

        I'm getting the vibe it probs wouldn't be worth getting for games lol. Not a shocker tbh. But yeah, emu wise, I've got a Shield TV, RetroArch on Series S&X, a shitload of mini emu portables, a Wii U and PSP, I'm set there pretty well.

        Cheers for the response, dude!

        • +2

          Add a GPU (even a cheap one, like a GT 1030), and you're good to go. It should run most 2000s games just fine (old COD, Bethesda, etc. games)

        • -1

          You have consoles so is it just to come up with some excuses to spend $299? You want to have a LAN party at your place or something?

          Get some other fun toys than a dated, second PC and monitor. You already have at least a console that has GamePass access, and setup emulators on Shield TV. You want to muck around with an old PC with subpar GPU? You have too much $$$.

          • +7

            @netsurfer: weird rant but ok

            • @GrueHunter: He has consoles with GamePass. He has decided to stick with consoles for now anyway.

              If there are cost effective PC options for GamePass (especially now), I doubt consoles would be selling so well. Anyway, I was teasing him intentionally (coz. clearly he's played a lot of console games - quite a lot of recent AAA titles).

        • If you get one of these it will run most modern games 30-60 fps on medium settings. Xbox game pass would be fine.
          Do you have a nerd mate who can install it for you? Either that or just look up how to do it on YouTube.

          • @Ryballs: He has decided to stick with consoles (read other threads further down).

            Right now, graphics card prices are still crazy. I cannot believe 1050Ti is selling at that price at the moment.

        • Why don't you buy a Xbox series s then?

      • +1

        Stick a cheap GPU in it (eg. a GT 1030 or GTX 1050) and you'll be able to run most games prior 2015 on the machine.

        Used a much older i7-2600 with a GT 1030 and got Subnautica running at 80-90 FPS on max settings. Similar results with GTA V and a heavily modded Fallout 4.

        Won't be able to run Cyberpunk or RDR2 with a cheap GPU, but most AAA games from before 2015 will run fine.

      • Or just emulate your games on your main PC.

      • Also make an account here to get trophies when using new/snes emu etc


    • +5

      It's not a matter of "outdated". This PC has no dedicated GPU, meaning it will seriously suffer with graphical content.

      Game Pass Ultimate would be its worst nightmare. The CPU is still quite excellent for the price, but as another user said, you're going to need to buy a low-profile GPU if you want to game on this.

      • So GPUs are entirely optional with computers? I figured it was just something you could upgrade, but straight up not having it is crazy. So things like your browser, media players, and so on, don't need a GPU then, are they entirely for gaming or. Crazy.

        I feel I've had enough people waste their time replying I should do some Googling before jumping into a PC thread as unknowing as I am.

        • +4

          Many CPUs come with integrated graphics which are suitable for things you mentioned. Browsers, media players, etc.
          I’d guess for most use cases a dedicated GPU would be used just for gaming but it has other uses like photo/video editing, 3D modelling/rendering and more recently crypto mining

        • +7

          Good on you for asking questions!! Having a "GPU" is necessary for a computer to operate. However, there is a difference between a dedicated GPU and an "integrated" GPU.

          An integrated GPU is bulit into the CPU chipset itself. iGPUs are known to be quite slow, and are only meant to be used for basic graphics tasks — bit of extra info —> However recently, AMD has made some seriously impressive chips with fairly good performance iGPUs in them, breaking this trend and causing Intel to have to catch-up in this area.

          CPUs that have iGPUs in them are called APUs. They are niche for office PCs which require less graphical work and more word processing, spreadsheets and other CPU intensive activities.

          The iGPU in this i5-6500 is an Intel HD Graphics 530 - A real potato of an iGPU, but good enough for basic tasks and/or older games from ~pre 2012.

          Would have been a waste to use Game Pass Ultimate on this PC imo

    • +2

      No problems with Games Pass Ultimate using it to cloud stream games. There's very few titles you could locally install though.

    • it will be absolutely terrible for it unfortunately

    • I'm not sure if you meant to bring this up but yes you could stream gamepass ultimate games and pair this with a controller via Bluetooth. There are heaps of games you can stream. Play.. maybe not so much without a GPU. I've done it before though, the games start instantly with a good connection.

    • With the ultimate sub you can do cloud gaming. It's what I do in my NUC.

  • +9

    Hey! If you add in a low profile GTX 1650 you would be able to play games like that, eSports etc, on lower settings depending!

    • +2

      I have a rough idea that that means a graphics card, which is like a big ol' rectangle I plug in there somewhere. Do y'all sell them too? bc I'll be real, I'm the target demo sucker, if you sell me something that's all bundled up and good to go, idc if I could save some dosh buying it all individually, I just cannot be (profanity) learning what's worth getting and how to put it all together and so on.

