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PNY GeForce RTX 3080 10GB XLR8 Gaming EPIC-X RGB Graphics Card $1479 Delivered ($0 SYD C&C) @ Titan Tech


Long time no deal, GPU is looking very cheap these days

From a quick look, shipping is free

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      HO… ly shipped!

      Nekk minute, house prices collapse. Please please please!

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        I love when people think of house prices collapse that they will be able to afford to buy 1!

        Lending would become extremely difficult in those circumstances, so if you can't afford to buy a house now, there's no chance are Banks going to lend you money if real estate is collapsing 😂😂😂

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          What if he’s all cash

          • @Stylez: If he’s all cash he won’t be hodling over the price of a graphics card

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              @killingtime: I don't think that's true.
              People with money don't like to pay lazy tax.

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              @killingtime: Yeah couldn't just be that people are holding out on buying a graphics card because the idea of paying 2x the RRP is repulsive to them…what website are we on, again? OzRecklessSpending?

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                @sob baget: Any ozb member who pays 2x rrp for anything deserves to get banned from here.

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                @sob baget: We here call that Harvey Norman 🙃

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                @sob baget: Correct. House prices are well above their MSRP at the moment.

          • @Stylez: What if they can pay with bitcoin?

        • Not only this but stock will all but dry up on the market. People who think that a house price fall or an interest rate hike will lead to mass foreclosures like what happened in certain parts of the US (read: not in the first and second tier cities - but you could have bought a house in a swamp in western Florida for the cost of the taxes) have a real lack of understanding how the australian property market (with all of the government tentacles in it) works.

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            @xyron: If you think house prices cannot crash because of significant rate hikes, then I'd love to hear why foreclosures or mortgagee possessions do not apply here?
            Please detail why it would not be outright devastating for anyone who has over-leveraged themselves, and for the large investor class whose entire portfolio is just property upon property leverage.

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              @Wheresmyspaceship: Prices might crash if there were significant rate hikes, but I don't think that's likely - the RBA has no interest in tanking the economy that way.

              It won't be outright devastating for people who have over-leveraged themselves because banks don't storm in and take over properties like you see in the movies. They dress them up to make them look like ordinary unforced sales - and will prefer to forego repayments on some properties to ensure that they retain some control over the supply. This is all also ignoring the fact that banks do everything within their power to avoid actually foreclosing on a property, which leads to it dropping in value and creating a whole raft of new costs and headaches for the bank.

              I worked as a solicitor dealing with house and farm foreclosures on behalf of a couple of larger banks for a number of years.

              But by all means, keep sitting there sucking your bitter lolly pop and wait for the market to crash. You'll be like my uncle, who's been waiting since the mid-1990s.

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                @xyron: Sounds like I found the property investor.

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                @xyron: Tanking the economy will not happen before the elections.
                What happens after the elections is technically what the people voted for.

        • thats not how it works

          lower prices, lower risk, lower capital required, lower LVR loans

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            @desync: Lower Hash Rate

          • @desync: You really think banks are going to look at crashing property values and think "This seems like a low risk asset to lend money against"?

      • lol this is only one weeks repayment for a median house in Sydney ($1.6 mill now). You might be waiting for a while

      • no to house prices collapse :) spend on 3080 ;)

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    Sales pitch to the wife - Winter is coming and we need a new heater (320W)

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      40 series for full home heater ;)

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        They should make one that doubles as an air fryer / convection oven. Doubly popular.

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        One day we will connect our GPU cooling directly to hot water radiators.

        • Why does it have to be one day? Why not rig something up now?

          • @xoom: You definitely could, just 320W isn’t that much heat.

            Most of those small space heaters are 2000W.

            Still better to burn 320W playing games and producing some heat than 2000W just heating.

      • watercool it with in floor heating loop

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      Alderlake is cheaper

  • 40 series on the way.. HOLD!!!!!!!!!

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      Target $1200 or 40 series

    • And the intel GPUs

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      That ship has sailed months ago

      • Was wondering since the other ozbargain listings had LHR in their titles…

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    Funny how we all look at this and think bargain, including me. Lol
    We have been conditioned to expensive cards now. The 40 series is going to cost a sh#t load.

