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ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Visa: Bonus 160,000 Qantas Points & $225 Back ($3,000 Spend in 3 Months, $425 Fee) - ANZ Customers Only


Deal link goes to public product page because I couldn't work out how to submit this deal without a link - look at description or screenshot

Found this huge Qantas Points offer in the ANZ app a couple of days ago:

An exclusive offer to ANZ customers only.
Earn 160,000 bonus Qantas Points and $225 back to your new card when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval. New card. T&Cs, >eligibility criteria, fees and charges apply (including an Annual Fee, currently $425). Screenshot

You can get to this offer via ANZ Internet Banking in browser, or in the ANZ App.

If you aren't an ANZ customer: I mentioned this offer to a friend who then opened a transaction account and was able to immediately see the offer in their new internet banking and apply for the card. The basic ANZ transaction account is $5 a month, which you can get waived if you deposit $2k into the account each month (doesn't need to stay in the account). You could close the account once you get your bonus points (possibly once you get the card?)

Aside from this massive number of bonus points, card features are:

  • Earn 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to $7,500 per statement period
  • A higher Qantas Points earn rate compared to all other ANZ Frequent Flyer cards
  • Uncapped Qantas Points
  • Complimentary Frequent Flyer Membership and a discount on a 1 year Qantas Club membership
  • Two complimentary Qantas Club lounge invitations each year
  • Complimentary insurances including International Travel Insurance
  • Up to 55 days interest free on purchases

You can see the general details of the card (at it's usual lower offer value) here

I think this might be the highest consumer bonus points offer available at the moment, I certainly haven't seen any higher recently.

If you haven't earned Qantas Points from a credit card in the past 12 months, you may be able to stack with the New Cardholder Bonus of 20,000 points (from Qantas). The ANZ Black card is listed on the relevant page, and it doesn't specify that you have to click through the Qantas page to get the offer, but I haven't tried! The New Cardholder Bonus from Qantas ends on March 31 (there's no end date listed for the ANZ card offer).

Edit: Clarified end date in post applies to 20k top-up offer, not 160k sign-up offer.

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  • Tempted but..

    I’m not an ANZ customer.

    • +12

      Open a Progress Saver account.
      Now you are an existing ANZ customer.

      • Is that all you need to get access to this deal.

        • +1

          Yep - My friend opened a saver account and she can see the offer!

          • @justjennjustis: How long does it take to get an open savers account? Is it quicker online or in person?

      • -2

        Does this have any fee?

        • Would need to click the link to check

      • Anyone has any kickbacks after opening a fresh account and applying for this card?

  • +2

    Closed my only ANZ account on Friday…..

    • +17

      Thank you for your sacrifice!

      • +3

        Remember my contribution as you swim in your ocean of points

    • Me too coincidentally.

    • Also me…

  • +1

    I'm curious if there's a customer only deal for the platinum version of this card? (Hopefully with no fee)

    • +2

      There is! I'm just greedy and want the most points.
      Platinum: 110,000 points and $200 back ($295 fee) when you spend $2,500 in 3 months.
      Base card: 25,000 points and $30 back ($95 fee) when you spend $1,000 in 3 months.

      • +8

        Actually if I do the math… the platinum is a better offer $ per points wise…
        Platinum: 110,000 points and $200 back ($295 fee) - $95 for 110,000 points = $0.8636 per 1000 points
        Black: 160,000 points and $225 back ($425 fee) $200 for 160,000 points = $1.25 per 1000 points

        The platinum's points are cheaper by almost 30%.

        • But then black gives you 2 X lounge passes, which you can sell them off

          • @jobargain: How do u sell those lounge pass??? And how much do they sell for???

          • @jobargain: Qantas prohibits selling these.. so not legal..

            • +3

              @skinny: Hmmmm..I meant helping out a long lost cousin..

            • +1

              @skinny: Qantas do not enforce any laws, it is not about legality but rather against TOS.

              • @CodeXD: enforcement, yes they can.. kick you out of the program

        • +1

          For new customer, its 70000 points with $0 annual fee (first year)
          isn't it even better given there's no out of pocket cost?


        • +5

          The way I look at these offers is a bit different.