    • +23

      Note: this will cost more than the PC.

      • Oof. Might stick with my consoles then lol.

    • +3

      Pretty sure you need a single slot low profile GPU, as the PCIe x16 slot is right next to the power supply. Meaning a GPU that needs 2 slot spaces won't fit.

      A GT 1030 ($150 2GB DDR4, or $180 2GB DDR5) is the best option for these desktops I believe. Especially since the power supply is only 180w.

      • If power supply is an issue, can I get like a GPU that's powered independently from the wall outlet or something? I'm low key doing research on this post at the moment it seems.

        • +1

          Hmmm don't think so.
          You can get a Dell 240w replacement power supply. But you're still going to be limited by the fact you'll need a single slot low profile GPU.

        • You could technically plug an ATX power supply into the wall and the 6 pin cable into this, it’s just a super bad idea and you’d have to short pins on the ATX cable to turn it on which is also a bad idea.

          There are also external graphics cards but they’re super expensive, rare, and I’m not sure they’re any good.

      • +1

        A 1030 is just a waste of time though these days. Really just for adding more screens tbh

  • +1

    Hmm…could be a nice little upgrade for my parents…let me think about it. :)

  • +7

    I bought from these guys for my daughter's computer. Absolute bargain for basic office work. Had my daughter up and running including a second hand desk for less than $500

    • +23

      Had my daughter up and running including a second hand desk for less than $500

      You sure you didn’t buy a treadmill by mistake?

      • +9


        • +6

          Nah I’m a toad, not a seamonkey.

  • +3

    Intel® Core™ i5-6500 Not bad. Chuck in a low profile card = winning

    • +1

      I wish, but it’s not that simple.

      The power supply that comes with these doesn’t have the output or cables for a GPU; the case may not have room for a normal PSU, the motherboard may require a proprietary PSU connector (not ATX), and putting it all in another case might not work as it may not use standard ITX/ATX screw hole locations. The bios may also be a dell one that doesn’t like hardware changes.

      I got a lovely little dell on gumtree for $320 with an i7-7500 but ran into all the issues above. These machines just aren’t made with standard parts so all the normal swaps become very, very hard.

  • +2

    finally there's newer refurbished models to replace the 9020 which has been the goto ozbargain PC for the last 5years hahaha

    • What's the main differences between this and the 9020?

      At a glance it looks like a better CPU and wifi enabled by default. I think 9020 is 2013 made and the 3040 is made in 2015.

      I'd also be interested in fan noise levels. The 9020 is very quiet at no load.

      • +2

        performance wise - there's minimal difference.

        You'll only start seeing the difference between when it hits 8th Gen I5's. The gen 4 i5s to gen 7 are pretty much the same.

        The case looks more modern aswell and its closer to the current one

      • I've got a i7-4770 in my 9020, its TDP is 84 watts while this 3040 has a i5-6500 with a lower TDP of 65watts. Assuming the cooling components are the same I believe it will be whisper quiet. I had to push it really hard, ie doing big file encoding to make the lazy fans spin fast.

  • Is it possible to move the innards of this system into an matx case? Looking to upgrade a secondary system (built in 2010) to something more recent.

    • +2

      I think the motherboard has a proprietary power connector - you can get Ann adaptor for $15 on aliexpress.
      And the motherboard holes might not line up with screw points. And the back panel might not be aligned.

      So I will say it is possible, but a hassle.

      • I ran into all the problems above when I tried to do this.

        Plus: The cable that adapted the weird proprietary mobo power connector took 5 weeks to arrive and then ran the fan in the PSU non stop at full even while the system was off. I had to switch it off at the PSU when I wasn’t using it. No help in Dell’s proprietary bios.

      • Hmm thanks all. I guess I'll just scour gumtree for an older desktop to salvage then.

  • +11

    FYI Shipping Costs

    Sydney - $29.96
    Brisbane - $29.96
    Adelaide - $29.96
    Melbourne - $13.23
    Perth - $29.96
    Darwin - $45.00

    • +4

      Cheers for the breakdown! That covers two boxes (monitor and PC) for shipping hence why it seems pricey.

      • Can I buy the PC only (I don't want the monitor)

        • Sure can, just go to the bottom link on the post and you'll find our selection of Optiplexs

  • +1

    Would this be a good buy for a Plex server?

    • yes start small

    • +1

      No, coz. if it is a good buy for a Plex server, this would be sold out already.

