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Crucial P2 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD $108 Delivered + More + Surcharge @ Shopping Express


10% off Sitewide, Discount shows at Checkout. 1% surcharge for select payment methods.

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    thanks, Crucial P2 or Kingston A2000 any thought, for a 4-year-old laptop.

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      Check whether it has an M.2 slot that supports it first. Either would be fine

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      check if your m.2 slot supports "nvme"

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      it has m2 and support nvme, thanks

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        Check that it supports 2280 M.2 drives too - I made the mistake of opening up my laptop only to discover it only had the screw standoff to support 2242 drives which are 38mm shorter (80 - 42 = 38).

  • Is Crucial P2 a TLC or QLC ?

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      Crucial P2: QLC, DRAMLESS
      Kingston A2000: TLC, DRAM

      • Kingston A2000 better?

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          Yes but it will cost you more as it is not listed as free shipping.

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          This may be a completely incorrect analogy (which is ok, the internet will correct me) but I like to think of SLC/MLC/TLC/QLC like an apartment building, with all the memory stacked on top of each other and having to go in through the same door.

          SLC = single level
          MLC = two-level
          TLC = three level
          QLC = four+ level

          So TLC would have better throughput than QLC (all other things being equal).

          DRAM = cache. More cache = appearingly better throughput. Appearingly as it will be better, but if you fill the cache then sustained throughput will depend on the speed of the actual memory. Good DRAM would allow manufacturer's to skimp on the actual memory but still perform well on some benchmarks (because your not writing enough to fill the cache). DRAM = better random writes; could (indirectly) cause worse sustained writes (due to the aforementioned skimping).

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            @Chandler: its more like this:

            SLC = single level, 1 family per apartment
            MLC = single level, 2 familys per apartment
            TLC = single level, 3 familys per apartment
            QLC = single level, 4 familys per apartment

            so less performance, less durability.

  • I'm getting $15 shipping to western Australia :(

  • I received the email, the email subject said "Enjoy 10% off: RTX 3050 $449, Kingston A2000 1TB $79.20, massive choices on laptop & pc & more"

    Couldn't find any A2000 for $79.20

  • +1

    A2000 is far better than the P2

  • I'm looking for a good deal for a external SSD hard drive 1Tb for backup stuff. See no deal so far

    • you could get the Crucial P2 1TB NVMe and buy an NVME external enlosure

    • https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/sandisk-sdssde30-1t00...

      Came to $137.60 delivered to Melbourne. Not quite as quick as the NVMe + external enclosure if you have 10Gb/s USB ports, but a decent option if you're looking for a ready-to-go option.

  • feels bad, just bought a 12600k and the Aorus mobo separately

  • It has been 15 years that I build or upgrade pc myself, just wanna ask a noob question. Will my daughter pc able to use the ssd selling for $108 here? Her current ssd is 128GB M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen3x4 SSD (model: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/msi-nightblade-mi3012au-min...). Thanks.

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      Yes you'll be totally fine.

      It looks to me like your motherboard actually has two m.2 slots, so if you only have one at the moment you should just be able to drop this one in to the 2nd slot and have it as an additional drive.

    • Oh don't forget, after you install a new drive you'll need to initialise it:


      Also when you or your daughter install new games, you'll need to manually tell it to install onto the new drive, probably drive D: or E:

  • Tempting but there seems to be a lot of bad reviews on these guys online.

    • I have made 2 purchases from these guys and I have not yet have a problem but then again I haven't had to return anything

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