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Agoda: 18% Cashback (Uncapped) @ Cashrewards


Cashback is eligible on hotel bookings only. Flights and packages are ineligible for cashback until further notice.

Use of codes or any non-Cashrewards incentives (offers, links, newsletters, secret prices) will invalidate cashback, unless stated as eligible on this site.

Cashback is ineligible on price-matched bookings, or if payment is made partially or in full with any Agoda credit, including good will credit, or use of any voucher codes.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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    Just make sure you check the price they offer through the referral link vs just going to their site in a private browser session. More than once the going to the Agoda site via CR has shown prices that are higher than the normal rates even after the cashback amount is removed from it. I always check but would much rather have the discount upfront than wait 90 days after the actual hotel stay for the credit.

    While I'm at it, anyone else having issues with CR in 2022 tracking purchases? I've had 3 already and had maybe 1-2 in the previous 5 years or however long I've been on there.

    • +2

      Agree 100%

      1. Normal browser, login to Agoda as "silver" member with perks apparently … $200 per night at Gold Coast over Easter break

      2. Private browser, via google search, $160 plus "5% promo"
        Immediate discount and dont have to wait for cashback weeks later (also hoping all is OK as well)

      Shonky/dodgy how these websites work

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    Yep need to be selective with these travel site cashbacks. Some will inflate the pricing on click through using the cashback, however it doesn't affect all accomodation.

  • I think their cashback is before tax.

  • +1

    They price jack if using cashback. Very poor form :/

    • Im seeing definite price jacking here too.

    • I booked something that was meant to be $600 (4 nights), but after refreshing a few times, it went to $550 and the 18% cashback still tracked.

  • Beware if you select "Pay Later" and the Property Currency is in a foreign currency and your Charge Currency is AUD, they will add 5% to the exchange rate.

    To avoid this:

    For example when making US bookings, make sure you select a Display Currency in USD then use a credit card that doesn't charge FX fees e.g. 28degrees
    (or use PayPal that links to a credit card that doesn't charge FX fees).

  • If you choose pay later for any property booking (lets say, for stay in May month). Do you still get 18% cashback from agoda? or do you have to pay full booking amount today itself? can anyone pls confirm

    • I can confirm that Pay later at property option also gives the cashback. All my travels booking with that option cashback are tracked by agoda and cashrewards

  • Has anyone added in an extra guest name and had their cashback ineligible?

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