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ALDI Night Vision Binoculars $169 in-Store @ ALDI Special Buys


Edit 3/4 - In scenes reminiscent of pre-Covid ski clothing sales, there were massive lines at the local store this morning. Anticipation was high and everyone was buzzing about how some faux military hardware being sold in a supermarket could attract almost 200 votes on OzBargain. 5 minutes later, the huge crowd was walking out satisfied with their packs of 3 ply Quilton toilet paper, safe in the knowledge they could now safely take a dump at home

If you thought fractured global supply chains meant Aldi could no longer find surplus weird shi stuff to sell, you were wrong. With tensions heightened around the world, Aldi is adding fuel to the fire and has declared war on overpriced night vision googles. Perfect for mowing the lawn at night or tracking bogies on your six.

  • Infrared technology for observation under night conditions – up to 300m at night and 400m by day
  • 7 infrared adjustment levels
  • Capture still and video images
  • 4x digital zoom
  • 3x eyepiece magnification

Based on the pictures and limited specs, they are rebadged NV3180 binoculars - details/reviews here:


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  • +52

    I need better vision than my possums

    • +15

      try specsavers

    • +5

      Possums do not have good vision.

      • +6

        They do, only at night

      • RUBBISH!!!
        The Australian possum has EXCELLENT vision during the day and even better vision at night.
        You have NO IDEA what you're talking about.

        • +17

          Well my local possum doesn't, the airhead keeps getting trapped in my recycling bin!! keke

        • +3

          they can't even see a car heading straight for them

    • +7

      Hello Dame Edna!

  • +86

    What a description!

  • +4

    I have known someone who bought these and returned them not long after, nothing to lose with Aldi's return policy but don't expect to be amazed.

    • and returned them not long after

      Did they tell you what was wrong with the product? Or, was it just a change of mind / free trial?

      • +38

        Nah, he got a visit from the police.

        • +1

          Best answer ever!

        • +18

          But at least he saw them coming.

          • +19

            @Draycen: Yeah, that's why the neighbours called the police.

      • Haha, just not the night vision he was expecting, I think you're better of buying something Gen 1 over these but at a much higher cost I assume

  • +26

    Comrades, since I purchased these, the war between Russia and Ukraine definitely appears closer. Increase military spending now.

    • +6

      definately appears closer.

      4x digital zoom
      3x eyepiece magnification


    • +4

      Increase military spending now.

      How good is NIGHT VISION guys??

      • +9

        Don't look at the sun during daytime with these, unless you are looking at the dark side of the sun

    • +2

      Special Aldi operation

  • +21

    Can it help me become Sam in Splinter Cell?

  • +10

    Lets all buy a pair and start an OZbargain after dark hide and seek game.

    • +36

      In an Australia Post carpark, next to a vending machine!

      • +1

        Careful by the vending machine .. according last night's "The Hundred" .. more people (statistically) are killed by vending machines than sharks. O_O

        • +39

          I wouldn't think many sharks would be killed by vending machines so that makes sense

    • +1

      Let’s start the ozbargain version of squid game!

    • Ok you go hide first.

      • with a clown ?

  • +44

    This is perfect. Now I won't have to strain my eyes peeping through the bushes at night.

    Thanks OP.

    • What did you see?

      • +1

        S/he didnt see anything. Right @chickendinner123, RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!

  • +5

    Upcoming weird stuff to be on sale at Aldi - X-Ray vision binoculars…

  • +1

    So would these work on say a squid in the water?

    Could I see it without using a light??

    • There needs to be a temperature differential, so no.

      • +1

        Pretty sure it's night vision (essentially amplifying available light).. not thermal..

        • I thought they ran on infrared. My bad.

  • +3

    AA batteries. Perfect!

    • +2

      Hold on!
      Are these compatible with Eneloops?

  • I always wanted these as a kid

    Now not so much.

    Life goes on according to John Mellencamp.

    • +14

      Long after the thrill of living is gone!

      Little ditty, about Jack and Diane,
      Weird neighbour is watching them shag, with a night vision cam.
      Ooh yeah!

    • +1

      Where do cantaloupes go on school camp?

      John Cougar Mellencamp

  • +5

    This will help me find R2 tonight, instead of waiting to go after him in the morning.

  • +5

    I've never wanted anything more than this in my life

  • +38

    Supplier "Sorry we don't have any ski gear this year"
    Aldi "What else do you have?"
    Supplier "…nightvision goggle excess from the Americans preparing for the pandemic zombie war."
    Aldi "That will do."