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      Sad isn't it… I am a picky biatch and want a Ti at this price then I will just cave and cry when they fall to $1000

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      the 40XX is going to be painfully expensive

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      The 40 series is going to cost

      Basically the same as this series was at MSRP. There's no major additional cost issues. The only stand-out is the AD102, and that will still probably hold its price.

      The silicon node to be used is old now, there's nothing ridiculous about the designs.

    • Anyone have any predictions / guesstimates on how much the 40 series will drop prices for everything else?

      Thinking of waiting until they’re out, in the hope that something like a 3070/3070ti drops further in price.

      • Unfortunately theres no such thing as a crystal ball.
        But they do kno how much ppl are willing to spend on gpus.
        Keep in mind the 4000 series may likely sell out again on release.
        Whatever we just went thru the last 2 years expect it again, unless proven otherwise

      • The multi-layered response given everything these days is not black and white. tl;dr; get what you can afford now and don't expect huge price drops because it will go end of life.

        I watched one of the videos on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c--1_0HqB3w&t=1601s) that said they think the 40 series will at first be a paper launch Q3 so until it actually starts shipping, you can probably expect current prices to not shift much other than what they would naturally shift downwards given upcoming changes in mining etc. They also said one source stating 'Ampere production may cease by May'. Make of that what you will..

        TSMC (Taiwan) will be making the 40 series GPU so should the political stage degrade in the next few weeks or months then we might see prices of all hardware manufactured in Asia sky rocket in price and become scarce.

        Given what we saw with the 30 series launch, I don't think anyone could have expected GPU prices across the board even for previous generation to jump like that - granted it's not the first time we have seen such events (Thailand flooding and hard drive prices for example) it shows just how unpredictable prices are.

        In the past (and welcome to be corrected by others here if your experiences differ) I've seen previous generation prices drop a little and then just vanish from sales - so I don't think you're going to see graphics cards drop 30, 40, 50% as end of life but rather might see 10%, 20% discount at best (given the margins still to be made) before a card goes EOL and vanishes from sales. Nvidia are not going to slash prices to clear old stock knowing people will buy any card they can get their hands on (unless people don't buy cards waiting for the 40, but thats unlikely given there are so many of us still running 10 series and waiting for current 30 gens to drop to reasonable prices. The fact they re-released 20 series shows how crap the situation became.

        From a technical perspective looking back at hardware major and minor increments in performance, such a big rumoured jump in GPU performance makes me think it will be a few months before manufacturing issues and thermal problems are resolved so if I had a decent card already, I'd probably wait till next year before getting a 40 series once all the bugs are worked out.

        • I was under the assumption that they will still produce 7nm as long as it was profitable to do so and there was still demand. Kinda like how they still produce the 1660 and 20 series

        • Appreciate the in-depth reply mate. Will also be interesting what sort of effect the 40 series release + Ethereum going to POS model will have on the second hand market.

          I’ll have to ponder it for a bit, but might end up pulling the trigger on a tech fast 3070ti build of equivalent, and just replacing RAM/SSD.

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      $1479 still a far cry from the $1280 I paid for one for a client of mine a year ago. At the time I felt it was too expensive to upgrade my own PC and now it's more-so. Need something with rtx 3080 performance for sub $1200. No bargain until it at least reaches the RRP again, hopefully the production can get back under control soon.

    • You should compare the price of this to a 2080 12m after launch. How does that compare I wonder?

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    This is almost as cheap as the release price, only took 1.5 years.

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    Slowly getting there fellas, keep on holding.

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    2 week dispatch on orders placed after 8th of March (needs to be added to deal details…. that's an awful long time in GPU price land)

    There should be a sticky on top of every GPU "deal".

    Don't buy now unless you are absolutely desperate and can handle the buyers remorse of a far cheaper card in a few months.
    There is literally hundreds of dollars at stake. Do not buy now unless you definitely can't hold on for just a few more months.
    Prices are most certainly already dropping as expected, and will continue to drop.

    • 2 weeks dispatch is practically nothing when people on here have been waiting 9 months? 12 months? more?!

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        Probably referring to potential price drops in the next two weeks.
        Would suck to pay $1479 now, only to see it being sold for $1300 10 days later elsewhere, before even receiving the card.

