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Google Chromecast with Google TV (+ Bonus $20 HN Gift Card) $88 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


I was looking for a bargain on Chromecast for a while and noticed there was a price reduction with a number of retailers this morning. For me the $20 Bonus gift card offer at Harvey Norman seems like a winner along with the reduced price. Free click & collect instore. T&Cs apply with the bonus gift card.

Offer ends 11:59pm AEDT 21 March 2022. Bonus gift card(s) only available with selected products as advertised. Gift card is not redeemable for cash and cannot be used in the transaction in which it is issued. Gift Cards are issued by Derni Pty Ltd and expire 36 months from the date of issue. In the case of a refund of the purchased item and the gift card is unable to be returned, the value of gift card must be deducted from the refunded amount. Terms and conditions apply. See in store for details.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +26
    1. Absolutely never buying from these thieving jerks again, so will wait on another deal

    2. Does the remote give a better user experience than a regular chromecast and native phone/tablet apps?

    • +6

      Re. 2. It's not necessarily about the remote. I find it a positive that I do not need a phone/tablet to run my apps. However, if you already have a smart TV that is great - then this won't matter for you. I use mine with a cheaper screen (the native platform is useless).

      • +7

        An anecdotal view really. I have the LG C1 65" and I still use this Chromecast w/ the remote as I believe it's much better than a native OS.

        • yeah I agree, I do the same with my C1 65" :)

        • yeh i probably meant "if you're happy with the native OS". i use mine one a smart tv with a shitty OS hahaha….this is so much better and more responsive.

    • Yes

    • Recently upgraded to the remote. It is heaps better. It turns on the TV with the remote. Controls the sound too. Best part is it shows you recommendations that finds stuff (within my subscriptions) I never find myself, and because it also shows the rotten tomato rating its easy to sort through. Since getting it I have moved from watching crud (because it's all i could find) to really good movies.

    • Re: 2. Absolutely, so much better than a headless Chromecast.

    • +5

      I agree I will never buy anything from HN ever again. So much so I paid $89.10 for a Google Chromecast with Google TV without any bonus from GG and the stores are right next to each other.

    • +2

      I much prefer rewinding/fast forwarding with the remote over trying to control it on my phone screen with my fat finger

  • Stupid question, what's the key difference between my Chromecast Ultra and this CC with Google TV?

    Besides the remote.

    If I plug this in e.g. Hmdi 1, will 'Google Tv' show up on hmdi1 instead of just the usual scenic 'background picture'?

    I also have a Sony TV with Android, so when I turn the tv on, I have a heap of channels showing up e.g. Netflix, channel 9 etc, D+ with all their relevant shows etc.

    • You'd basically have pretty much the same function - If you're happy with the Sony platform then you'll be fine without this I think.

      • +2

        Many thanks! I guess it's good for the old TVs without this user interface

        • +1

          some new TVs have pretty shitty OS too hahahaha

    • +2

      Unless i am wrong the Ultra is still just a casting device for sending stuff from you phone; but not being able to download apps to it… where as the Google TV version actually allows you to log into a google account and download the play store apps etc as well as being able to cast stuff from your phone to the tv. Sorry if i'm wrong :) p.s. if you have a sony with android … you don't need this; i have a 4k sony that''s a couple of years old and it has android built in with access to google play and it should have phone screen casting capabilties as well so you really DON'T need this 99% of the time unless that 1 in 1 million time you want to cast maybe a song from your phone to the tv screen/speakers. AGAIN; sorry i am wrong on all accounts :P

    • +2

      The CCwGTV is an actual streaming device that can stand on it's own. The Ultra is just an interface between your computer/smartphone and your TV.

      • +2

        This is fundamentally wrong. I cast something to my CC with Google TV last night. It's both a smart TV interface and casting device.

        • -1

          SkMed is not being specific, he means if you account share its not possible. if you are not logged onto the ccgtv cast with your netflix account then you cant have a family or friend come over and cast it unless they mirror the screen. this is a very niche issue because more than likely you have already got a netflix account logged in and will watch off the remote anyway.

