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Gaming PC | Intel i5 11400F CPU | RTX 3070 8GB GPU | B560M MB | 480GB SSD | 16GB RAM | Leaper Case | $1444 + Shipping @ TechFast


Ripper price from TechFast on this gaming PC. Code ARSECRUSHER drops the price by a flat $200 so feel free to use the upgrade options by selecting from the drop-down boxes. Delivery cost varies based on location. Offer ends March 31, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Specs (upgrade options available):

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 11400F
  • Case: Leaper Maverick RGB (ATX) Case
  • Motherboard: MSI B560M-A PRO (MSI)
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB LHR
  • Memory: 16GB (3200MHz) DDR4 RAM (2x 8GB Modules)
  • Hard Drive: 480GB 2.5" Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Power Supply: 750W Power Supply
  • Networking: On-Board Wired Ethernet Port

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  • +15

    Love your discount code haha

    • not so good for the arse that is getting crushed

    • +1

      He has buns of steel

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    feel like i haven't seen an arsecode in a while!

  • +18

    Too long between arsecrushers! It’s good to be back

    • +3

      So cheek-y

    • +3

      Hi Luke, I am after 12th gen i9 with RTX 3080. Any deals?

      • +56

        We’re looking at 3080 deals. i9 not traditionally our space but if there’s interest (normally via upvote) I can look at it with Ops

        • +2

          Do it!

        • +3

          What about offering a group buy, so you can go ahead if a certain number of orders meet or cancel the orders if they don’t? Just an idea

          • +2

            @Pricebeat: Techfast have high turnaround products, nothing sits around collecting dust. They usually run 1X400F cpus / 3600s as they are a good all rounded while not breaking the bank. i9 more niche and you probably wouldn't get 50 orders for it. You'd be better PCPP building it than waiting for Techfast to risk an i9 build.

        • +1

          If you guys can get out a build with this same spec and a 3080 I'd buy instantly.

        • Rough ETA? I can't HODL much longeeerrrrrrrrrrr

      • +3

        Agreed, a nice 12th gen i9 3080 z690 build would be nice. would have cost me around 3k during afterpay deal but was still too pricy.
        Hoping prices will still fall.

  • +3

    Been a while TA! Looking forward to more ripper deals like this.

    • You mean ARSECRUSHING deals?

      • +1

        arse ripping lol

  • +1

    @luketechfast - Are we still able to get the graphics cards posted separately in case of damage in shipping?

  • Very nice price

  • +6

    Up vote for the code. But for future please consider the following suggestions


    • +17

      what about FASTARSE?

      • +1

        how about FARTARSE

        • -1

          Only from TechFart…

          Even better FATARSE from TechFat.

  • +6

    Reminds me of this deal posted 1 year ago:

    Ryzen 5 3600 RTX3070 B550M 16GB $1477

    It has taken 1 year for prices to drop back to normal.

  • i9 would be awesome.. are ddr5 ram any good?

  • +4

    As not a serious but occasional/casual gamer only, when I upgrade my base pc (now overdue), I always go for best value for approx $1400-$1500 - so this is right on the money.
    I'd like to hit the value 'sweet spot' (i.e. not after the best / counting every frame rate, but not cheap crap either - TBH I mainly just surf OzB), …. but is it time to stop HODLing?

    I am out of touch with hardware right now and need thoughts from some tech-heads out there - for a value gaming / all-round PC…

    • Does this hit the sweet spot for value?
    • Any particular component let this down? / anything need the upgrade?
    • Is RTX 3070 much of a downgrade from 3070 Ti (and worth it over 3060?)?
    • Am I better off with a part-picked/component build (I have no issues assembling if req'd)?


    • +7

      Best sweet spot for core parts imo is something like:

      CPU: 12400F
      MOBO: B660
      RAM: 2x8gb, 3200mhz
      GPU: 3060ti (Up to 10% less performance than a 3070, but a lot cheaper)

      Easy 1440p system right there

      • great, thanks for your feedback :)

      • I've never really put much thought into mobo upgrades - they are the component I think of least when looking at specs - Is it just because of the CPU Socket type? LGA … whatever to match the CPU?

        I'm not much of an overclocker and I never seem to run out of PCIe slots or USB support or anything as I have simple needs - so I presume matching socket type is about as detailed as I need to get ??

        i.e. the basic focus of your recommended sweet spot is check out CPU: 12400F & GPU: 3060ti -… RAM same and mobo just matches CPU (but is a similar level otherwise)?

