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Alienware AW3423DW QD OLED Monitor $2299 ($1496.65 with Member Discount Code) Delivered @ Dell AU


Member Discount code link: https://www.dell.com/en-au/lp/member-discount-purchase-progr... Thanks to Gummick!
New QD OLED Monitor! first of it's kind, quite a good deal imo

Mod Note: You need to stack both coupons received in the email (30% off + 7% off)

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    • No coup for you!

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    Grrr, only 1 bloody Displayport again.

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    1. do I really need one
    2. should I wait for reviews
  • Hmm, just ordered one and it charged me twice, that's fun. Afraid to charge it back in case my PayPal gets canceled too. Time to call dell

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      If you get two can I buy one off you please haha

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    Hodl until LG 42” drops

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      21:9 > 16:9

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        For me its 16:9 > 21:9.

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          it's ok everyone's wrong sometimes.

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      You're waiting for a better implementation of this panel, or another QD-OLED panel… the colour volume on the Sony A95K is the best we've ever seen in a consumer TV, and by a fair margin. No BFI makes this a competitive non-starter.

      This is the panel to beat, it's just been rushed out the door in this model.

      • Yeah I agree..the PQ sticklers would of been hoping for 4k 144hz and competitive gamers a 240hz option

        • It's a 21:9 3440x1440 monitor, so the only thing you're getting 4K wise is a downscaling option that forces it to be letterboxed on the sides, which wouldn't look that great. Both consoles output 16:9 FHD no problem anyway, and the XBox consoles output 2560x1440.

          240Hz seems to be a bridge too far at this point, though perhaps not far away given LG TVs support 120Hz with 120Hz BFI (ie. 240Hz refresh, just every second panel refresh is black). There's tech in the pipeline for this, and other manufacturers have shown off 240Hz prototypes, but we're at least a year away from seeing anything unless LG have a surprise to share later this year.

          • @jasswolf: Samsung G8 is releasing this year with a 4k 240hz monitor….
            240hz at this resolution of the Qd is more than capable given there's several other ultrawides doing this already….4k option would of been nice at a regular 16:9 at say 144hz with HDMI 2.1…..
            This only the beginning I'd say with new Gpu's coming September this year with 4060 offering 10-30% more performance than a 3090 and 4080 twice the performance

          • @jasswolf: I'd still choose the Alienware 2721D 240hz IPS over this for less than a $1000 currently

  • Ordered 1. Watched a few reviews and considering the 38 inch version was on my watch list, this one is kinda better.

    Less pixels to push and better contrast.

    • theres no 38 inch version of this with oled panel.

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        was talking about the IPS 38 inch.

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          IPS is still bad tho, it doesnt even have mini led backlight.

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    So keen for this monitor but used to 38, can’t go back.

    • Same I have the Dell AW38. Depending on reviews of the QD-OLED 38, might sell this one and grab the QD-OLED version.

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        there is no QD-OLED 38. Unless you meant the 34in ofcourse.

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          yeah no 38 inch, samsung supply these panels. They are only cutting the substrate for 34inch monitors.

          • @Ryxxi: Ah ok. I feel better with the 38 then 😁

  • Surprisingly got an email from SB for a $40.82 cashback :)

    • Yeah the cashback percentage is bugged, when i originally ordered for $2299 i got a cashback for $62.70 when it was meant to be 1.5% cashback, i forgot to do it again but idc with this amount of saving.

    • How long did it take? I added SB but I haven't received anything to say it went through.
      Usually Dell denies SB on their specials, don't know what they would do with coupons.

      • Thats why it was a surprise to me. I got it within 10 mins after placing the order.

  • This one or a 48” Oled like the Aorus which is selling for around the same price? (On eBay)

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      This one is QD OLED technology which is different from the normal WOLED.

    • Buy this.. this is new technology, better. WHo the hell keeps 48inch Tv's on their desk. Just stop trying to eb Linus tech lol

  • I used the codes to buy the AW2721D instead brought down to $878.20

  • I already have a 34" 100hz monitor, but I got one anway 🤦 First OLED though, so hopefully I'll enjoy it

  • So whats the minumum GPU you need to drive one of these ?
    I have 2080 Super currently rocking a Dell S27DGF 165hz display and it seems to be holding up.

    • I got a GTX 1080 :( and considering grabbing this monitor.

      I have the same Monitor as you too. :)

      • You playing at 60FPS then ? ;-)

        • I plan to grab a RTX 3080 when prices drop more hopefully. Just upgraded from Ryzen 1600 to 5600X in preperation of new card. Quite happy with the performance boost.

          Is 3440x1440 that much more demanding than 2560?

          • @shano: Sounds like a plan. Good thing is that prices are dropping. Hope you can grab one soon at MSRP
            I think so. Will take a good chunk of the GPU to power a 3440x1440 than a standard 2560 x 1440
            Maybe experts can confirm this ?

    • I have a 2070 super and can barely hit 100 fps on decent settings on my current monitor, and then I got this, lol.

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        I think most people who are getting this would be the 3070 or higher gang

        • We can always dial it back to 2560x1440 if needed at the cost of black bars and less screen.

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        good, make sure u turn on AUto HDR in windows 11. the colors might look washed out on desktop but keep it. Its amazing for games.

    • expect 34% less performance I guess?

