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Lenovo Tab P11 (11" 2K, Android 11 4GB/64GB, SD662, Widevine L1) US$157.21 (~A$209.79) Delivered @ Lenovo Online AliExpress


In my recent Alldocube kPad deal I mentioned that the Lenovo Tab P11 / XiaoXin Pad is a great budget tab if you're after Widevine L1, so here's a good deal on it for a record low price.

Edit 28/03: Back on sale and this time even cheaper at US$157.21 (~A$209.79) from US$159.73 (~A$217.06).

There's both the 4GB/64GB version on sale for US$159.73 (~A$217.06) and the 4GB/128GB version on sale for US$183.75 (~A$249.70). As a quick price comparison you can grab the 4GB/128GB version with the Precision Pen 2 for $399 from JB Hi-Fi making this a better deal.

Featuring Android 10 (Android 11 via OTA), 11" 2K 2000x1200 IPS 400nits display, 4GB/6GB RAM, 64GB/128GB storage (expandable), Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 CPU with Adreno 610 GPU, Widevine L1 DRM for Amazon/Netflix HD, 7700mAh battery with QC 3.0 fast charging, 4 speakers with Dolby Atmos, 8MP front camera, 13MP rear camera, WiFi 5, BT 5.1, GPS, Pogo Pins for keyboard case, USB-C and PC mode.

For reviews I recommend checking out ETA Prime as it shows general usage, video playback, gaming and emulation.

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  • +6

    If you're after a cheap case grab one from clubhonda's deal for US$4.68. Select the model P11 J606F J606L J616.

    • Thanks @Clear The case is amazingly good value! I was very surprised at the quality when I received it.

  • +1

    Can this be used as a portable USB C monitor?

    • +5

      Yes. I use my Android tablet as a portable monitor for my laptop with the app Spacedesk.

      • I think he means like usb c input of a video signal. Like hdmi to usb c.

        • +1

          Yeah and that's not possible. My solution is an alternative.

      • How's the latency with that set up?

        • +3

          Really smooth.

      • +1

        Just tried, can't say it's perfect, but meets all my needs, much appreciated.

  • +2

    Just picked one up to replace my aging jailbroken iPad 3 which I was only use for Youtube, but Google seems to be doing everything to try and block it from working over the past 12 months.

  • Is this good for watching videos? Thinking of getting one for the parents

    • Yep good display and speakers.

  • +1

    How's the webcam quality ?

  • +4

    Would you chose this over the Teclast T40 Pro?
    Thinking that this may be supported longer with updates.

  • Good.

  • Anyone have a any insight as to this item vs the Alldocube kPad tablet @ A$161.43?


    • +2

      This will have Widevine L1 for Netflix, somewhat faster CPU, larger battery with Quick Charge, Dolby Atmos speakers and PC mode to name a few.

  • Pulled the trigger
    Thanks @Clear
    Now to pick a pen from lenovo website or somewhere , which do you recommend for kids? E.g precision or active pen?

    • I had a look, wow they are expensive, was hoping to find a cheaper generic one.

      • Annoyingly the stylus for the P11 Pro is like $30

    • +1

      I believe the Precision Pen 2 is better as it offers 4,096 levels of pressure instead of 2,048 in the Active Pen.

      A quick glance shows that you can get it for around $10 or so cheaper from AliExpress but there's a lot of sellers with poor feedback.

  • how accurate is the ETA?

    • A month is reasonable.

      • Mine took 2.5 months

        • Yea it took 2 months for me as well. They sent to NZ first and then transferred it to Sydney. Not sure why but maybe it's cheaper in terms of logistic from delivery company.

  • I'm so tempted to sell my old tablets and buy this…

    I got an iPad Air 1, and two Samsung tablets :)

    • I have a iPad air 1 too. It's quite slow now.

      I'm wondering the same as you.
      What Samsung tablets do you have?

      • -1

        See that's the thing… I don't find my Air 1 slow because I don't even use it hahaha. I barely have a need for a tablet, and whenever I use my Air 1, it's as a second screen for myaltol through an app called Duet.

        Duet is very important for me, which is why I'm thinking it might be best to sell these tablets and buy a newer iPad instead.

        Turns out one is a Samsung Tab 3 and another is a Lenovo E7. They aren't both Samsung

  • Does this have USB-C video out?

  • will there be any way I can claim warranty if something goes wrong?

  • Is the coupon expired? Now showing as $88 initially then after applying code $240 but even the code doesnt work anymore.

    • I think price has increased since posted. 4gb/64gb now AUD 243 after applying coupon.

  • $270 now with voucher

  • +1

    FYI The JB-Hifi one from the link in description is the 4Gb version (I tried to support local store but failed due to the 4gb ram)

  • +2

    I just grabbed one from here, $266 for the 6gb version

  • +1

    Hey Clear,
    Any suggestions for something like this but with LTE support?

  • Hi Clear,

    Is the widevine issue you mentioned on a previous post still there? I just remember it being a pretty big deal breaker for me back then.

    • Just download the netflix apk and install manually. No issue with HD streaming.

      • Oh, I didn't realise it was that easy of a fix. Thanks!

        • +1

          Till it gets blocked. Happened to my android tv box so its not an isolated incident. Netflix periodically block these sideloaded apps.

  • Is the 6gb worth the extra $40? Will be used mainly by kids for gaming.

    • +1

      Yes I think so. The extra RAM and storage will definitely make gaming a bit better.

  • +1

    I have had one of these for about 6 months, a 6GB ram one, and it hasn't skipped a beat for everything I have thrown at it. Web browsing, Streaming vids, Remote camera control. Also doesn't feel particularly sluggish jumping from my phone with an SD870 to it, so overall very happy.

  • +1

    @Clear got any deal for the Lenovo Tab P11 pro? Thanks.

  • This going to be a lot better than a Chromebook duet for young kids?

    Finding the duet a lot slower than expected even for reading eggs etc.

    • The new or old duet?

      • Old

  • Thanks , I bought 4GB/64GB with case for $237 (including Vat) using link other have posted.

  • Any ideas to where to get a good deal on the keyboard case for this? Can't even find it in Australia


  • I'm getting a total of AU $230.16 (AU $208.74 + VAT AU $21.42). Is this right?

  • Still no official fix on this for Netflix problems?

    • Not looking like it.

    • What's the Netflix issue on this tablet?

    • Just to be clear, all you need to do is update the Netflix app from a new APK. There are no "problems" 👍

      • That does seem like a small problem if you can't do it officially via the Google Play store

        • It becomes a big problem when netflix blocks the side loaded up. And yes its happened before.

          • @xoom: But that's the point when you just need to update the APK again - it's standard operation for these "none official support" devices 🤷🏼‍♂️

            If you don't want to deal with that, then spend $800 on a Galaxy tablet instead.

            • @Nom: If only it was as easy just sideload another apk. The problem is it has become a cat and mouse game with netflix.

              And you dont have to spend 800 on a galaxy tablet. Just got a tab s7 fe for $499. That wont have these netflix issues.

              Just saying if the person just want hassle free netflix in fhd. Thats one option.

  • Promo code not working anymore :/

  • +1

    Thanks Clear, really appreciate all the effort you have put into sharing tablet info / deals

  • Received it today. Only had to wait 9 days. ETA they gave was May 02. The charger is not AU specific, so had to use a converter. Besides that, device seems to be working as expected.

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