          I value each Qantas point at 1.2c

          Black: 160000 QP x 1.2c = $1920 - $200 (fee) = $1720 worth of points
          Platinum: 110000 QP x 1.2c = $1320 - $95 (fee) = $1225 worth of points

          To me, Black is a better offer but as long as you are happy to spend more on the fee from your pocket.

          • @ck009: Nice… a half glass full perspective… couldn’t agree more….

            • +7

              @blurastheycome: Actually both ways are "wrong". Doing the comparison on a pts/$$ basis or on a $$/pts basis both don't really make sense. That's just a way to rationalise the decision to yourself ex post. This is what any economist will tell you.

              How you should really compare the 2 offers is on the margin. That is, looking at the difference in $$ and QF points between them, and deciding whether the upgrade to the Black card is worth it.

              Specifically: by spending $105 more on the annual fee, you get 50k QF points more. So the question is really just: Are you willing to pay $105 for 50k QF points? Most frequent flyer collectors would—-but not everyone.

              • +2

                @phonehome: If you’re serious about points you’ll be using all the opportunities to earn sign up points that you can. There’s a 12 month cooling off period before your eligible again so it’s not just 50,000 extra points for $105.

                It’s also locking yourself out of earning more at ANZ for 3+12 months. In those 15 months you’ll probably exhaust all other banks offering a deal like 50k points with $100 fee so you’ll start looking at worse deals like NABs $295 fee for their black card. Compared to the other options out there an extra 50k points for $100 is totally worth it.

                Also getting 160k points gets you closer to points club plus with the free Qantas club membership which is worth a bunch of money.

                • @stirlo: Can you use your membership to get in the lounge while using the invitation to get your partner in together?

                  • @FatTofu: A Qantas Club membership includes access for you and a guest. So no need to use an invitation for your partner. They are your guest and included already.

                    One thing to be mindful of is that they have a max of 120k points earned from any one deal. So you'll only get 120k towards the 350 required instead of the full 160k.

                    • @stirlo: Sorry I am confused. Do I need to earn that 350k points to get access for myself and a guest? Or is this for something extra?

                      • @FatTofu: A free qantas club membership (which includes access for you and a guest) is available if you qualify for “points club plus”

                        To qualify for “points club plus” you must earn 350k qantas points in the 12 months before your qantas anniversary (the date when status your credits reset).

                        To make it a little bit harder to reach the 350k they exclude any points over 120k in a single transfer so for this card it will only count 120/350 instead of 160/350.

                        • @stirlo: Anyone has any kickbacks after opening a fresh account and applying for this card?

                        • @stirlo: I think they've made it that you need to earn points in the air now as well as the ground

                          • @itshammer: I got points club plus through this deal but I had taken a couple of flights with qantas in the last 12 months (800 points earned in the air) so that might be the case…

      • Anyone has any kickbacks after opening a fresh account and applying for this card?

  • Impressive offer….

  • Any details as to when this offer ends?

    • +1

      "This is a limited time only offer which may be withdrawn or changed at any time without notice."

      It's been available since at least Friday 18 March.

  • Damn that is a lot of points. I'm 9 months off getting back on this one.

    Your move ANZ Rewards (who I am due soon)?

  • +2

    Mm. If I click through the link it gives me:

    130k points instead of 160k.

    Earn up to 130,000 bonus Qantas Points and $255 back
    to your new ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card
    100,000 bonus Qantas Points and $255 back to your new ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval and an additional 30,000 Qantas Points when you keep your card for over 12 months.Superscript:1

  • +1

    If you held an anz rewards does that impact your eligibility for the miles?

    • +2

      No, the "cooling off period" is separate between QFF and ANZ Rewards

      • Awesome, churned the platinum card late last year, will be good to do this one soon! Thank you for the heads up.

  • +23

    Deal looks tempting, but remember to factor in ANZs Kogan grade customer experience. Took me about 6 weeks to get through approval process last time, as they said I was approved instantly, but then kept asking for more information, but only one item at a time which made the whole process excruciating.

    • +1

      Anz approved my application in less than a week when I applied 2 weeks ago

    • +3

      Can attest.

