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Lodge 14" Cast Iron Cook It All Outdoor $59.66 Delivered @ Amazon AU


The Cook-It-All is the only outdoor cookware you need. With 5 cooking configurations from only 2 pieces of iron, the Cook-It-All brings a whole world of culinary possibilities to your campsite. The reversible grill/griddle offers a generous cooking surface and also acts as a lid. The 6.8 quart bottom is a wok and skillet, and can be inverted to become a domed lid for baking. The heavy-duty handles make it easy to maneuver the iron while keeping hands safe from heat. Purchase includes tips & tricks booklet.

Seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil
Features a reversible grill/griddle, a wok/lid, and 2 stay-cool stainless handles
Includes guidebook with tips, tricks, and recipes
Ideal for charcoal and wood fire cooking, as well as grilling
Super-versatile: can be used as a grill, griddle, skillet, wok, Dutch oven, or pizza oven
Made in the USA

Looks cheap with good reviews. Purchased one myself.
Happy Camping!!!

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  • I just watched a lodge fan review it and throw into a lake. He didn't like it at all.

    • soft, he attached rope to it - Thought he was being a total baller

    • +2

      Lol i got to 7 mins before giving up. Other than making the comment that coals on the top got into his pizza, and roughly saying its too thick and heats up slowly, he said essentially nothing about how it was to cook lol

      From the looks of it, everything he did cooked well. It seems to be $60 for a hotplate, frypan, shallow dish Dutch oven, and also a regular "oven" (when he did the pizza). Seems pretty awesome lol.

      Also the single use tool he talks about is a pain. These two handles look like a massive improvement!

      Also lol. Paid $150usd delivered. Clearly not on ozb.

      • Yeah you have to remember that when he reviewed it he paid $130 USD (~$180 AUD) + shipping for it. If he got it for $60 AUD he might have given it a better review.

      • Clearly not on ozb. You mean usb.

  • I thought I paid too much for this, at $250 in Canada. Probably did, but dam!

    Geez thats a lot

  • I ordered it earlier this week, the thing is massive and heavy as hell, gas being the price it is they would have last money with free shipping.
    I plan to use it tonight to make pizza on the gas top in the kitchen, won't fit in our dinky oven.
    Overall pleased with the build quality, the handles can be used on just the lid, or to pick up the whole thing

    • How did the pizza go on the gas top? Would the big part work like a wok on a gas burner? I just need the slightest push to add to my tiny Lodge collection - just the 3.2 quart combo

    • Please share how the pizza was!

      • I don't expect it to perform well for Pizza cooking, will probably burn on bottom and not enough heat on top..

        • It's been a week and it's still cooking.

          • @pizzaguy: you get lots of quality cast iron @ cheap price, the thing is know what to do with it?? fry pan does not seem to be stable on gas cooktop.. good I resisted buying.

            • @huntabargain: I'd sooner imagine heating up the wok, then put the pizza in the griddle on the burner and cover it with the wok if that's practical to do.

              Oh what, the current price is $271.

  • Ordered! Thanks. Love Lodge stuff!

  • Cheers OP!
    Ordered this to add to my current collection of Lodge l5hs3 set.

    • Any news on how it goes on a gas stove?

  • Am I right in thinking this does everything EXCEPT for being a fry pan on a gas stove? Due to the charcoal holder? At the bottom of the pan?

    • Good point, it looks like it's not designed to be placed on a gas cooktop, might be unstable!

  • Ordered earlier this week, arriving tomorrow. Keen to try it on the Weber Kettle for damper, slow cooked stews, etc.

    • Any news on how it goes on a gas stove?

      • Not sure sorry, I purchased this to use on my weber kettle and it works very well on that. In most of the marketing material and youtube videos people seem to use it in fire places, fire pits or BBQs so I assume it is more of an outdoor thing. There are better designs to use indoors on a gas stove. It is also very heavy.

  • Thanks OP, love lodge…

  • Sure it's made in the US? I almost bought one of their enamel Dutch ovens recently but the comments said those are outsourced to China and are a lower quality than their usually stuff … I wonder if they're starting to follow suit with other stuff

    • Website says it's made in US

    • The enamel coating is probably made in China but the cast iron is made and assembled in the US

      • Apparently not.. the enamel cast iron products are fully made in China apparently, and overseen by an "American owned 3rd party inspection company".

  • Ordered. Had a $10 coupon, so good for $49.66.

    • Any news on how it goes on a gas stove?

      • +1

        The lid should be okay to use as a grill. I tried sitting the bowl on the gas stove, but because of the shape of the base, it was impossible to get it to sit on the hob securely. Maybe get an angle grinder out and cut down the protruding ring so that it's flat? I'm going to leave mine as is and cook on outdoor fire pit.

        • Thanks. Not for me. Good to know

  • Expired! Darn, really wanted this :(

  • Mine is arriving today….sorry! :)

    I cant wait

    • Any news on how it goes on a gas stove?

  • Anyone bought and receive can tell us if the frypan part can be placed on gas cooktop or will the raised ring for charcoal will be in the way?

  • It seems cheaper now from different seller $53.69 delivered.

    • Please share the link

      • All offers expired, too slow.

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