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Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite $23.60 + $5 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


Record low price it would seem. Got it down to effectively $22.10 / 6.3% off

Max saving:
$20 Gift Card @ Shopback 3%
3% Discount off @ Shopback
Crypto Card 2 to 10% Cashback @ Crypto.com

Afterpay have 20% off if you have 160 points or more.

5% gift cards at Suncorp but min $50

Can also get from other stores

Bing Lee $24

Myer $23.60

JB Hi-fi $24

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • That's a yes from me, also noticed Myer has the same price.

    • Cheers updated

    • Cheers
      Might grab from Myers with 7% discounted gift cards.
      Is there cashback at Myers on electronics?

  • +4

    Bought one of these the other day when it was this price.. he's a quick review


    • decent performance
    • good remote
    • fair selection of apps (kodi sideload W/kayo is perfect)
    • easy setup


    -stutters in UI when app switching
    -only 1080p
    -UI ads (prime mostly) but still annoying
    -just minor quirks of the Amazon android skin on top

    • +2

      How to sideload Kayo? I have the 4K one and mostly use for foreign apps, for example italian and Uk apps (Rai, Mediaset, bbc) which work wonder with getflix dns (but they don’t seem to work with android tv or apple).
      The only thing I miss is Kayo and Google screenshare, otherwise 4K Firestick is excellent especially paired with getflix for foreigners apps

      • +3

        You install kodi then install Kayo Sport inside Kodi as an addon.

      • Get Flix sounds interesting what is it?

    • Does it have ads when watching Netflix, YouTube kids etc or just prime?

      • +3

        You can install SmarttubeNext for ad free Youtube, works great.

        • I have youtube premium, wonder if it still has ads lol. I bought this stick so my kid could watch yt kids on tv

          • +1

            @MeesusEff: The ads people mentioned are only recommandations for prime content. I wouldn't call that ads, it's not like they try to sell you candles or dishwasher liquid.
            If you binge watch a series, you won't even see them, it's only on the home page.

      • +2

        The ad is in in the home screen, not inside the actual apps - that'll depend on the individual app.

        • Ah OK thanks, I gave my parents a ccwgtv but they barely utilise it so I'm just gonna swap it 😂

    • +1

      When I had one I installed a custom launcher. That got rid of the ads and stuttering.

    • Other cons

      • missing the dedicated launch buttons of the 4KMax
      • missing volume button
  • Wonder how this compares to a Vodafone TV.

    Obviously 4k is missing

    • +1

      have both, the firestick (whilst its not a stock android/google experience) the performance is much smoother than the voda tv

    • I like it better than Vodafone but haven’t looked at whether a HDD can be connected or not to the fire stick, it can to the Vodafone and as HFS+ too

      • You can muck around with a hub but I just point VLC to a shared windows drive and stream over the wifi. No need to plug anything in.

        • I have terabytes of high res films and prefer local drives

          • @UberIsCool: Fair enough. But I haven't had anything (yet) buffer in watching.

    • No free to air antenna port like vodafone

    • The Voda TV has a USB port for playing videos (e.g. by using MX Player) as well as an antenna port for watching live TV (yes, I'm an old fogey)

    • This is not 4k.
      I would rate Voda TV higher in terms of capabilities (better remote, antenna port, RJ45 port)
      Voda TV won't receive updates while fire stick most likely will, although I noticed Voda TV recently received official prime app (I had to sideload it initially)
      Also Voda TV has binge and paramount I believe, while fire stick is missing one of it (can't remember which one)

      I wouldn't upgrade Voda TV to this. Go to 4k max (obviously not same price than OP)

    • I replaced my Vodafone tv with the fire stick lite yesterday and I much prefer the fire stick. Alexa is very useful and the prime video app is much slicker than the one I had to sideload onto the Vodafone.

  • +3

    Just got this delivered today. Spent around 30 mins setting it up. Installed Cinema HD, Plex, Kodi with The Crew, and Nord VPN. Was surprised how snappy it is for the price. Will get another one to give to family overseas who aren't savvy on these things. If you have an old TV laying around this is more than enough to breathe new life into it

    • The kids have an old Telstra TV 2 in the rumpus room and it struggles with Plex and can stutter when moving around apps.
      Would it be worth grabbing this for them? 1080p is all they need in that room.