        • +1

          the big reason for mobo upgrades is typically around capacity for expansion cards and the like… multiple SSD slots, multiple PCIE slots, just extra bandwidth between the rest of the components in the system.

          sometimes quality is a factor too, with the way poor voltage regulators can make a huge impact to things, moreso on higher end equipment.

          if you're going a low-mid range cpu/gpu/memory and don't have anything beyond a mouse/keyboard/monitor connected then there's very few compelling reasons to stress about the motherboard choice beyond whether it's got the right socket type :)

          oh the other factor is overclocking, but it kinda falls into the stuff above too.

          • @jaybo: thanks - that's about what I figured. Not such a big deal for me.

    • +3

      Probably time to stop holding, prices on 3060ti - 3070ti seem basically where they were a year ago.

      Is RTX 3070 much of a downgrade from 3070 Ti (and worth it over 3060?)?

      About a ~10% jump in performance and roughly a similar jump in price. 3060 is entry level - 20-30% less performance than the 3070ti depending on game. 3060ti is probably a 10% drop from 3070 so just depends if you can one for the right price.

      Am I better off with a part-picked/component build (I have no issues assembling if req'd)?

      Not if you're looking for value — pre-built is the way to go at the moment.

      • awesome thanks pais - I had been starting to see some of the pre-built deals on here seemed to be offering better value so that will probably be a new way to go for me - always built myself in the past, but less time on my hands these days so happy to go pre-built

          • @non-LHR: I was literally looking at that one since I started these comments between replies! was about to ask if it, possibly with some upgrades, was better!?

          • @non-LHR: I am afraid to point out the obvious… it is LHR though, not that I am a miner

            • +1

              @MrFrugalSpend: LHR only affects miner, other than that won't affect you.

              • @non-LHR: ok - i was wondering about that - it never sounds great to deliberately limit hardware for any reason, but I guess it knows when its been used for mining
                (or whatever the term is)

    • +4

      Yeah this is pretty good value. The difference between a 3070 in this & a 3060 will not be massive, but means you can game on this PC a little longer than if you had a 3060. Check out some YouTube videos, a guy called Spyhood specialises in side by side comparisions of GPU's in games, so you get an idea of the difference. Anything below a 10 FPS difference is really a nothing burger IMHO. But this is a cracking system. I build PC's for friends & could not do this one cheaper. Keeping in mind with this you have the peace of mind of warranty so if arrives no workies, you just get them to replace it. Simples. Also while I love building unless you know someone who has lots of spares to test & trouble shoot if something goes wrong during the build process it is just easier to buy a prebuild. I think you cannot go wrong with this system. Especially when you compare that the other majors, CentreCom, Scroptec, PCCG, PLE, ect are all selling systems at the same price with 1650's or 2060 GPU, which are waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy worse GPU's than a 3070. Good luck with whatever you decide anyway :-)

      • Thanks Dean. 'you can game on this PC a little longer than if you had a 3060.' - I hadn't thought about it in terms of longevity before but its a good point because that is a main element of value when you think about it! I'll check out some videos. … I do know some people with whole spare PCs and component junk piles better than my current spec PC, but occasionally I should just sort my own mess out (or get a system with warranty where I don't have to), right!?!

      • +1

        I thought long and hard about this, but I could spend months HODLing and getting nothing else done. Longer time gaming is what got me over the line, even though 3060 Ti deal would still give me that. Ultimately for $100 more (and a bronze PSU upgrade) I'm getting a lot more PC and just a little excited since my last (and first) gaming machine was a laptop with a 460M.

        Now, to chuck some of the collection of laptops I promised myself I would use one day…

    • +5

      This is now just getting back to "less junk" pricing. We're still above RRP (I believe) and that's 2 years after release. The other side of the argument just look at how much of a disaster the world is.

      If you need a GPU now - eg yours broke. Now is not terrible. Also you have no option =P

      If your setup is kinda dying, and could wait a few months: check what price/performance/availability you can get from Intel's new Ark GPUs. Should be announced in about 2 months.

      If you're not really in a rush, next gen GPUs from amd/nvidia are getting very, very hyped. They're also expecting Ray tracing to really hit mainstream. These are expected end of the year. Oct-Dec.

      Which camp you feel you fit into, is up to you =) none are bad/wrong. Just situational.

      • Hmmm… thanks for the food for thought. I'm not desperate, but my PC is overdue for an upgrade based on my usual timing because due to the pricing debacle I've held off, but its not dying (touch wood).

        I wouldn't probably rush into a next gen GPU on release as it will be priced at a premium, but presuming it causes a step-change that means all the pricing value shifts through all the range (as one would expect), then that's cause to hold. I'd be okay with mid year, not sure I'd hold until December but depends on the reward as I am a serious bargain hunter more than a gamer - It wouldn't be in my nature to buy RRP on 2+ year old models if its about to become obsolete, or should otherwise normalise more.

