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Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 13.5" Ryzen 5 256GB/8GB (Platinum) $1138.10 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 13.5" Ryzen 5 256GB/8GB (Platinum), slightly cheaper than TGG thanks to the 5% discount code 92JBFIVEOFF

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    Seems to work with 16gb version too, brings it down to $1328.10:

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      Great find - I have a Laptop 3 with 8gb ram and under Win11 it is throttled constantly
      Strongly suggest 16gb minimum

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        I have 4gb, I cannot even use any version of windows so I just use Linux.

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    any of these older models any good at 50% off rrp, listed on Microsoft eBay store

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      Great find, these are some good prices.

    • Wait for the 20% ebay promo. Combine with that would give you great prices.

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      Wow that is amazing deal absolutely love surface laptops
      I've already got one of these on special and I paid $1100

      Don't need one but I wish I did

    • Good prices comparatively but best to avoid the 10th Gen units

      • What's wrong with 10 gen?

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          Tend to get hot and throttle performance

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          They get hot and the back budge out :(

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      Good prices, although I'd probably pay the $120 extra to get the newer model in the OP

    • I'm not sure on the performance of the i7 surfaces/surface laptops but I had one with the base model chip and the performance was literally unusable. Having used some AMD chips more recently, I would suggest that the AMD versions are worth the extra money.

      I repeat, I cannot comment on the i7/i5 surfaces - they might be great bang for buck. I just think you should do a bit of research before you spend good money on one.

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      I had the 1st Gen Surface Book, the battery behind the touchscreen expanded after 2 years of ownership, killing not just the battery, but the touchscreen too!

      Microsoft wanted $1.1k to replace the top part of the surface book. Never went back to them, got myself a MacBook, at least at 2 years, I don't expect to pay a lot fixing battery issues.

      If you google it up, this battery expansion issue is applicable to newer gen surface book and pros. Good luck buying one.

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        I got half dozen Surface Laptops with issues from Battery bulging, running very hot, CPU throttling to 0.9 Ghz randomly.

        Its a great laptop when running fine.

      • My first gen surface book is dying after several years, I bought it pre sem 1 2016, and did have the first one replaced in the second or third year with the extended warranty but now when I went to Microsoft they offered me a brand new one same model for $800, sounds like you just got unlucky.

  • anyone done enough research on these to comment if the ryzen variants are better/worse than the intel of the same model?

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      The Ryzen model linked here is a 6/hexa core cpu, whereas even the Intel i7 version is just a 4/quad core.

      More cores make it more capable in most processor heavy tasks. The Ryzens are also known for having better grpahics processors built in.

      Putting these together, you'll definitely get a longer 'usable' life with the Ryzen chips

      • i noticed that MS isn't putting 32GB on the ryzen models. really odd.

        the higher cores would be ideal for VMs.

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    https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/hp-639c2pa-15-6-hd-laptop... isn't this better?
    Edit. Oops different size

    • 15.6" HD (1366 x 768) is never better

      • Surely that has to be a mistake, a 2021 machine with 720p screen??

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    Hmm this or the lenovo laptop.

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      Which Lenovo?

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        Im guessing this one


        Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5 Pro 14"

        $1234.05 with the 5% off code.

        Its $96 more expensive but for that money. You get.

        Bigger and better screen
        Newer faster ryzen 7 5800u cpu
        Double the ram and storage.

        • Thank you sir

        • Really surprised the Lenovo has not been more popular with only 34 votes!

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            @forrester: Me too. For the money its well worth the purchase price. The 5% off is just icing on the cake.

            And if you install norton 360 standard trial jbhifi is giving $40 jbhifi gift card.

            Visit https://au.norton.com/jb-pc
            Click on start your trial now
            Login or setup a norton account
            Create a billing profile to activate
            Click next and follow instructions
            Once activated claim $40 gift card from

            If the 25 character key is not getting accepted. Download exe below and install.


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            @forrester: mass market look at branding rather than specs. ie something with i at the front they pay 2x more

          • @forrester: not a fan of lenovo. they often stop updating drivers after a couple of years. i used to be a thinkpad fan.

            nowadays i find that surfaces and macbooks have replaced all other makers for my need to keep drivers and firmware updated.