  • Are these really goggles, seems more like a NV camera if it has an LED screen.

    • I mean I see you point. But is there a way to see in the dark without digital output to a screen…. Ie pure optics to the eye?

      • Hmm… I never really considered how they work because my association with NVG's was always some optics lens type ones from military movies/games.

      • +5

        Older ones use an optical lens -> photomultiplier array -> phosphor screen (CRT but with the PM instead of an electron gun) -> optical lens. Purely analogue, but still not direct to eye really.

        Photomultipliers can get much higher gain at lower noise than raw CCD with electronic amplification, the lenses are purely for focus and correction.

        Unsure what the latest generations use, the bleeding edge stuff is still kept secret. The same basic design would work, just use modern optics -> PM attached to high res greyscale image sensor -> beefy image DSP -> high res image panel (IPS, OLED etc) and more modern optics.

        With the digital layer in place you can do things like data fusion, e.g. NV enhanced with thermal overlay on certain shapes.

        • Yeah, my real gen 0 and gen 1 night vision goggles and binoculars are more fun to look at then actually use….. The binoculars can in handy during a blackout years ago tho… These cheap digital things are probably more useful in some respects…..

        • +2

          The US Army has publically released that yeah, their latest spec goggles do data fusion. The video of them in "edge detection" mode is absolutely insane. Predator-esque technology : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eWpjUOLR0w

          Actually this one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ic5YJbhbtPc

          But modern thermals are where it's at. You can see the heat shimmer rising from someone crouched behind a wall, I'm told. If someone's just been jogging, see their breath coming from behind a corner.

          • @Obsidiate: And costs $12k usd! ouch. Thats why they pay high taxes and get nothing.

  • +7

    Just fwiw
    These are $125 shipped on aliexpress

    And they have better ones on there as well thay attach to your head

    • Link?

      • +25

        I dont know why I bother sometimes
        It's literally 1 search

        • +10

          Thanks. Jesus loves you just that little bit more now

      • If you want good quality, stay away from AliExpress.

        • +3

          Thanks Hando

    • +2

      How does Ali's return policy compare to Aldi?

      • +2

        It's up to you if it's worth an additional $44

        • -9

          That doesn't answer my question.

      • +6

        Ali express doesn't have a return policy

        • +2

          Depends on listing. Today I was offered a free return using Ali express post service.

      • +1


      • -1

        Ali express policy ?

        Umm that is not a policy, its a seller biased decision making platform.

        Aldi's customer service -Depends on what, on returns - better than Amazon, and eBay combined

      • +6

        Tell me you've never bought from Aliexpress without telling me you've never bought from Aliexpress.

      • +1

        Aldi = no questions asked free returns
        Ali = lol no

    • +3

      So those ones attach to your head which frees up your hands…I see where you're going with this.

  • +2

    Speaking of also buys, anyone used this wifi door bell before?

    • No, but in general these devices should work alright. It’s only the integration which gets finicky. So if you just want to use this and no other smart devices, I’d say go for it (Aldi has a good returns and warranty policy). But if you end up getting a smart light and smart switches and whatever not, that’s when less integrated products like these falter. It does work on TUYA platform.

      • The only smart item we have is our garage door opener which is thus and Google home supported.
        Thanks for the advice :)

  • +1

    Do they see through fabric as well? Cough Cough…………

    • +8

      Cough Cough…………

      You need a RAT.

    • I remember a video camera with lens that acidently granted X ray type vision

      • That would be the one plus 8.

      • Yeah. Some early "night vision" camcorders could see through some types of clothing due to the filters used. People were using them to film at beaches and public pools.

      • Wow I bet they became a collector's item.

  • +1

    great for viewing dinosaurs at Jurassic park.
    timmy can confirm

  • +8

    Bravo six… Going dark.

    • +2

      10-4 Rubber Ducky.

      • +17

        Did someone call

    • Affirmative. Confirm when you have eyes on target, over.

      • Contact rear!

  • Going to go full Rambo

    • +1

      You should go full on commando at the same time

  • The revolution is coming… a short, sharp, clinical push to the far south-west corner of our once united nation can take back what was always ours. (Well, two hundred years is finders, keepers I reckon.) We have the element of surprise on our side. It’s time! Their dirt is our dirt!

    • +1

      Perth? You have hard enough time with logistics as it is with delayed shipping and slow post, now you want to start a war? :P

  • +6

    Perfect when playing Theft and Shrubbery.

    • +1

      Easy for the snipers to spot Gary Cheeseman's big head.

      • +1

        Great for doing your own dentistry during a black out.

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