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US$4 off US$30, US$7 off US$50, US$12 off US$80, US$17 off US$140, US$25 off US$200 Spend on Selected Items @ AliExpress


Kicking off from the 1st of March at 7pm AEDT until April (unless all redeemed) is the latest set of AliExpress coupons that apply on selected items only. The only way of seeing if a product is eligible is by trying to apply the coupon at checkout.

Currency in USD. Coupons are 1 per order, minimum spend excludes GST and shipping.

Discount Min Spend Coupon Code
$4 $30 SPRING4
$4 $30 3admitad4
$4 $30 3alibuy4
$4 $30 3Dealsc4
$4 $30 3dz4
$7 $50 SPRING7
$7 $50 3admitad7
$7 $50 3alibuy7
$7 $50 3Dealsc7
$7 $50 3dz7
$12 $80 SPRING12
$12 $80 3admitad12
$12 $80 3alibuy12
$12 $80 3Dealsc12
$12 $80 3dz12
$17 $140 SPRING17
$17 $140 3admitad17
$17 $140 3alibuy17
$17 $140 3Dealsc17
$17 $140 3dz17
$25 $200 SPRING255
$25 $200 3admitad25
$25 $200 3alibuy25
$25 $200 3Dealsc55
$25 $200 3dz25

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  • What do OzBargainers typically buy during these AliExpress sales?

  • just my luck, placed an order yesterday

    • Just my luck hang on for my $300 order for weeks, and gave up days ago. - DOH!

  • Looking at some lego but seems hard to tell
    If genuine or fake.

    • +3

      It's going to be fake but there's a bit of a backstory. The knock off brand Lepin used to make high quality clones of Lego (like 90-95% same quality) including some of the old sets like the wild west. Once they were raided by the Chinese authorities AliExpress had a crackdown on the knock off Lego and now complete sets from various brands are almost non-existent.

      The individual minifigs, accessories and such are usually good quality. Certainly not a bad idea if you were wanting some pirate accessories, food accessories or even some more modern guns.

      • Thanks for that yeah kinda thought this might be the case. I had heard of Lepin and $500 or so for the titanic didn’t seem legit haha.if only.

        • The subreddit is worth a look with community discussion.

  • +1

    last time… none of my stuff were eligible… they are still in my cart.. wish me luck this time.

    • It'll be pretty much the same this time. Unless the products are extremely unique I'd be finding them from other stores that may be eligible.

  • Do we have to change currency to USD? Or these would be applied to AUD too

    • +1

      It'll apply to an equivalent AUD amount on the day.

  • I remember years ago the app did t charge gst, is that still the case?

    • Nope it charges GST.

  • HiFiMan Edition XS headphones drops to below $600 AUD shipped. $25 USD off with this coupon and 5% cash rewards. Sells for $780 at Addicted To Audio.

  • Has anyone here ever bought the knock off golf clubs (irons) from Ali? If so what did you think of the overall quality? I’ve read some pretty good reviews.

  • +2

    $4 13.33%
    $7 14%
    $12 15%
    $17 12.4%
    $25 12.5%

  • +1

    Thanks, code worked without issue.

    • +1

      Ah excellent I was worried they weren't going to work as the internet and 4G/5G just came back after a 6 hour statewide outage and I couldn't check.

      • +1

        Good lord, just read about the Tassie outage .

  • +2

    Of course it didn't work with my items…

    I had to use another coupon "TECHJR" for $6.99 AUD off

    • What is the minimum spend ?

      • Looks to be around $110 before gst, so you only save around 6%

        • +1

          Ok. Cheers. So about the same as cashback, but I guess at least it's an instant saving.

    • Thanks this is only one which worked for me!

    • Thx code TECHJR gave me $5 off ~ $53 spend.

      • Damn. TECHJR expired.

  • +4

    We don't recognize this promo code. Have another try.

    • That means the item isn't eligible. It took me a few goes to realise.

  • +1

    Worth using Shopback/CR too. I've received tracking confirmation after using the "spring7" code.

  • 2 x Bluetooth Irrigation Controllers and 1 x Hub for ~$80 AUD with the SPRING7 coupon is pretty good.


  • none of the coupan workes in $30's :(

  • Tried to buy a phone and was hit with a cruel VAT tax that wasn't showing until I almost pressed purchase. Very Very sneaky. Beware!

  • Do any of the codes work for anyone still? It says it doesn't recognise the promo code no matter which code I use and amount I have in the cart.

    • +1

      If they're expired they'll say they are when you try to apply them. If it says the promo code is not recognised then the products in your cart are not "selected items".

  • are JBL in aliexpress fake? its says genuine but i doubt if it is

    • Got a link?

      • AU $84.63 68%OFF | Original JBL FLIP 6 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Portable IPX7 Waterproof Outdoor Stereo Bass Music Track Jbl Speaker Tweeter

        • One review said it was fake and I agree. The seller rating is 84.6% and that's really low. Anything below 95% is usually bad as it's quite hard to get feedback that low.

  • Eh. Tried quite a few of these and none worked. In the end I used TECHJR for $6 off.

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