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Kayo Basic $15/Month for 12 Months for Telstra Customers (Was $25/Month) @ Telstra


Reposting this original.

Pretty self explanatory. Also could work with boost mobile, as I have had the $5 Kayo basic Telstra deal through boost for nearly 12 months

Roll onto standard fees (currently $25/mth for Kayo Basic) after 12 months. Redeem by 31 May 2022. Must sign up via Telstra.

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  • Thanks op!

    I assume the $10 off also applies to the 3 user account making it $25 instead of $35

    • yes

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    How does it work with boost mobile ?? i am with boost now..

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      It doesn't

      Telstra have removed my Boost services from the Telstra ID.

      • @JV - that is incorrect. We don't have Telstra services for last 20 yrs but we have 3 Boost Mobile and we got the offer last year without issue and we got notification that our $15/m will continue for another year when our current year finishes (mid-April).

        There was also emails from Boost saying that all Boost customers will be Telstra about 4 months ago - so Boost=Telstra

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          I am logged into my telstra account but cannot see my Boost number. Can't even see how to link or add this to services…any ideas?

          • @RM: Same here, no way I can see to get this deal from Boost mobile, service is not listed in my Telstra account.

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              @myoda: As JV noted, Telstra have removed my Boost services from the Telstra ID.

              I looked into this mid last year and confirmed with Telstra that it was removed as it used to be an option a year ago. They noted that it was for Telstra direct subscribers only.

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                @Borg: I think when they initially added them, it was another Telstra stuff up.
                When they realised Boost customers were getting some of the Telstra benefits, they quickly removed them…

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          I have 4 Boost services and no longer have any other Telstra services.
          My Telstra ID shows that I have no active services and there are no offers.
          This was not the case in 2020 when I could see my Boost services under my Telstra ID.

          You were probably lucky they you redeemed the offer before they removed your Boost service from your Telstra ID.

          • @jv: First time anyone got lucky on Telstra😂

          • @jv: Here is the email I got

            While your current offer ends on 14/04/2022, the teams at Kayo and Telstra wanted to look after you with a bonus offer. That means, as an eligible customer, from 15/04/2022, enjoy another 12 months of discounted Kayo with $10 off per month for 12 months (Min cost $15 for one month on Kayo Basic) - giving you another year filled with over 50 sports, live and on-demand.

            There’s nothing you need to do; this will automatically start on that date.

            Thanks for being with us.

            • @CachePC: Do you pay your Kayo on your Telstra bill?

              • @jv: No we do Boost outright - originally from the cheap offers that appear here to port in (couple of years back) and then just recharge via the app. Never had a telstra bill

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    Must sign up through Kayo or via your Telstra TV.


    I wonder if this will work if you don't have a current Telstra service, but still have a Telstra TV and and Telstra ID ???

    • Don't even need a Telstra TV as what you quoted says you can just sign up through Kayo. Will need a Telstra ID though.

    • Nope. Telstra TV devices don't associate to Telstra paid type of accounts. Different DB and offerings.

      • Nope. Telstra TV devices don't associate to Telstra paid type of accounts.

        They require you to log into a Telstra ID before they work.

        T&Cs suggest it may work.

  • I've had this plans for months, was this not available to everyone?

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    So what is a good way to watch this?
    I have the older Nvidia shield that came with a controller but after several minutes of it being fine loading circles after loading circles. The end of the last MotoGP I watched it was still several laps to go after the trophies where given out.
    Is it worth buying the newer shield model or a apple tv?
    Thanks :)

    • +1

      i have the old shield like yourself and it works great on there. I'd be checking updates and investigating internet issues.

      • I'm sure it's the shield itself and it was just a dud from the factory.
        Here is the full list of things it does:
        Apps open and close by themselves, Remote wont respond or multiplies the input, phantom updates, device locks ups and dropped signals (showing a picture and sound to a black screen.)
        I should have returned it but thought it was just buggy firmware that would get fixed eventually but over time nothing has changed.
        Which is why I'm looking for replacement ideas. :)

    • Download the app. If you can’t see it just get it from an all site like apkpure and side load it. I bought an Apple TV. I’ve got the shield and some google devices which Kayo works great on but definitely smoothest on AppleTV so far for me. You could also just download it on your phone and cast whatever you want to watch.

    • Kayo works on my mi box S running Android. In fact it’s better than the app on my LG C9.

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      google tv with android, get it and don't look back.

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        google tv with android, get it and don't look back.

        Until you get a NVidia shield pro…

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    Can they please bring back the $5/ month deal

    • Share the sub with a mate and it's a $7.50 deal…sorta

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        good suggestion…

  • Can you add this to an existing Kayo account?