        • Haha yeah I realise I wasn't actually overly helpful =P

          • @incipient: no you were - I did ask whether or not it was time to stop HODLing - you basically gave good reasons to keep doing so which is definitely an option

    • +1

      I did a massive amount of research before I went for a 3070Ti, reason being is the GDDR6X VRAM, it has more bandwidth so can be better for content creation.
      I edit in 4K, used to have to have my time line as 1080P then once the edit was done, change back to 4K for the render, this was on a 980Ti, 3700X and 64GB RAM.
      The 3070Ti is blistering fast, my jaw dropped when I was getting ~ 90+ FPS on a 4K render, normally it was around 20 from memory. Games wise, 1440P on GTA V with pretty much everything maxed less shadows, 80~ 100 FPS. It has never been so fluid but this is not a gaming rig, and I use Studio drivers as editing is why I got this. I am still shocked how well it performs but it's not perfect.
      I have a Samsung Q60R TV which is Freesync compatible, VRR ALLM and this makes a massive difference when specifically playing car games and going around corners slowly, you get zero judder issues.
      nVagia only supports Freesync via display port which my tv does not have, and you cannot convert a DP to HDMI, it just does not support VRR.
      So if you want the best of gaming, a VRR monitor with DP will be the best gaming you will get because you will never ever see any tearing or hitches when frames drop.
      I have a Xbox SX and this connected to the Q60R is a sight to behold, specifically car games and those corners. If you re sensitive to frame drops, you want as best GPU you can buy at the time and the 3070Ti is almost perfect for 1440P. Matched with a good Freesync monitor, you will never ever see any frame drops unless somehow the game is super buggy or you're pushing the GPU too hard.

      I played JC4 lastnight and holy shit, everything maxxed, I remember a simple explosion would suddenly introduce bullet time, slo mo everything, now it's just almost too quick, hell responsive too.
      It's just a damn shame my tv has no DP, but I think there is only 4 tvs in the world that support DP.

      GL with your search.

      • +1

        Thanks for the detail - it's a good recommendation for 3070 ti.

        nVagia - haha that was a suggested name for the merger/acquisition of nvidia and Ageia tech (PhysX) some years ago!

        It's not quite as good as the R for smooth gaming but I tried to order a Q60A this month on sale and my order has been cancelled as the supply chain has run out of stock and don't expect to get more! I'd paid for it and everything! sad face

        • +1

          Man oh man, I wrote out this whole passage of text and my dog made me back page and lost it.
          Maybe not getting a Q60A is a god send as I don't think it's a 120HZ panel, maybe you could get a DP monitor instead? It would play much better with the nVagia GPU, but you need to make sure the monitor has been Freesync certified via nVagia.
          I am no fan of nVagia, they do some seriously stupid things but when they get it right, it works as a blessing.
          A 3060Ti beats a 6900XT for editing, that's just embarrassing especially when a 6800XT is $1500 compared to the $934 I paid for the 3070Ti, and that's with the GDDR6X VRAM upgrade, that extra bandwidth comes into play when editing, gaming well not so much.
          The GPU is currently idling at 21c, I cannot complain, it makes really no noise at all and rendering is so quick.
          The bonus is it does game well but I never bought it for that intention. I have maybe 7 SSDs attached, most are back ups of other SSDs, space is a premium for me so games simply are a luxury. I do have a 1TB SSD with maybe 5 games, but that was just to see how well the GPU performed.
          As I have already posted, GTA V is amazing, it is a bump from the newer SX version but then again you're paying almost 20% more just for a GPU over the SX.

          AMD needs to lift its game when it comes to content creation, I think they could be losing a lot of sales due to the fact the perf so poorly with such software. Given they offer more VRAM than nVagia, why wouldn't they make their GPUs perf better?

          The next round of GPUs will be interesting and I would consider selling mine if there is a big boost and also cheap and availability, but for now after waiting 7 years to upgrade, I am really happy with what I have. The 3070Ti does all I want and more.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser425713: hugely ironically I had written a huge reply to this and got a call and went away from it then somehow lost it too - however I will say yours ^ was the closest forum comment I've ever heard to "the dog ate my homework" ! :)

            I'll be briefer this time…
            - Yeah, I agree DP monitor for me, didn't know about Freesync - thanks for tip
            - Would prefer low noise my current rig gets too damn loud when the heat is on
            - I do love a good game of GTA (who doesn't… don't answer that if you don't)
            - I do dabble in creative suite but nothing demanding, not editing etc, so I'd probably push it more with occasional gaming


  • worth pay a lot more for wifi mobo or good enough just to add an adaptor?
    Also it comes with only a 2.5" SSD, is there much difference going for M.2 instead?