      Had to get two callbacks from India, which both didn't amount to approval, then third time they said I'm eligible and they don't know what the issue was and that they'd call back.

      So four weeks from being declined then suddenly conditionally approved, and nothing back on Messenger app, i left an angry public message on ANZ Facebook page on a Friday afternoon.

      Monday morning I was approved. Funny that.

    • +4

      Same issue. Had to explain multiple times the same things to different people who kept asking for more documents, which I sent, they acknowledged they received, then later asked me to send them again…

      • +2

        It's hard work but worth it in the end. Especially after they declined, I wasn't taking the hit to my credit score with nothing to show for it. So fight and fight til I get it.

        • I applied for the no fee platinum with 75K points about 8-10 weeks ago, it still drags on.

          During the application it pre-filled in my other cards and listed that I already had an ANZ Qantas Black with a $15K limit (I haven't held that card for about 4-5 years).

          After talking to their applications call centre I explained that I didn't have an active ANZ Qantas black and I also let them know I had since cancelled my St George Black ($15K limit too) — since my plan was to move to this card for the year. They thought I had an active ANZ Qantas black card, and transferred me to the customer service team.

          I figured out that about 2 years ago we were considering moving our mortgage to ANZ thorough a broker we found on ozbargain, it took them like 4 months to come through with the approval and during that time rates had changed enough that it wasn't worth moving unless ANZ would match the rate our existing lender had dropped us to, during the long long long wait. I asked the broker to see if they would match and they wouldn't (and even with their cashback, it wasn't a good deal to go forward with them), so we told the broker that we weren't progressing.

          Long story short, it would appear they "issued" me an anz qantas black card (which I never received, nor any statements nor annual fees and has been sitting on my credit report as an active card for a number of years.

          Their customer service people eventually managed to cancel the black qantas card, I explained I had just applied for the platinum qantas and asked if would I still be eligible for the bonus points (the only reason for applying for the account) as I hadn't signed up or used for the phantom black card that they finally closed. They said they weren't sure but would leave a note on the file and since the card was never activated or used I should get the bonus points.

          Back to the applications team and they now want 3 months of payslips (for a card with a $6K limit, when they just cancelled out a card with a $15K limit! — I noted to them the irony of wanting so much info for such a low limit card when they had already extended significantly more with nothing!) , so I send them through the payslips and ask that they email instead of calling if there are any other issues.

          A week or so later they call (why email someone back when thats what they ask for!) noting that one of my payslips has 2 weeks of unpaid leave (took parental leave for a newborn). I explained that I took parental leave (and noted I could provide subsequent payslips) but they wanted my employer to write a letter explaining that I took unpaid parental leave. — I told them that wasn't a simple process, working for a large organisation to find someone to write this letter — and my payslips are pretty explanatory it lists unpaid parental leave so they could just read them. They relent and say they'll get back to me (again I ask for an email not a phone call).

          Then they email a few weeks later wanting proof that I no longer have my Amex and HSBC Cards (I never told them I wasn cancelling my amex, or HSBC nor do I plan to). I write back explaining that I cancelled St George and ANZ Qantas Black and send them the cancellation letters (you would think they would have proof from their own records .

          A few more weeks go by and they again ask for cancellation letters for Amex and HSBC, I refer them to the previous email where I explained that I never had any conversations re: Amex and HSBC, only St George and ANZ and that I had send them the letters showing that these two $15K limit cards had been closed.

          No response so far. I send a follow up a week later asking if they require anything further to progress the applications, again so response (except their autoresponse).

          Maybe I need to follow adrianhughes1998's lead and post a public message about their poor customer service on their facebook.

          I've had ANZ Qantas black cards 2 times previously over the years (leaving out the phantom 3rd card). Always paid the bill on time in full. As it was a number of years ago, my income was lower than it is now and I had less assets, but they approved within 60sec the previous times with no issues.

          The runaround with them this time is almost not worth the hassle.

          • @tlaing: Sorry to hear of your experience mate. Sounds like a total stuff up on their part, and it's not rocket science for them to get their shit together and approve you.

            You've had the multiple callbacks and claims that they'll sort it out, so in your instance I would just go for it like I did, make your complaint seen in a public forum and put the pressure on. Remmeber that if you just leave it as being a declined application, it's going to affect your credit score, so go for it and make them pay up!