    • I'm running your monitor with a 3050 mobile (formerly a 2060 desktop in egpu enclosure), at 165hz and it runs most games fine on medium, maybe not at 165fps but it's smooth.

      A 2080 should be great for the listed monitor

  • +2

    Very tempting but will wait for more reviews esp since HDtvtest just got one in. Sick of bad quality control on monitors.

    THanks for post

    • Does he have a rough estimate on when his video review goes up?

      • No idea, he just unboxed.

      • He said a few weeks.

  • I was thinking of getting this monitor for my PS5 and Xbox Series X, but I heard there is no hdmi 2.1? so it's no good for consoles then?

    • Pretty much

    • Should be fine at 1440p/120hz on the consoles with HDMI 2.0.

    • Consoles don't support 21:9 so it's a complete waste.
      for console your better off with a 4k 144hz monitor.

      • +2

        Can still use it as 16:9 1440p with black bars though. But yeah if just grabbing for consoles only it's probably a waste.

        • 1440p only for the series X, PS5 only supports 1080p and 4k.

      • Thank you for the feedback, I almost pulled the trigger just then..

    • Anyone knows a good OLED monitor that's compatible with PS5 / Xbox Series X?

      • Not many oled monitors. Just buy a LG C2.

  • +1

    Only downside is that the estimated delivery time is 2 months!

    • Really? Where does it say that?

      • At the checkout screen

        • Mine estimated delivery time is 5 May. I guess plenty of time to cancel the order if reviews are not great :P.

  • -1

    Anyone skeptical of purchasing this because it doesn’t support 4k?

    Mainly doing some WFH and gaming.

    I didn’t see any mention of 4k in the specs so correct me if I’m wrong.

    • its 1440p.

    • +3

      4K is a lot of pixels to push for gaming with current GPU cards. For gaming the loss of FPS is not really worth the extra res that 4K offers.

      • That’s one of the things I was thinking about. By the time 4k gaming is a thing, we may all be on next gen GPUs.

    • +2

      why would it be 4k ? its 1440p ultrawide..

      • Some monitors show themselves to 4k capable devices as 4k and then downscale to 1440p. For devices like PS5 that can allow 1440p to be displayed. Otherwise the PS5 defaults to 1080p. Like the Gigabyte M27Q for example.

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    30% off coupon no longer works. Only the 7% works: This is a valid coupon code, but there are no matching items currently in your cart.

    • +1

      I was getting both 30% and 7% until check out the 30% no longer works….

    • +1

      Bummer. Guess I just saved $1500 then lol.

      • +1

        Me too, was about to buy it too 😂

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    when will 38 inch come out?

    • +1

      no 38inch planned.

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    Think this deal is deal, my 30% cupon is invalid
    Only 7% works now.

    Good work for those who managed to get it

    • +2

      Yep, your right. Saw this deal the moment it was posted, hesitated as I recently bought the Aorus FV43U and started reading reviews - now it's gone. Oh well, at least that made the decision for me :)

      • Kinda a blessing in disguise, I only just bought a Samsung G7 32 incher a year and half ago and this would have been an impulse buy LOL

        Think it's best to wait and see how OLED for PC usage works out

        • Yep, exactly right. I wonder if Dell will still honour the 30% off coupon for those who have already ordered - let us know guys so that we don't die wondering :)

  • 30% code no longer works unfortunately

  • Also for those interested on OLED & PC usage burn-in.
    This is a good watch from Linus;


    • +1

      Different type of OLED panel here, we'll have to see how it holds up

  • +1

    With the 30% off not working anymore, I wonder if they will honour the orders already made…

    • +2

      Wouldn't be the first time a deal has been 'Ozbargained' where posting the deal for everyone means no one gets it

      • +1

        Yep. Time will tell, I guess. Not that I’d be too worried, my AW3420DW is holding up just fine!

  • -2

    OP screwed everyone that had ordered before this post went up. Orders for USD999 through the Dell Premier Program in the US were cancelled en masse today, same will no doubt happen here.

    • +1

      A bit different, using the Dell Premier Program like that directly goes against T&C's. These coupon codes are designed to be used like this, and can be used on much more expensive items on Dell's site

      • From the MPP page:

        "The tool will validate the domain and confirm if your company is a member of MPP"

        If people are using gmail then that validation must be bogus or broken, MPP states it provides employees of Dell customers a discount.

        If you're not the employee of a Dell customer then no doubt they can cancel the order because it goes against the T&C's, no?

        • +1

          You can only get the discount code if your employer is a dell customer anyway otherwise you are stuck with the default 7% so it should be fine.

  • +2

    Parties over! Dam that was a good deal, congrats to anyone that got one.

  • Well I hope they honour it, I got in when 30% + 7% discount code was working.

  • My company is not listed to get the code 😒

  • People are saying the 7% still works, what is it? I've tried quite a few email addresses to get discount codes but none work :(

  • U4021QW priced at $2713.62 (with 5Y premium service), got it for $1753.45 ($49.16 shopback cash back) ….. couldn’t be happier

  • Here is the best review I have seen on it.

    • This is more like a testimonial and a spec sheet. There's no technical analysis and barely any comparisons.

      It's offering something, but let's not call this a review.

      • -2

        I called it a review. Deal with it. A technical analyst is just that. It’s not a review

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