        • Not sure why myself and Silent-zai are being give negatives when we are just pointing out this fact that it doesn't work as per a regular Chromecast at all.

          Others have also been caught out thinking this behaves a a chrome cast when it doesn't.

        • @RolandWaites, no you would ha simply triggered your Google TV to open the app on the TV, it wasn't casting as or a regular Chromecast which is the point.

          If a guest comes over and tries to cast using their
          device and account for example, or tries casting something you don't have a subscription to then it won't work. Regular Chromecasts will work no matter the device, user and subscription, this won't.

          Most people don't have more than 1 or 2 streaming service subscriptions and since there are now like 5 or 6 it's fairly common for guests to come over and want to cast to watch things together. At least among my friends and family…

          • -1

            @SkMed: No. I just cast a Chrome browser page directly to my television.

            • @RolandWaites: Now have a guest over and try cast their phone to it using a paid service you don't have a subscription to yourself, it wont work. Mine will.

  • So it's working out as $68 effectively, unless they put a condition on that $20 GC i.e. minimum spend $100 or something.

    I have foxtel box which has both android interface as well chromcast built in but it's still considering the deal.

  • +3

    A lot of Sony Tvs have Chromecast built in. However, their UI is head-bangingly way too slow and laggy with the onboard apps (Netflix, prime, plex, etc). Once you're in though, I don't usually have problems with the movie playback.

    • Don’t forget using a BPN with this to log into different regions

    • Its a bit annoying that I cast to cc ultra then can can't use the Sony remote to change the show because I 'casted' the show if that makes sense, so I'm watching them press 'Back' on the TV remote and it flicks back to the hdmi input/google scenic picture screen lol.

      So I end up using the Netflix button on the remote, but this doesnt work for all the other services like D+ etc

      I cant remember why I disabled the inbuilt cc and bought the cc ultra but I'll re-enable it to find out. Maybe it was 4k related hmm?

      • CC GTV supports Hdmi-CEC so you can use your TV Remote to play and pause after you started casting.

        • With the Sony tv remote i can play and pause etc. no problem, just can't switch out to watch another tv show from e.g. Netflix if I cast. I have to do this on the mobile.

          Its not clever enough to know that the TV is it Android and has Netflix lol

          I guess it's worth ditching the Sony remote ID I can do it all from the gtv remote. Is it correct to assume I can turn the tv on/off via the remote?

          I'm hoping this product will let me ditch the Sony remote…

  • +9

    $89 at Google with free delivery and you can pick from 3 colours.

    • +5

      Although trying to work out how having a choice of colours is a benefit

      • +1

        The things lives behind your TV. But the Remote is also a different colour.

      • +2

        I have a few around the house so it lets you know by colour which one is controlling which TV. I did this with the rubber covers on the remotes however as they are more grippy!

        • Ah ok.
          That makes sense.
          Thank you :)

    • +3

      And no gift card

      • +12

        But not having to deal with Hardly Normal

  • +19

    Say No to Gerry Harvey.

  • $20 HN GC = $10 or less actual worth in AUD.
    Pretty sure you can find these Chromecast TV on marketplace for around $80 or less anyway (new)

    • Yeah would have to agree such a low value HN GC is a pain to try to use. Shame as this would otherwise be a great price.

    • Agreed. $20 gift card feels like a trap that isn't worth it.

    • I don't get it. What's the issue with the HN gift card?

      • +1

        You have to return to Hardly Normal

      • +1

        @Vallani How often do you shop at Harvey Norman mate ?

        Once a year ? once a decade ? once a month ?

        I never shop there really, Hope that is a good enough answer to your question.

  • +1

    Nice, I got the previous bargain on “MyDeal” and got sent bath towels instead.

    • +3

      Nice! Were they good bath towels?

  • Do these come in a charcoal or dark colour these days? I remember when they first came out it was only baby blue, baby pink and white. Tbh I guess it doesn't matter that much but I'd like a charcoal remote to fit the aesthetic of almost all the other tech stuff and remotes I own. I like the fact you can use these with your phone's hotspot because you no longer need your phone to be on the same wi-fi network as the remote is controlling it instead of your phone. Can anyone confirm if that's the case? I don't have wifi anymore which is why my old Chromecast stick gets almost no use.
    Thanks Guys!