    • Yeah, last time I had to go in the bank and they still complained lol

    • I gave up trying to get an ANZ credit card because the India credit score check team are useless, giving them documents is so hard, you call back its a mess. They call you back asking for more


      It pops up on your credit history, so say your getting a loan you have to explain to them why ANZ looked you up for a credit card you never got!

    • +2

      application customer service maybe poor. But card holder customer service is top notch in my opinion. They earnt a loyal customer for what they did for me a couple years ago.

      I was flying to the US back in 2019 and wanted to do something (I can't remember what exactly! Check balance or get a cash advance) with my account at the ANZ ATM at Melbourne Airport near the domestic baggage carousels. I forgot the pin on my ANZ Adventure Rewards card (I had only ever used it for paywave) and because I entered it wrong 3 times, the ATM swallowed my card and wouldn't give it back!!! My flight was due to leave in like 2 hours and this card was going to be my primary payment method over there. I was in an absolute panic! All of my hotel and car bookings used this card and I needed it for bond freezes etc.

      Called ANZ, explained my predicament to them and they said they would see what they could do.

      While I was waiting in line to jump on the flight I got a call back saying they will DHL a replacement card to my hotel in the states ASAP. Gave them the details and got on the flight. 4 Days later I got to my 2nd hotel in Anaheim and there it was, reception handed me a DHL package and inside was my new card.

      To this day I have no idea how they were able to manufacture a brand new card, receive it and then DHL it to me within 4 days, amazing.

    • Second this. Last time they asked for the same document several times and had weeks between reply. Always spoke with different people and all of them seem inept and incompetent.

    • +8

      This is correct. Customer experience is awful, they do sound like robots and can't process any information that doesn't follow the usual script.

      A summary (from memory):
      -Good Morning Mr A I'm calling from ANZ regarding your application 00000 the call is being recorded for quality purposes I was checking your application and I wanted to clarify some things if that's ok
      -Hi. Yes, that's fine
      -Thank you very much for that can I confirm a few details for security reasons?
      -Yes, no problem.
      (skipping transcription of "identity check" step)
      -Thank you for that. I can see that you have two different incomes in your bank statement one from X and other from Y can you explain that?
      -X is my income, Y is my partner's income. It's a joint ANZ account.
      -Thank you for that Mr A you did not add the second amount in your application can you explain that?
      -That's my partner's income, not my income.
      -Thank you for that but why haven't you added to the application can you clarify that?
      -Because the application asked for my income. We have a joint account as you can see (ANZ bank account).
      -Thank you very much for clarifying that can you please send a copy of your partner's payslips?
      -My application doesn't include my partner, I haven't mentioned my partner's details, I'm not asking for an additional credit card for my partner.
      -Thank you for that can you please clarify why you have two incomes in your bank statement?
      -Did you hear what I just said?
      -Yes I have to understand why you have two incomes in your bank statement can you explain that?
      -My salary is the one from AAA. The BBB is my partner's salary.
      -Thank you very much for that yes your application is individual but you have two regular incomes can you please clarify that?

      I have an ANZ bank account and mortgage, and they can see everything there, but they are extremely stupid and can't understand anything different or slightly more complex such as a joint account, two incomes, or salary packaging. Sent all payslips and additional information. They called me three times asking stupid questions that had been answered and exhaustively explained. I stopped answering their calls after that, it was not worth the hassle. They kept calling for three days, left messages, and then stopped… My application obviously didn't progress. This was about 3 months ago.

      Still considering if I should try to get this deal but I feel tired already. It's indeed one of the worst customer services I've ever experienced in life.

      • +3

        This is giving me flashbacks. I had 15% of my post tax income in an Employee Share Purchase Program which is hardly rocket science.

        ANZ: What is this on your payslip?

        Me: It's a salary deduction, a share purchase plan

        ANZ: Okay so part of your salary is deducted to buy shares?

        Me: Yes

        ANZ: And you hold those shares?

        Me: No I usually sell them, but that's fine, it's a small deduction and I'm fine to keep it simple and just seek approval based on the adjusted down income

        ANZ: Can you provide me with statements for these shares?