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      If you’re with Telstra. Yep. Or maybe try code above.

    • +1

      Yea, just follow the link and enter the code they send you, then accept the deal you want. it then adds the voucher to your existing account (i just did it)..
      Thanks to OP

      • +1

        I just tried it and it says "Promo not available for selected product"… which is weird as they only have two products. bummer.

        • That's because you need to be logged in to a valid Telstra ID, eligible for this deal for the code to work.

          • @jv: Its not actually, its because I pay via Apple iTunes. Which I had totally forgotten about.

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    Wasted my time with this offer years ago and still Telstra's site refuses to indicate it doesn't apply to prepaid customers. At least Kayo indicate on their site it's for post-paid customers.

    • I was going to buy a $2 Sim but if it doesn't work for Pre Paid customers I'll give it a miss

      • Comments above say it does work with a $2 SIM.

  • Great timing…. just about to reactivate my acc since MotoGP starts again this wknd

  • What’s the advantage of kayo over foxtel using iq5? I currently have iq5.

    • +1

      Probably just price.

      The kayo live streams are ok (1080 50i), but the replays can be a bit jarring (1080 25p). If you have good frame interpolation on your TV it will help a bit, but for fast moving things like a football it will look funny.

      Im not sure how this compares to foxtel streams.

      • Which sport and on which device?

        F1 reply is showing as 1080p50 for me.
        AFL Grand Final showed a Frame Rate of -1 🤷‍♂️ I suspect it was 25fps.

        I’m using a Mi Box S running Android TV 9.

        • Probably should have stated that lol.
          AFL on Windows. (I watch on Android (shield / Chrome cast) as well but can't tell if it's interlaced or progressive)

          I could be wrong with the interlaced live steam, it's been a while since I checked.

          E: Just did a quick google looks like live streams are progressive as well

    • +2

      Price is the big one. No ringing up Foxtel to beg for sane prices.
      You're not paying for a hundred channels you're never going to watch.
      You're not paying an outrageous extra $10 p/m just for HD.
      You get rid of the foxtel box so less clutter. Don't have to deal with mailing the foxtel box to and from your place.
      Replays are always available.
      You can cancel or suspend your account any time online rather than having to go through the Foxtel inquisition cancellation process.

      No 4K. About 1 game a week is in 4K.
      Quality / reliability / convenience of the watching experience is fractionally worse overall.
      No Sky Channel racing and maybe some other obscure channels.

      I only really watch the AFL and it is a massive hassle to do all of:
      a) get a reasonable deal.
      b) receive the box
      c) go through the dreaded cancellation process at the end of the season
      d) mail the box back

      I would haggle for a cheap annual deal just so I didn't have to mail the box back but that can be difficult and awkward.

      If Foxtel had a sport only deal for say $35 a month I would prefer that to $25 for Kayo but it's not possible so I feel better only paying for what I use and having much less hassles overall with Kayo.

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    Currently have a phone repayment through Telstra but my service is Boost prepaid. FYI could not find a way to activate this deal even after I received an email about it a month ago

  • +2

    Is it still impossible to find anything on Kayo?

    • I've always found it a dog's breakfast. Scroll for ages trying to find a golf round that just happened.

    • +1

      I find it pretty easy. Everything live is at the top. Any sports you have chosen on your Account should show up in Replays section, and you need to scroll further down for Recently Added Events for everything else.

  • Does anyone know if this works with Nord VPN? I couldn't use Kayo with Mullvad and this is a deal breaker for me.

    Quick google search suggests it does.

    • Kays did not work for me if I activated nordvpn about 5 months ago, but I don't have an active subscription now.

      I dis not try especially hard to resolve this so if other people have found work around I would love to hear them.

  • +14

    Still reminiscing about the good ol beteasy days

  • +3

    Despite having a great internet connection just had to cancel Kayo after signing up due to it (NRL games specifically) being unwatchable on my (late model LG oled) tv - constantly chugging or extreme pixelation. Customer service terrible to deal with, wouldn't acknowledge any fault on their part and would not give a refund.

    • I’ll admit I’ve tried to get a deal through Foxtel for this exact reason (not go). But the best deal I could get was $49. Unfortunately for me I’m not in a position to spend another $25 a month and am stuck with Kayo for the foreseeable future

    • Yep - Kayo is worse than regular TV on a good screen

    • -3

      Probably not their fault that’s why. Kayo has always been good for me. It’s either your ISP or the TV (does late model mean recent?).

