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Puma Future Rider Ride on Men Shoes (Sizes 8-12) $20 (Was $150) + Delivery @ JD Sports


Puma Future Rider Ride On
Reduced to clear Was $150.00 Now $20.00 (Save 87%)

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JD Sports Australia

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  • +3

    I got a pair for me and a pair for my partner was $6 shipping, epic deal.

    • Let us know if they honour it!

      • likely. I've gotten a pair at this price before, you just have to be quick

  • Thanks op got one

  • Thanks OP. Great to see stock and half sizes too. Grabbed a pair for $26 delivered.

  • +1

    593 clicks in 12 minutes lol

  • lol I misread US 9 as AUS. guess it might be a tight fit.

  • Damn.

    "Sorry. There was a problem.
    Unable to fulfil request. This product no longer exists"

  • +14

    Ugly as f..k…

    • +1

      Gosh i have zero fashion tadte. I really like them tho. My partner would be ashamed of me.

  • +2

    $20 is closer to what it should be worth than the previous price tbh, idk who in their right mind would pay $150 for this lol

  • +7

    ugly clown shoes.. pass

  • Can't add to my cart

  • Sold out already lol

  • +3

    crazy deal… thanks OP.. they are ugly but i certainly can't complain for $20! looking forward to making some friends with these new shoes!

  • +1

    Can't add to basket, keeps saying the item no longer exists. πŸ˜•

  • No longer available

  • Thanks OP, bought two. One for me, one for my father lolz

  • Price error, item no longer available.

  • If they've pulled it that fast then expect refunds.

    • +1

      I originally saw it as an ad on facebook and posted here so it was legit not a pricing error

  • marked as OOS

  • +3

    Omg, had it in cart, just went out of it just to double check size and error hit :(

    Also I tried searching for the shoe on their website when it was still online, couldn't even find it.

  • shoe would have been all the rage in the 70s

  • +6

    JD Sports, no way they actually honour the deal

  • -1

    Stock gone now, but I got some lol. For $26 Im going to customise with fabric paint and wreck the sh*t out of them! πŸ˜‚

  • they have blocked the page…

  • -3

    Ugly but I got them some months ago for $15.

  • +2

    This clown bought a pair πŸ˜€ let’s see if they honour, email says they are but may change.
    At 56 trendy is not high on the listβ€¦πŸ˜‚
    The white puma runners on here for 45 bucks awhile back have helped in my recovery. Was impressed with them tbh.
    Thanks O.P.

  • +5

    Don’t these guys cancel every deal posted here?

    • +2


      • Nah, just gotta be lucky.
        There was a pair of white and orange sneakers that were listed for $7 and I paid $6 for shipping too and they delivered on it.

  • Shoes probably look better on feet. They also look like most of the classic Puma runners.

    • Definitely at night time…

      • 😜, the ghost riders at night events

  • +3

    JD sports notorious for having these fab deals and then issuing refunds!

  • +11

    Just got refunded, block JD from Ozbargain already, using us for quick cash loans


    • They want a loan for a few hrs? I guess they could be at the cas chasing their loses

      • You're assuming buyers get the money back after only a few "hrs".

    • Unfortunately we've had to cancel the below items from your order: Puma - Future Rider Ride On. 😯 😒

    • They are probably losing money due to merchant fees.

    • +1

      They may be getting a good database of contact info

  • +1

    Too good to be true.

  • refunded :(

  • They were $39 at Puma with the 40% off code yesterday.

  • Thought it was a pretty good deal so ordered 1…. got a refund email in the morning

  • Ordered these last night which was also my first order from JD Sports. I received a cancelled text message this morning :( What everyone says about JD Sports not honoring their deals is true! Wouldn't bother with any future deals or purchases from this mob.

  • Yep I got refunded too

  • Look like Kmart runners.

  • Got in 7 minutes after deal was posted but still got refunded! 😐

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