        Me: Uh yeah I guess, you just want a broker statement or…?

        ANZ: Does the money go into your same transaction account?

        Me: Uhh well yes eventually, if I sell them. But they would go via another account like HSBC first as it is in USD, but do we really need to..

        ANZ: Okay, I need your HSBC statement too

        Me: Okay, sure.

        ….. A week and 6 phone calls later…..

        ANZ: Sir I can't do anything with these documents

        Me: Okay well one of your colleagues asked me for them, so I sent them in

        ANZ: Yes sir but I can't approve based on these documents, they show deposits but I have no idea what they are for

        Me: Fine, that's no problem, just ignore them

        (That is never going to happen, now)

        ANZ: Let me speak to my supervisor and get back to you

        ….8 phone calls later….

        Me: You win, I lose. I need to work for a living to earn that salary that, despite the 15% deduction that I am literally begging you to ignore and just reduce my salary by that amount, being higher than the last time you approved me for this card with no discernable change in expenditure. You win, I will go elsewhere.

        ANZ: Sir we are nearly finished with the process, we just need (2 more documents I already gave)

        I actively withdrew my application because anyone else going through this same loop would know th dread that comes with seeing a call from 03 8654 0000 or whatever their back office calls show up as, and basically clearing out their calendar for the rest of the day to deal with today's broken record.

      • Late last year I applied for an Amex card, it was a similar deal.

        It was declined because my sole trader income was too low, but I explained that I bought a $64,000 car under the instant asset write off scheme and that my income on the tax return showed a full deduction value of $50,250. They asked for a letter from the accountant which most likely cost me close to $100 and after providing it they refused the application because they were unable to understand. Even after they denied it, they kept calling. I had given up so much of my time, it was just futile in the end.

      • +1

        That was genuinely traumatic reading - re-living the nightmare I had almost word for word.

        For anyone thinking this is an overblown description of the application experience, I assure you it is not.

        It really felt like they were being deliberately hopeless. They must lose so much business when people just give up and go elsewhere.

        • The problem is where else to go? I've been trying to become a Westpac customer for the last 4 weeks and it's been painful to go through their identity check process, after they supposedly approved my application (which was more straightforward).

          Flooded area, no branch open four weeks ago, directed to other area, managed to get there one day, they closed the door at my face due to "short staffed", made a complaint, got a call, they don't have a solution. I still have to go with two documents in front of a person, which is very 1990's considering that I've opened bank accounts and had credit cards approved without going through this stupid process.

          Yesterday, managed to go to the same branch whose door was closed at my face, they were friendly and trying to help but the Westpac system is shit and they couldn't understand what the problem was. There is nothing with my driver's licence but there is a javascript error in their system (she showed me an orange message that doesn't say anything useful). They called two different 1300 numbers to get support, IT went through different steps, took control of the computer, restarted the system, couldn't solve the problem or explain why it's happening.

          I asked them to verify my identity manually as they used to do years ago…
          "No, we can't"…
          "But I am here in front of you, you have three original documents in front of you… I can give you another 100 points for identity check if you need…"
          "Sorry, we can't, I have to use the system"

          They gave up, said they were going to sort this out and ring me back (likely to ask me to go there again, which is not gonna be possible for the next two weeks as I work full-time).

          To be fair, I understand people have mixed experiences, but I was a happy AMEX customer before ANZ screwed up demanding me to cancel the credit card, which I regret doing.

          I might just (try to) get an AMEX again, just thought it'd be good to have some rewards points… That's why I tried the ANZ and now the Westpac… but apparently God doesn't want me to have a new credit card (we can always blame God instead of incompetent banks and systems, right?).

          • @this is us: Amex have always been great for me, but sounds like for new customers they’re a giant pain too.

            My most recent experience with Citibank signing up over the phone was great and super easy. But that was a 2-3 years back so that could be irrelevant now too.

            Anyone had any great signup experiences recently with other banks? I like the churn and burn, but not willing to spend more than an hour max to get through the application process.

  • is this 160K in one go unlike its previous one you have to hold the card to next year to get another 30K sth, if yes, this is really massive..