            • @slowmo: Eh? My TEN year old ThinkPad still gets updates!

              • @lazyfun: what sort of updates? I don't mean windows updates.
                i've gone from multiple ibm T 4x series to lenovo T 4xx series and multiple think desktop/tablets/etc from 2000 to 2015. they are hardy laptops, as when i put the T40s out to e-waste cycle just before covid lockdowns hit, they still work.

                for all 6-8 of them, the firmware and driver updates has stopped by the time its 2 years old.

                the tablet that they first made was the worst. it was a piece of high priced garbage.

                my experience is definitely different.

                • @slowmo: Hmm, maybe I'm I'm wrong. I could swear my x230 was getting bios/firmware/driver updates but I'd have to check.

                  • @lazyfun: My 3rd gen x1 yoga which was released in 2018 was still getting updates as of this year.

        • all wrapped in a typical Lonovo fugly casing - not quite as stylish as the surface now is it?

          • @paloverde88: iirc, the original thinkpads i had, have water egress vents built into the chasis.

            i dont care much of the styling since i use my surfaces as a desktop/workstation mostly to 3 monitors so i hardly even look at the surface device. same as the thinkpads, the only difference is probably i am more confident in putting a heavy book or a coffee mug on top of a closed thinkpad. lol.

            i even have all the different thinkpad docks accumulated all over the years, which is infuriating when you realise each iteration of their models you had to get a new dock.

            with surface, at least they committed to a consistent interface for a few generations of their tablets and across to laptops. now it's just seamless plug and go, when i move between my partner's work space and mine…

  • I tried to claim price protection from latitude and keeps coming up Bad Request 400

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    Thanks Op, I bought 4 (we use them at work & always need spares)

  • What's the general feedback with warranty claims, process, time etc. for MS Surface products?

    Also having trouble finding how many external monitors it supports.

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      My 2 daughters each have surface laptops for school. They coming up to 2 years old (2-year warranty).

      I've used their chat support a number of times for a power supply failure, and also issues with the surfaces. One developed a yellow tinge to the screen, and the on the other the failed before its time. Troubleshooting was performed over chat and once they agreed a hardware replacement was required, they sent a replacement once the faulty one was received. MS paid for postage.

      The exchange service is very fast and they arrived in a couple of days on each occassion. They appeared to be brand new.

      After my experiences, I would buy surfaces again for sure. Hardware faults happen and MS support dealt with it well.

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      surprisingly good.

      with the surface dock (i have both v1 and v2 of the docks), i use it with 3 x u2414h monitors daisy-chained via DP.

      be mindful that not all surface models are the same, there is a support spec somewhere. what works for me, may (in the rare chance) not work for you.

    • Can vouch- wife and I have jumped into the Surface ecosystem a few years back. I just sent my 7 days shy of 2 years back (with surface complete) after hearing a small buzzing. TNT express from me on Monday, received Tuesday. Replacement sent out Thursday, got Friday (yesterday). No questions asked, just replaced straight up and no argument. Same deal for when a power supply went on the fritz.
      Service has been great.
      Bought high end models to see thru updates and the like.
      After various Hp laptops, yes paying for brand like Microsoft. But rate them for look feel and daily use versus the others out there. Using USB C goes alright and had the same when using DVI port prior on an older version.

      • Can you share how you lodged your warranty claim?
        Might try with my SB2

    • I must be unlucky with mine. I've had 3 surface tablets and have all failed around the 2 years mark. Either ssd or gpu issues.

  • I have a Surface Book 2 which was fantastic till it just stopped charging one day
    Son has a SB1 still going strong

    I replace with a Surface laptop 3 with Ryzen 5
    Good machine, great screen, ok keyboard (not as good as SB2 but good) etc.
    But Pro Tip - do not get the 8gb of ram - with Win 11, 16gb ram minimum is an absolute must

  • The model up - Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 13.5" Ryzen 5 256GB/16GB (Matte Black) - looks like fantastic value for money.

    Is there anything else below $1500 that has this much bang for your buck in the 13" form factor?

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