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          you can wait for ever incase it drops…then wait again cause 4xxx is coming out soon too…

          or just buy it and enjoy it

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            @pharkurnell: I'd agree if this were a couple months back, but last couple weeks alone we've seen huge (% wise) drops across the range relative to the 'deals' that have popped up in recent time.

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    Anchor down lads just a bit more we waited this long, personally am at least waiting til Intel cards are out

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    If you can’t HODL, you might as well spent another $21 for 12GB VRAM

    • +8

      Link please

      • +3


        Edit: Nevermind I’m retarded. For some reason I thought this was 12GB

        • Was excited for a moment

          • +1

            @janoski: Was excited myself too until I realised I stuck my foot in my mouth

        • +2

          that's V2 10GB, I did the same with that post:)

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    Sxy card
    can't afford it

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      Agreed, it got me to click.

      I need to get out more.

  • +12

    At this point I'm like Xbox series X and call it a day for $750

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      If only they would release VR support, flat screen gaming is not of much interest to me these days after having a bit of taste of VR with Quest 2.

    • Exactly

    • That's what I did. Much easier to HODL until 4000 series now.

    • +3

      You can get Series X + PS5 for this price

    • +2

      Just get this and Series X.

    • I did this, very happy.

  • 2 week despatch… Damn it.

    • +7

      Might be down to $1300 by then!

  • +1

    Would this be much of an upgrade over a Voodoo 2? ;P

    • +2

      Voodoo 2 probably takes much longer to warm up a room compared to this, if you see the uses described above.

      • +1

        Brings me back to my p4 prescott days. My room was nice and warm thanks to this toaster of a cpu.

        • My 3900x has been pumping out uncomfortably warm air during summer. Will be nice in winter though.

      • +2

        Might hold onto my Nvidia TNT2 then until these run in SLI

        • I'm looking down at the floor next to my desk and I see an Asus AGP-V3400TNT boxed but used. I figure if I hold on long enough it will be worth as much as a new card… or not. Pretty sure it didn't stay inside my PC for long as once I saw what 3DFX (Monster??) could do I couldn't help myself.

      • you guys are talking my lingo. I water cooled an AMD barton (before you could just go buy watercooling parts) and got almost a 100% overclock. Graphite trick and all.

  • +1

    I think I paid 1380 for the Gigabyte Gaming OC at launch so this is getting pretty close.

  • +1

    Discount another $200 on top and i might just go for it.

  • I could get this or pay $200 more for a prebuilt with a 3070ti, cant decide.

    • Prebuilt 2000%

      Just not a dell, or MSI for that matter.

  • Interesting how the design is nearly identical to the Gainward 3080: https://techfast.com.au/products/Gainward-Phoenix-RTX-3080-1...

    PNY aren't owned by Palit (Who owns Gainward) though - Interesting that the designs are basically the same. I own the 3070 version of the card and the build quality, temps and noise are rock solid. I wonder if the same can be said for this PNY variant here

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    Almost there guys!!! We have gone so far!!! Holddddd!!!!!

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    Hold out guys here is why

    $19.66 per megahash very few or only stupid miners will buy at this price. That means their return on investment is currently like 2 years, just to break even

    Mining ETH has less then 6 months left, one article I read tells of the developer confirming that they are on track for mid this year and they are in the testing phase

    40 series scheduled for release within 6 months, we should be in a discount period statistically speaking. They are riding the wave guys dont fall for this, gpu demand has tanked all over the world and is on a downward trend. They will keep dropping as they get over supplied.

    Yes prices are coming down, in a months time it will be cheaper and you will kick yourself buying now thinking prices today are good

    • I hope you're right.

    • +1

      you better be right or I will be sending you a strongly worded PM ;)

  • 3080 finally under $1500, but not for me, as I only need 1080p on anything over 100 FPS, I am not that fuzz

    • +1

      You need 3080 to play on RT over 100fps on 1080p. Just saying.

  • This or the RTX 4070 ?

  • $1500 to play RDR2 at 60fps instead of checkerboard 30p on PS5… geez what to do

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  • +1

    $200 less and it'll be back to 2017 level!

    I paid $1299 for a GTX1080 Ti (MSRP USD700)

    That price is MSRP + GST + Premium for aussie consumers.

    • +4

      I paid $950 for a 1080 Ti strix in 2017. Ozbargain style.

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