    • Depends on what you want to do with this Plex server. I have a 9020 USFF running an i5-4570s and 8GB of RAM sitting in my cupboard for just the house. It can handle one 1080p transcode just fine, I haven't tried any more but I'd think it could do 2 without Plex Pass. With Plex Pass though you can use QuickSync and do loads of transcodes.

      My system is running TrueNAS Core.

    • I have basically the same machine (HP elitedesk) with a gt730 (IIRC) doing Plex/Jellyfin, pihole, home assistant, torrents, NAS etc. I don't have an ssd and loaded in as many hdds as I could fit.

      Looking at expanding since I'm about to have a bunch of computers at work that I'm only allowed to destroy/dispose (really annoyed we aren't allowed to sell them as I could do with the budget boost) the same age and possibly some newer i3 8x00 models. Tempted to create myself a little cluster with them.

      Haven't had any troubles but don't expect to have multiple users streaming at once and you may need to pre-encode (you can prep different bit rate versions in Plex) if you're needing to transcode 4k.

    • I’ve had a Dell Precision SFF with an i7-6700 running as my Plex server for the past two years and it’s been excellent. i5-6500 would be almost as good. Supports QuickSync and doubt the lack of hyper threading will matter much.

      I installed an NVMe SSD for boot/VMs, and filled the SATA ports with hard drives.

  • Hmm does my 4th Gen Plex media server need upgrading?

    • +1

      Does it? Why are you asking us?

    • +1

      No, but you've been eyeing for this one, so just get it….

      Wait, I know the excuse…. no Afterpay support…

  • Worth upgrading from Optiplex 9020 or just stick with it for now?


    • +1

      Not worth upgrading, you'll need 8th Gen i5 to see the difference

    • I was looking at this to upgrade from my Optiplex 9010. Decided against it because the 3040:

      • Only has a 180w power supply so may not be able to handle a low profile video card (the 9010 has a 240w power supply)
      • Only has 2x DIMM slots (the 9010 has 4)
      • Doesn't offer a noticeable improvement in terms of CPU performance over my i7-3770 (although the i5-6500 is more efficient).

      I am looking for a good replacement for my Optiplex 9010 if anyone has any good ideas! Something SFF with at least a 240w PSU…

      If you're looking for a desktop computer without wanting to game/add a video card, I think this is still a pretty decent deal.

  • Install “Chrome OS Flex”…..

  • +1

    Don't need, want to buy, must resist.

  • Have to resist…I won't use it…..or…should I?

  • Worth upgrading

  • To my knowledge 6th gen intel only supports ddr3L and ddr4, which leads to a few troubling questions about DIY ram upgrades, as it is unclear if the included ram is ddr3 or ddr3L.

    • +2

      Memory type: DDR3L
      Memory speed: 1600 MHz
      Memory connectors: Two SoDIMM slots
      Memory capacity: 2 GB,4 GB and 8 GB
      Maximum memory: 16 GB

      All written in the manual.

    • 3040 Small Form Factor is DDR3L

      Regular desktop mobo unbuffered DIMM. (not laptop SODIMM)

      All written in the manual.

      SODIMM is for the Micro Form Factor which is not what this deal about.

  • Any comments about the 9020 vs 3020?

    The only thing I really need it to do is OBS once a week for about a hour to do a Livestream at 720p.

    No overlays.. just nice simple stuff.

    I was thinking bout upping the ram to 16gig to give it that extra support..

    Thoughts? :)

  • Are USB wifi plugs as reliable as the inbuilt versions these days?

    • +1

      Yep, I've been using mine for the last 2 years on my pc, works a treat. Supports both 2.4 & 5.

    • +1


    • Been using a cheap one for my PC for a few years, runs absolutely fine.

    • I've got a Comfast, works great. US$1.89 + GST here

  • I see the 128GB storage is an SSD, can I assume the 1TB is a HDD 7200?

    • The 1th is an SSD as a primary drive , which will be an upgrade from the 128gb SSD

  • -1

    To anyone thinking of putting in a GPU into one of these… Don't bother. The small form factor Dell machines have limited space and very limited PSU headroom. Your best bet may be the GT 1030. But that card is far too expensive right now to justify putting one in. Running a GT 1030 in one of my SFF Dell's ended up blowing the PSU sadly.

    • My 9020 came with a Dell Radeon HD 8570 which has a TDP of 50watts. The GT1030 has a TDP of 30watts, unfortunately your Dell PSU is worn and weak.

  • Good value for money

  • Can you add a firewire card to this?

  • I guess Windows 11 won't run on this CPU officially..

  • can you put a 1650 ti in it?

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