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[Back Order] EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 XC3 Ultra 10GB LHR Graphics Card $1669 Delivered ($0 VIC C&C) @ BPC Tech


The card is now in-stock and $101 cheaper than last week

Not the cheapest 10GB RTX 3080 around right now but it's a good price especially for a more premium brand, and if you're in Melbourne you can click and collect.

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)

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  • About $300 more and we’re back to normal

    • +77

      300 more and it'll be $1,969

      • Well that would be closer to the norm of the past year :)

    • +14

      Keep going. I paid $1139 for the FHR version of this card on the day of release in 2020.

      • +9

        No need to brag brother.

      • +7

        1139 huh, I see you are a man of PLE as well

        • Plus 25 delivery 🙃

      • +3

        That was one brand of card from one shop for a limited period of time.

        Not indicative of the general price paid for the 3080 which was $1400-$1500 on release.

      • +2

        still more space to come down on price

      • yeah i cancelled my launch evga 3080 black as it took so long obvs regret it but it was yeah $1139 ended up getting a 3070 vision for $1099 im not paying more than $1000 to $1500 for a 3080

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    Hodl the line apes!

    • +19

      Apes have grown 40 years and have dementia now.. 😭

  • Graphics cards are so cheap these days! It’s so good! I remember when you could build a whole system with good graphics for $1669

    • +2

      I remember when cones were 30 cents.

  • -1

    evga bios flash

    • What you mean?

    • so you get the MHR (MAX HASH RATE)!!!!

  • as cheap as this is Id rather pay a few hundred extra for a beefier heatsink

    this ones like running your 5950x on an amd wraith cooler

    doable yes, pleasant? no

    • I had the Xc3 3070. It was perfect. No issues with it at all.

      • +2

        3080 consumes a lot more power hence generates a lot more heat..

        • I have the 3090 XC3 and ended up installing evga hybrid kit, no more heat or noise issues
          Edit: I've also attached couple of tiny heat sinks on the back plate since sometime it becomes real toasty

    • +1

      How is $1669 cheap for a gpu?

      • guess prices are just skewed for me since i have a 3090 strix

    • The problem isn't heat, it's noise, this card is more than capable of keeping cool if you ramp up the fan curve and have good case airflow

    • +1

      Actually it's very capable card and still very quiet. I'm running it in a Ghost S1 itx case and I have no major issues. Ok cooling I'm sure isn't the best out there but in a compact case running ultra settings in my games I rarely see the temp get above 80 degrees. Paid $1233.00 for it so the prices still have to come waaaay down to match msrp.

  • Is EVGA a really premium brand ?

    • +12

      Only for the last 20 years

      • -1

        20 years? Hardly.

        Founded in 1999. A company has to form a reliable reputation in the market, it doesn't automatically get that status. Say at least 10 years of trading to get a good rep? So if you'd class them a premium brand, it would be only over the last 5-10 years tops.

        • +1

          To be fair the question asked was were they premium, not were they reliable.

          For example…Maserati's.

          • -4

            @Dvbargain: Exactly my point.

            Google tells me Maserati has been around since 1914.
            If a brand has been selling fast cars for over 100 years, I'd definitely regard them as premium in my book. Are they as reliable as say Ferrari? Probably not. But still premium.

            EVGA have only been selling video cards for 20 years, and most of that time in the US only. They've only been selling in Australia for a fraction of that time.
            The first 5-7 years is like Colorful…. very tempting to purchase on specs alone, but you just can't be sure you're going to get what you are paying for long term with build quality and build processes not being the same as the bigger brands. As time goes on, the premium label is attached due to high quality product over a longer period of time…. and their prices jump according to the goodwill they build in the market and associated demand for their product.

            I replied to a statement saying EVGA has been premium for 20 years, which isn't the case at all.

            I personally don't consider them premium. However even if I'm wrong on that point and they are in fact premium, it would've been for 10 years tops (realistically less)… but certainly not 20 years as claimed. You don't get premium status/reputation/goodwill instantly. Never.

            • @UFO: Tesla did.

              Edit: clarifying that I generally agree :P but there's exceptions to every rule haha.

              Most GPU manafacturers have premium models.

            • +5

              @UFO: What is a GPU brand you consider more 'premium'?

              I don't think there's a GPU brand that has a better warranty/customer service than EVGA, but I'm happy to be proven wrong.

        • -1

          lol 5-10 years tops? They were making top line GPU's back when BFG/DFI were a thing

    • My EVGA 1070 was the first and only PC component that literally blew up in a puff of smoke. Been riding PC rigs for 25 years now. Moost tier 1 brands are pretty similar in terms of quality.

      • EVGA GTX 10xx series of GPU's were hit with a bad batch of bad components and insufficient cooling. Once EVGA was notified about this problem they quickly offered remedies such as cranking up fans speeds, thermal pads and RMA if it did blow up. On their next series of GPUs they went overkill by adding a bunch of temp sensors to gain trust back in the user.

  • i have this card, the heatsink is a little small for a 3080
    it will do the job but expect a little noise to go along with it
    the hybrid upgrade is great if you are looking for better cooling, buy some aftermarket connectors and run the pump off the motherboard
    the hybrids have some issues with pump noise if they are plugged in the traditional way

  • Got a 10g FTW version of this for $1200 when the 3000 series first launched.

    • sell on ebay then for $2500+, hope a dumbass will buy it.

  • Meh so uninspiring compared to $1139 like 16 months ago. I am hodl for a $1139 rtx 4080

  • I paid like 1200 a year ago yikes!

    • I paid 1700 for my strix a year ago…Lol. graphics card market is one of the craziest.

      • One of you didn't get the time correct. The price for the same card couldn't differ by $500 at the same time.

        • +2

          They’re talking about different cards.

  • I'm holding until the 4000 series launches, the price can only go down from here, like I said last week, this week's price will drop by $100, I was right, next week will drop by another $100.

    • +2

      4000 series is 6 months away, add another month or two till reach the local stores.

  • This makes me buying the rx 6800 xt 6mths ago :(

    • How was you buying 6800XT 6 months ago related to this card?

      • lets play fill in the blank, This make me regret buying the rx 6800 xt 6mths ago :(

  • -1

    so why is evga cards always the cheapest? and evga cards are always the ones you see in the LTT videos in them tech upgrade vids

    • +1

      Who says EVGA cards are the cheapest? There are cheaper 3080 brands out there.

    • +1

      EVGA cards are always among the most expensive.
      They used to be known for their legendary support, but not sure recently.

      Also : buyer beware. I've purchased a 3080 from BPC tech and they're now a week overdue to ship my card and counting.

      Don't buy if you expect reasonably quick shipment (not delivery).


  • why don't these have more hdmi ports like the gigabyte ones?

  • Is this any good?

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