out of stock 3x 45cm SATA Cable $1.09 @ Meritline


My turn to post this.

The usual deal, 3 SATA cables for just over a dollar. Seem to be decent quality, metal connectors and stuff. One end has a 90° connector for… superior connectivity? Bought some for myself earlier to be used on a new build soon, and hey they'll do the job.

Got wind of this from a 'Tuesday dealmania' email, but it's an American store so I've put the end date as Wednesday. It will probably end earlier anyway - it's limited to 500 orders.

Happy bargaining!

EDIT: All over. All packs seem to be marked as Out Of Stock now.


Related Store: Meritline.com

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    Shows $1.19?


    I needed some new ones with the clips - thanks OP

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    I finally got one of these deals!
    Don't really need em, just want em :)

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    I grabbed these for my pending HP Microserver! :)

    Another noteworthy deal for HP-MS purchasers is this: http://www.meritline.com/asus-eah5450-video-card-radeon-hd-5...

    There's only 10 available, but if you're lucky & don't mind the wait it's a good price shipped! :)


      Tried to get that card but got this message:
      These items has been removed due to we do not ship them outside of United States.


        Damn that sucks, and weird too coz I tested it last night & it let me get all the way up to payment stage before I bailed; where normally the US stuff gets you booted fairly early in the checkout phase.

        Was also showing as China warehouse last night??? I tellz ya, there's some krazy shit going on over at Meritline! ;)


      I once got a silent ASUS card, I think Geforce 5 series? Anyway, it didn't last long but luckily I took it to store and swapped it - this obviously wouldn't be possible if I got it online. See if you have an MSY shop close to you, they have 5450 listed ~$35AUD but not sure if low profile (http://www.msy.com.au/Parts/PARTS.pdf). Also good are centrecom.


        this obviously wouldn't be possible if I got it online.

        So, all of the non-local deals are out for you then? News flash…now, make sure you're seated for this revelation…not everyone lives near an MSY! :o

        Also good are centrecom.

        Yeah, right. Having had 'dealings' with them, I'd say their piss-poor service is second only to Gamedude!


        I was aware of that, staticice is a wonderful thing…MSY don't ship though. Some folks that don't live near an MSY shop might be ok with paying an extra buck to have it lob up on their doorstep! ;)


    Not sure these are a great deal as they only support 150Mbps - SATA I?

    I know this is only a theoretical limit but wouldn't you want at least SATA II cables??

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      If you ask Google you will find that there is no difference - SATA cables 8 years old can be used with SATA6 motherboard chips and superfast SSDs and get the same speed as a brand new "SATA6" cable.


    hmm… is there free shipping to Melbourne (first time using this website)

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    After missing several times before, got it this time! Thanks


    last one came in good condition 2 weeks, surely i'll find a use for them

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    Web page says "Currently Out of Stock" at 7:45 a.m. EAST Wednesday 25th April.

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    And some lols - for the single pack you apparently save forty dollars and twenty percents?

    Was:$1.99 Save:$0.80 ($40.20%)



    Thanks OP for posting this! Hopefully it arrives 'soon' and actually works :D These deals are rare on OzBargain since the site is loaded with spam now so I appreciate your post!


    Are these red cables the same type you get from motherboards or do they still do orange ones?

    Took a month to receive them last time I ordered.

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      I'm not sure, but everyone knows the red cables are faster than the orange ones :)

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