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Sirena Tuna 95g Varieties $1.80 @ Woolworths


Just got back from Woolies and came across these reduced to $1.80 each from the usual $2.70 (33% off).
Applies to all 95g flavour varieties.

They don't usually get discounted all that often so get them while you can.

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    Is Sirena a good brand in terms of tuna quality?

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      As someone who was a John West elitist for a decade, I can tell you that after trying Sirena I feel like I missed out. I usually get the 185g variety (in spring water) as I find it to be more chunky compared to the smaller cans - which lets me control the consistency more when I mix things into it. But if you are going for actual flavors the less chunky consistency of the smaller cans doesn't matter.

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      Personally its not that huge of a difference compared to other brands, it's a bit pricey. At this price its decent but other brands often go on sale for half price for $1. Sirena use genuine olive oil which could be a factor compared to other brands. In terms of actual fish, it's canned Tuna at the end of the day, its the same fish. Sirena aren't exactly known for sustainability either.

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        Sirena use genuine olive oil which could be a factor compared to other brands.

        Actually they don’t. They are no better in this regard than the other brands. They cheapened out a quite a while ago.


        The classic style has 25% oil made up of sunflower and olive oil. The fact they quote sunflower first means it has the higher amount.

        So theoretically it could have 5% olive oil and 20% sunflower by total product weight. Relatively small amounts of olive oil.

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          Good to know Sam!

          Just buy John West or the Coles/Woolies 'Premium' in house brand (Not the cheapest but the one above it) then.

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        Not really the same fish though. Sirena uses yellow fin tuna (which is more superior) while most other brands are skipjack tuna. I think this was mentioned in the old Sirena thread.

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      Always been satisfied with Aldi's or Woolie's home brand canned tuna, whether that be the springwater or the oil. They're also nearly always cheaper than Sirena or John West cans, which I find to taste pretty much the same.

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        Coles sweet chilli tuna are on another level. Have tried the sweet chilli from different brands across different stores and the Coles' one always triumph.

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      It's the best in my opinion but also the most expensive.
      The tuna are literally chunks of meat whereas johnwest/greenseas/wild tides are slivers/off cuts.

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        Agreed. Sirena head and shoulders above others.

    • By far the best tasting and texture is Sirena. Like people have said its Yellowfin where others use skipjack. If you just want the best fish without worrying about other things then Sirena is the best. Their ready meals with pasta and rice etc do use skipjack so no difference in that category. Puttanesca is my fav but only available in the small tins.

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    I like Sirena first and find Aldi one the closest to it tastewise. Just in time to stack up, I was on the last one from previous 30%. Used to go half price every now and then a couple of years ago

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    Anyone who says Aldi, Woolies, Coles, John West or Safcol tuna is basically the same as Sirena, is a literal peasant who can't afford top quality Sirena. It's hard to justify the price hike from $1 cans of tuna to $2.7 cans until you taste and feel the quality difference. I used to have John West all the time and sometimes Woolies. I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole after having Sirena. The texture and flavours are 10 x better than any other tuna on the market.

    Some things you shouldn't skimp out on and tuna is one of them. Even at $2.7 it's a must buy.

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      Just don’t buy the cheapest Aldi Skipjack tuna unless you are making rissoles or something. Get the Yellowfin.

      You can buy a 190g tin for the price of a Sirena 95g on special. Buy the spring water version, drain it, add your own quality olive oil. It tastes just as good or better than Sirena and you are eating olive oil not sunflower.

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    Time to stock up on some triple chilli

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    wish amazon would price match

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    Still waiting for half price to happen

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    True Ozbargainers would buy Lemon & Pepper only. Tuna 78% (Pole & Line Caught Yellow Fin)

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    Not that long ago the 180g cans used to be $2 on special.

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    I'm not here to sound biased against our sirena devotees, however that brand is far removed from the brand it once was and nothing sold here locally or produced locally stands to meet what it once was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJeP9PXPkdo

    Most of the tuna sold in Australia is sourced from the same FAO region https://www.fao.org/fishery/en/facp/aus?lang=en fished, processed and canned in Thailand, Indonesia Vietnam, shocking as it may sound (read the labels) then resold to the supermarkets and other brand names like John West.

    Unfortunately for product standards they might meet, however not for taste, flavour and quality from other brands sold in Europe. One of the best tasting and more premium brands you can't get in the supermarkets is Callipo. If anyone wants to give something different a try from "Sirena" then don't forget to go past a Harris farm and try this https://www.harrisfarm.com.au/products/callipo-yellowfin-tun.... The Callipo tin states 34% Olive oil and 65% Yellowfin tuna, that leaves the other 1% for salt for taste (pure and simple?).

    Sirena market themselves as an Italian brand (true as that might be), the product they sell and the quality they put in is no more Italian than what Simplot who own and market Leggos (being once an Australian/Welsh brand that started making only tomato sauces) for Pasties etc are.

    • Well… you get what you pay for

      • 100% and in this case not ever looking back. :)

  • Mine is showing $2.70

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    Sirena is excellent but for those who appreciate the best, look for a brand called Callipo.

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      Callipo is excellent but for those who appreciate the best, look for a brand called Little Tuna.

      • You can only get this from about 4 locations in Sydney, but definitely would buy this over the supermarket brands, thank you for bringing it to attention @Nathw

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          Support high quality Aussie caught and made 💪🏻

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            @Nathw: Exactly, we are a country/land/nation surrounded by sea, yet nothing the supermarkets sell is sourced from the source, the craziness of our world.

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              @theone83: Unfortunately it's cost. Ozb typifies why most of our manufacturing goes offshore (China lol). People only want cheap. Quality, and origin/what happens where it's made comes in a very far second.

    • Look up in the comments, haha, I did mention this…or you can look for Rio too, another good brand. https://www.harrisfarm.com.au/products/callipo-yellowfin-tun...

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    We prefer Sirena, by far the nicest tasting of all of the main brands. Also saw these two (large cans @ $12.94 p/kilo vs. $18.95 p/kilo for the small cans on sale):

    Sirena Tuna In Oil Italian Style 425g

    Sirena Tuna In Springwater 425g

    Was $7, down to $5.50 each. John West is $5.75 for their 425gm. for comparison.


    • Exactly.

      I bought the 425g tins yesterday,
      because it was cheaper per unit kg price.

      But opening a bigger tin means, you have the 'pressure' to finish a bigger tin of tuna !

      • Don't eat too much at once lol. Look at the mercury level…

        • That IS a good point.

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    Unequivocally tastes better than all the other tuna brands. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise

  • Any idea why you pay $2 for a can of tuna in Australia which comes from Thailand and to buy Australian made tuna is very $$$ but you can buy a can of salmon such as the Tassal brand for $2 which is made in Australia?

  • I just buy store brand Yellowfin, can't tell the difference between it and Sirena.

    Although for the mercury conscious, better off eating Sardines instead

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