    • No idea if they come in colours, but I hated the remote control shape and feel so much that I bought a textured case for it off aliexpress for $5 or so.

      It's great now - bit heavier and bulkier (and so is easier to grip), doesn't slide around in hand and when placed on table. And with the mini lanyard on the end, it's easy to pick up the remote and use it without looking to see check direction.

      Relevance to your question - you can make it whatever colour you want

  • Can anyone confirm if the power output from a USB wall outlet (ie the ones as part of the powerpoint), or does it need a USB charger plug?


    • +1


      If you're asking about power requirements, it comes with a 1.5A power supply and has a USB-C connector.

    • @geoffs87 It would depend on the output of the wall outlet.

      I ran a test on my power bank and the device topped out at 5.1V 0.5A running a 4K Netflix stream so not a huge draw


    • You need to use the plug it comes with. TV and GPO USB is underpowered

    • Mine works perfectly fine powered by the tv USB port.

  • I'm torn, I want to +1 but I didn't buy from HN the scumbag, but I do thank the OP.

  • I just ordered one to replace my aging Xiaomi Mi Box.
    The Xiaomi Mi Box is so buggy at the times that I am constantly having to pull the plug to power it off to restart it. Unreliable
    Thought I could use the $20 HN Gift Card on accessories, like cables or chargers

  • -2

    Just be warned, these don't behave like regular Chromecasts, to the point where it pretty much isn't a Chromecast.

    I and many others have fallen into the trap thinking it is a Chromecast and ended up returning them. This is more Google TV than Chromecast. You cannot share accounts/apps/screens easily or at all like you can with a regular Chromecast, so if you regularly have guests over and share accounts frequently via a chromecast previously then this wont work for you. It's really only suited to those who never had guests over, or those who pay for every streaming site under the sun (likely very few people on OzBargain) lol

  • Sweet

  • +2

    Hypothetically, could I buy one GTV and get the gift card and then use the gift card to purchase a second GTV after which return the original GTV with the gift card from the second GTV I purchased? Does anyone see anything preventing this from working?

    • +1

      Morals! But it's HN so I'll allow it :)

    • If you buy in store, that should work. If you buy online, they may pack it in the box and you'll have to wait. Also, it's entirely possible the 'gift card' is something you have to activate first, like a cashback - nobody has given any details on how it works so far.

  • have anyone tried plugging these into a monitor?
    not sure if Chromecast works with monitors

    • +1

      Into a HDMI port sure, its will work. No diff to a TV

      • +3

        If the monitor has no speakers you will need audio out from the monitor and then plug it into an external speaker

        • Or bluetooth to a headphones/speaker

        • I just checked my monitor, there is no audio out, what can I do? Can I use googe TV device Bluetooth to speaker, does Bluetooth to speaker and Bluetooth to the remote work at the same time? Assume this comes with a blue tooth remote, not the 2.4g one.

  • How will this affect sound output? Or more specifically, will Netflix still play Atmos?

  • Amazon also doing the 4k Max Firestick for $59 ATM.

    Very similar but a bit more snappy. Kayo would need to be sideloaded.

    • still $79 for me.

      • $20 discount with code FTVUPGRADE at checkout?

  • Bought this yesterday, how do I get the gift card?

    • Did you ask the salesperson?

  • I dont get why people are so hateful on Harvey norman, the company is as bad as everyone else. Its not politics

    • People here haven't forgiven Gerry Harvey for whingeing so hard and so long that the Federal Government listened to him and abolished the GST exemption on imports. Even though it was the removal of an exemption (which meant that imported goods were from then on to be treated no differently from domestic goods), the GST on imports became known as "the Gerry Harvey tax".

      • So we like gst now? Lol

        • Gerry does, on imported goods. I don't. Don't know about "we".

      • More recent it's that they had some of their biggest quarters during covid lockdown and still kept all the job keeper funds when companies like Toyota returned it all

  • Stupid question, but if I buy 3 of these, do I get 3 gift cards? and then can I use 3 gift cards together to buy the 4th unit plus cash?

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