    • +2

      I was going to make a crude joke but…i couldn't be arsed.

      Nothing wrong with a wifi card/usb. Unless they can swap the board for $30 or so.

      A 2.5" ssd is limited to sata, so it's going to be a LOT slower than nvme over m2. For an OS it won't really be night and day. A sata ssd will still give you a nice OS experience. The board has an m2 slot so can can add a super fast ssd later if you like.

    • Better off with an adapter and from trying SSD vs M.2 not a noticeable difference up to you but I would suggest upgrade for more storage anyway eg. 1 Tb

  • +1

    Any deals for business Pc ?

    • +1

      You can do business on this PC.

      If you're going to run a business that relies on high uptime buy a Dell or similar and a strong next day warranty package, not a Tech fast pc.

  • -1

    Which graphics card models will be used for this build?

  • +1

    Love the codes Ta, hope to see them more often

  • This is tempting. I picked up one of the Aorus OLEDs during the afterpay sale, but the 1080 max q on my laptop doesn't wanna drive it at 4k.

    Will this do a decent job of 4k gaming? Is there much to be gained by jumping up a price tier?

    • +1

      Dont think so mate. you really need something like 3080 or above (and even then you would need to use DLSS is gpu intensive games) for decent quality 4k experience.

      hold if you dont want to spend extra, gpu prices still have a bit of road to come down since they will be last gen very soon.

    • +2

      The Aorus OLED is awesome, plug an XBX into it

  • Looking at this and the 3060 build. Trying to read up about the difference in 3060 12gb vs 3070 8GB and understand nothing on r/hardware. Is it worth the $400 difference, my brain sees bigger number, better part.

  • Would it be possible to have you guys skip the building/testing of a system if I place an order? I'd be willing to assemble it myself if it shaves a couple days off shipping. Cheers

  • I can't quite put my finger on it but I think there's a hole in that code.

    • +3

      Try finger

      • I was going to use fist but it might have been too much of a handful.

      • Hahaha

  • Would a pcie wifi card fit on either of the B560M mobos with the 3070?

    • Generally these GPUs are only 2 slot, you should have more than enough space for 1, here is an image so it might be a bit tight.


      • hmm I think the 3070 might be a 2.5/3 slot card? they are quite chunky!
        Just making before I trigger it

        • https://www.amazon.com.au/Bluetooth-Desktop-Tri-Band-Wireles...

          You could get one of these due to minimal footprint. If the GPU is 2 1/2 wide, you still have that 1/2 left for something this small if the Mobo has all PCIE close to GPU

          https://imgur.com/MXVBnG9 I place the 2 sata next to the GPU slot as reference, if you have a current mobo with sata like this, simply measure them and that's a guide for the PCIE furtherest away from GPU.
          Also remember the width of the GPU is outer most layer, which would include anything protruding from backing plate. This might be your saving grace, also Luke hasn't mentioned which brand GPU unless someone can correct me?

  • Very good price performance for 1440p. Beats most other deals at 1k in terms of price v performance especially that one deal with the 6500xt. For around 50% increase in price you get more than 50 to 100% almost double the performance with much better features and quality.
    Jump on it if after a proper gaming PC.

  • These pcs don't come with Windows 10. Any tips on where we can get one legit and cheap?

    • +2

      If you have access to a .edu email or someone you know does, you can get legit copies of Windows 10 Education or Windows 11 Education (no different to normal) through Azure for Students or OnTheHub for free.

      • Wow, that's awesome, thank you! 😀
        I wonder if it will be for life or only for my duration at the institution.

      • So I went to onthehub, got on, Uni of Newy, loads of software, but no WIndows 10/11. 😓😤
        Azure, I'm signed in, but can't see Windows anywhere.
        Any suggestions?

  • -2

    Last time i saw this code, i was laughing for weeks on end.

  • Your tight arse been crushed?

  • Is this PC able to be upgraded and modified down the line? (CPU, GPU, etc.).

    Also, is this cpu and gpu good enough for gaming at 1440p @ 144hz?

    Thanks for the help in advance!

    • This video probably gives you a general idea about this rig.


      You can always lower the image texture details or use DLSS to gain higher fps. You need RTX 3080 at least if running at ultra setting.

      • would this system be good for 34" ultra wide resolution type of gameplay?
        or need 3080 + better specs?

  • +1 for coupon_name, ordering one

  • Nice code ;)

  • I couldn't fit me wifi card in

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