    • +2

      Yeah, it's all at once, from the T&Cs:

      Offer available to new and approved applicants who apply for an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card account. Offer only available to existing ANZ customers who apply via ANZ internet banking or the ANZ app. This is a limited time only offer which may be withdrawn or changed at any time without notice. Offer only available to existing ANZ customers who apply via ANZ internet banking or the ANZ app. This offer cannot be transferred. Not available in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions or when transferring from an existing ANZ credit card. Offer not available where you currently hold an ANZ Frequent Flyer, ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card, or have closed, or qualified for bonus Qantas Points or a credit back on, any of those ANZ Frequent Flyer credit cards within the previous 12 months. Your application must be approved and you must activate the card and make $3,000 worth of eligible purchases within three months of approval to receive the 160,000 bonus Qantas Points and have the $225 credited to your credit card account. Eligible purchase means purchases which are eligible to earn Points. Purchases which are not eligible to earn Points are described in the ANZ Frequent Flyer Reward Terms and Conditions (PDF 1.67MB), for example fees, cash advances, cash equivalent transactions, balance transfers, and transactions for gambling or gaming purposes will not earn Points. The 160,000 bonus Qantas Points will be credited to your Qantas account Points and the $225 credited to your credit card account within three months of the eligible spend criteria being met. The $225 credit will be applied to the purchases balance and does not constitute a payment under your contract with ANZ. If you transfer or cancel your new ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card account before the $255 credit or 160,000 bonus Qantas Points are processed to your account, you may become ineligible for this offer. If any repayments are overdue before the bonus Qantas Points or $225 credit are processed to your account, you will be ineligible for this offer until any overdue Minimum Monthly Repayment and amounts shown on your statement as being immediately payable have been paid. ANZ will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from a delay in the process of receiving and/or approving an application or activating the card. The ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Annual Fee ("Annual Fee") is currently $425 (as at Friday Friday, 16 August 2019 ) but is subject to change. For all applicable fees & charges please see the ANZ Personal Banking Account Fees and Charges (PDF 139kB) and ANZ Personal Banking General Fees and Charges (PDF 155kB). Applications for credit are subject to ANZ’s credit approval criteria. Terms and conditions, and fees and charges apply.

      • +2

        Nice one. 160,000 QFF points granted within the same year of meeting minimum spend, and effectively a $200 AF is a fantastic deal.

        Interesting to see a Big 4 Bank reward existing retail customers like this as well.

  • Darn got autorejected :(

  • +1

    ohhh man. i applied for a card last fri and got approved today :(

    • Ouch

    • What was your total credit limit prior to approval

      • 10k limit with the platinum card. if i get them to change it somehow to the black card, it would be another credit enquiry for 15k id think.

        • Ooh I meant, the total credit limit you had prior to applying. I applied trying to remove an existing NAB Signature from the application but it got autorejected

          • +1

            @OzCheapo: I removed two cards from the application that i just closed (20k limit). and went through ok.

    • I applied for this card YESTERDAY. Gawd dammit.

  • post says ends march 31, so ends in 3 days? heh

  • +2

    So with $225 back, it still cost $200 for 160,000 points, correct?

      • +4

        …come again? You pay $425 in annual fee, get a $225 credit once you meet the spend target (for $200 total out of pocket), and get 160k points.

        I'd say that "costs $200 for 160,000 points" is right?

      • +1

        That only applies to the 130k new customer offer, the 160k ANZ customer offer points are all up front.

      • It’s credit so yes it’s 425-225 = $200. Not $625 aha. U might need to go back to school mate. Lol

        • When does the $425 come due? Can I receive the points + $225 after min spend then ditch to avoid the fee?

          • @Kammi: First statement. Can’t avoid.

            • +1

              @tombarbera: Thanks!

              So 160k points is about $700 in Bunnings vouchers.

              • $225, minus $425.

              So $500 discount on a $3k spend

              • @Kammi: Thanks. $500 doesnt seem that much actually….Plus 15k min credit limit for the black card. Maybe the plat option is not a bad choice, also given the lower credit limit (assuming 10k instead of 15k)…

                So net around $100 less fee and 5k lower credit limit for 50k less points (Black vs Plat)

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