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    It is possible to fund using discounted gift cards to sweeten the deal. Not sure the current best offer for discounted kayo gift cards

    • +2

      It's really easy to add the Gift Cards to your Kayo Account. Mine is about $250 in credit as I kept buying them when Cashrewards were doing the bonus offers on Gift Cards. Not sure of the cheapest way to buy them now though.

    • Have heard that they are $100 face value for $85 at Costco. Am not a member so have no idea personally.

  • I'm interested in splitting.

    • +1

      Maybe go see a marriage councillor first before making such a big decision…

  • Anyone access this deal with one of the boost 365 plans?

  • Nice. Already a Telstra and Kayo customer, so this just saved me $120 over the next 12 months.

    • +1

      so this just saved me

      You are getting a 300% price increase.

      From $5 per month, to $15 per month…

      • +4

        Isn't that a 200% increase?

        % increase = (final - initial)/initial x 100

        (15 - 5)/5 = 2

        2 x 100 = 200 = percentage increase

        15 is 300% of 5, but that is not the increase

        • You are correct

  • +7

    Can confirm this works with a $2 pre paid sim.
    I activated the sim, didn't load any credit. Clicked the link and entered the (my telstra login) this takes you to the Kayo website any applies the discount. Chucked the sim out, deal done

    • So can you set up credit card billing instead of Telstra billing during the setup process?

      • +1

        Telstra doesn't handle the billing. It's all done through Kayo and their billing system. Once you've entered your telstra login the telstra website redirects you to a special Kayo page with a voucher applied. Select your plan, enter your debit card info and its done.

    • +1

      @Megatron29: Thanks for confirming.

    • +1

      Confirm I followed exactly the same steps and was successful - Thank you!

    • When you say clicked the link which link do you mean? The link in this deal or another Kayo link that comes up when you create your account?

      • The Telstra link that says sign up now

    • I activated the SIM, got an email and number, but it's not showing up in Services. And so can't get the discount. Do I just need to wait longer?

      • Longer than how long?

        • Was only 5-10 mins. Checked today, service appears, discount now works.

  • How is this a new deal?

    • It's not, it's been available for at least a couple of years, but was trumped by the $5 deal last year when the AFL app stopped streaming the games.

  • Do they stream football ⚽️?

  • Looks like my existing telstra $5/mth deal will automatically roll over to the $15/mth deal when it expires.

    Just checked my account and says that the next bill will be $15 starting next month. Didn't have to do anything.

  • +1

    I have just activated a $2 SIM, but it still doesn't work. I selected pre-paid, and used the link at the bottom (can't remember exactly what it said, but it may have been Continue without a plan). All other options needed payment details which sounded like it would be charged immediately.

    So, for anyone who has been successful with the $2 SIM, what options did you select?

    Edit: Maybe I should give it some time. I will let you know how it goes.

    • +2

      Confirmed. It came up a few hours later. Yay.

    • Hey did you buy a $2 sim online? Or went and got a physical one?

      • One can grab via Telstra site (free delivery) or pop into Woolies or the likes.

        • I know I can grab one online, but do I need to wait for it to come before it activates/can use the deal?

          • +1

            @SuBw00FeR: Well yes as you would need the SIm number to activate. It's a physical SIM, not a Esim.

        • +1

          Mine was a physical SIM.

    • What details do they ask when activating the $2 Telstra sim?

      • The usual for any SIM. Name, Address, Phone and a form of ID. You can activate without having to load any credit. Oh and it might take a good 45mins for the Kayo Promo to show in your account.

  • +1

    I only want this for nrl for one device, anyone want to share? I don’t have a Telstra service either I can sign this up to :/

  • +2

    Purchased a $2 SIM from 7-Eleven and made an account and elected the SIM to be Pre-Paid; didn't add a plan to it (clicked add later). Once my account was setup, I was able to enter the voucher TLSNLPY2 in Kayo and it made me verify with Telstra and it worked.


  • Someone else can post this as a deal as have not spotted it on Ozb this year which surprises me.

    2 Months Free Kayo (New Customers) with Specially Marked Case of VB and Carlton Draught
    Same as this from last year: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/610010

    As seen on Kayo for 2022: Kayo Promotions

    Enjoy if you can handle VB or Carlton Draft.

  • +1

    Those having issues with your Telstra $2 SIM cards, make sure the service is activated and the number/service shows up in your Telstra account before trying to get this offer.

    The first SIM I bought just didn't activate for some reason (2 weeks and counting) and so the promo wasn't working, went out and bought another SIM, made a new Telstra account and was on discounted Kayo 15 minutes later!

    • +1

      Good to know. Thanks. Will be sorting mine prior to last day (30/05/22). Will use Kayo 2 Month Free using the VB promo codes until then.

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