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Gigabyte RTX2060 GV-N2060D6-6GD-2.0 Graphics Card $550 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas) + Surcharge @ My Bogo


Hi Ozb,

Over 100 units in stock.

We checked online and its about $100 cheaper than competition + free metro delivery. 1.8%/2.6% surcharge applies for select payment methods.

Deal active till end of month or till we run out of stock.

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  • +26

    Lol. No.

    • ex-mining stocks?

      • These are likely the new batch of 2060 cards nvidia released at the height of crypto demand. I'm assuming they're new as they have a 3yr warranty.

        • +1

          Pretty sure this is the original 2060. The newer one was shipping with 12 GB memory

  • +25

    $550 for a 3060 would be a deal. Not a 2060.

  • +1

    Thanks, but no thanks

  • better off just spending 750 on a ps5 (with bit of patience getting one), or waiting for the 3060 to drop more.

  • +7

    Good deal for 3 years ago

  • +2

    Another $100 gets you a 3060.

  • make it 250 and you got a deal

  • -2

    DREAMING…. make it $250 and it is still a big NO !!!!!
    Hanging on with a GTX 1070 Ti….

    • +5

      I think they would be able to get rid of them easily at about $400.
      Prices are coming down so they best not hold on to them for too much longer

      • -3

        Maybe, but I am still waiting for GPU's at RRP which could happen… come on Q3 ???
        Pull your finger out Intel with CPU/GPU prices/performance…
        GTX 4070 for $800 would be good for this Intel/Nvidia fanboi geek

        • +1

          Why would you fanboy a pc part company 🤔? Doesn't it make sense to get whatever is best regardless of the company lol. I have used both AMD and Nvidia GPUs as well as both AMD and Intel platforms and found if I covered the brand I wouldn't even realise what I was using lol maybe apart from RT in games but even then.

  • +1

    There are plenty available at $599 and if given most people are paying $10 to $14 surcharges, it's more like a $40 saving, rather than $100. I guess that's still something, but eh.

    • -2

      You dont need to pay surcharge. Bank transfer is available.

  • +1

    3060 is available for ~$100 more

    not that much of a deal

  • +2

    Over 100 units in stock.

    Oh dear, good luck getting rid of those

    • Sounds like ex-mining stocks? how could manufacturer produce brand new 3 year old cards?

      • Did they stop making RTX20-series cards? I thought they kept up production due to stock issues and because they used different sized silicon dies, it didn't impact 30-series production.
        If these are used, there's no indication on the website which would be scamming buyers

      • +2

        They produced new 2060's in response to the shortage

        • they should had produced 3060-3080 more in response to the shortage.

          • +1

            @[Deactivated]: They couldn’t because of the silicon shortage. Producing more last gen cards was the best they could do since it used a different silicon die (12nm instead of 8nm).

          • @[Deactivated]: Different process node means it could be added to supplement 30xx production, not at the expense of it. You've be nuts to think they weren't banging out as many 30xxs as they could so they could make out like bandits while the prices were hot.

  • +1

    I paid $650 for a second hand 2060 in May 2021. Wish this deal was around then.

  • It's low end and bad value so will probably be out of stock soon.

  • -4

    this is not a deal. this is flogging second hand/ well used products at a premium. next.

    • +5

      its not 2nd hand

    • These are likely the new production run of 2060 cards nvidia released at the height of the crypto demand. These will hopefully massively drop the price in the FHD gaming segment.

      …but this price is just insane.

  • +2

    oh dear, scalping too much

  • Can get a RX 6600 new for less than this. Are they pretty similar for 1080p?

    • +4

      The 6600 wins, though if it were me I'd prob spend an extra $90 on a 3060 instead.

  • +1

    The prices on your website seem off. For example - GTX1050TI for $605 (save $12).

    • Thanks for picking that up. This is due to the price file we are getting from one of our suppliers, who for some reason has decided to go ape S**t with the price file.

  • +3

    A couple of months too late for this pricing, mate.

  • +3

    Do not confuse this with the RTX 2060 12GB card released recently. This GPU was this price in 2019 when it was new. I would not be paying this much for this GPU today. Rather just get an RTX 3060 on sale for similar price.

    • +1

      For gamers, the 12GB 2060 will not be any better than the original 6GB except in a few cases. Even then, I wouldn’t expect too much difference

      • Yeah for the most part they will perform within 5% of each other. The GPU pulls a little more power on the 12GB but I doubt people will need that much memory since you won't be turning up textures on 4K games with the GPU.

        That being said, it's still not good value even if it was the 12GB model. Better off getting an RTX 3060 on sale which performance similar to RTX 2070 Super

  • Haha! Maybe advertise on OzGullible? No bargain here.

    Of those who have waited for cards to become reasonable, many are still waiting. Those people are not likely to spend $550 on an outdated, low-powered card. Those with money to burn are going to at least get a 3060 or better. So where is the market for these cards? Would hate to have 100 of them to flog off.

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