      • I've had limited time with it so I can't say definitely. I did play a 1080p episode of How I Met Your Mother from an overseas server, played it without hiccups. I think for this price it's worth trying, you can always return too if it doesn't work suiting your needs

      • For $23, yes…

  • Bought this one and the 4K Max.
    This one is slower with loading apps (Netflix), booting up, navigating the GUI.
    But once it starts playing at 1080p, it's just as good as the 4K Max at 1080p.

    • +1

      This for me. Have both and would rather just pick up a 4k max for $59 when it comes around.

      Smoother instant navigation.

      Add a pair of old or new Alexa speakers synced into a system and you get better than soundbar for cheeeeap.

  • +1

    Can I cast from Chrome to this?

    • Might not be able to, looks be be a bit limited with the casting

      • There is some way to cast but I still haven't worked it out lol. The best to chromecast is definetely google tv (I have Xiaomi tv boxes too with built in chromecast)

    • Chromecasting is not support but Miracast is. You need to select the option from settings.
      Windows support Miracast natively. (Win + K)

  • +2

    Bought today before this post, awesome price for a really great travel companion , hello hotel rooms!

    • Are you able to get around the hotels captive portal using this? I have a Roku I keep in my travel bag which has hotel and dorm connect which makes it easy but if this works too it would be a handy back up.

      • Most of the time. Sometimes it’s as easy as unplugging their system from the HDMI port. Other times it’s googling a code that may need to be used. But what I’ve found the last few years is hotels accepting that people use the hdmi port and modern tvs unlocked

        • +1

          Thanks for the reply, I've been caught out with captive portals previously taking Apple TV's so only take the Roku away with me now - lol, I also bring a universal remote (with code sheet) to get around hotel remotes that won't let me change the 'input' channel to hdmi.

  • Will this be good to use with the gigabyte Aorus f048u

    • Good except it's only 1080p so not getting the 4k experience

    • If it's got HDMI in and you are happy with 1080p then why not…

  • Thanks, perfect device for travel for the Hotels/AirBNB that have no casting capabilities. Looks smaller than a MiBox and much cheaper too so worth giving it a go!

  • Why the discount? New version soon?

    Also, can you watch Youtube on this?

    • Yes to YouTube.

    • 4K was $50 not long ago

    • This thing does its job but the 4k Max for just a few dollars more is a better usage experience even at 1080p.

      • Few dollars more? It's over twice the price.

        • +1

          OK. For $26 I would upgrade to the 4kMax. In fact, I did.

          One feels.like a snappy new PC with an SSD and one feels like a functional PC that is just a bit slower at every step menu wise. Plus dedicated buttons and volume

          Once watching something little difference at 1080p apart from better WiFi if you are in a marginal area.

          • +1

            @Chiang: I'd get one when they are $50.

            They are currently $99

            • @Korban Dallas: If you know someone who has any type of firestick they can buy one (4k Max) for $59 using the code FTVUPGRADE.

              I remember building media PC's and $60 was the price for just my preferred remote so this price was a go for me. Got one for my parents and the holiday place.

              Apart from the more common apps my fav features are streaming to just VLC from a shared windows drive (no more plugging in drives or managing a dedicated server) and adding it to a couple of old Alexa speakers I have in a synched stereo pair. No amp or speaker wire needed - great for projector use.

  • Advertised price ends on 12 May…

  • I have one hooked up to a Hisense smart tv and stick works so smooth! Hisense don’t have a native prime app.

    I also have an LG tv with an inbuilt prime app and omg it is so slow and laggy. Netflix app works like a charm but the prime app is very laggy so will by this discounted stick again. Worth $24! I am keen to how how Kayo works? Thanks.

    • +1

      The lesson here is that “Smart” TVs suck, yet people think they’re the greatest thing on earth and they don’t need other devices.

      Smart TV have shitty hardware, shitty software, shitty UX and shitty update support.

      I am keen to how how Kayo works?

      Answered above. Sideload Kodi and install the Kayo plugin. Googling those will give you more details.

      • My 7 year old Sony Android TV still gets software updates, I would never buy a non Android TV.

    • Must be an old Hisense. Just bought a 55A7G (2021) and it definitely has prime.

  • Can I get the NBA app on this?

    LG tvs a pain in backside with apps

    • Or for the experts what the best way to get kayo and the NBA app
      On an LG bx

    • Looks like it's struggling with the normal view.
      Mobile view seems alright, maybe they decrease the number of frames in that mode.

  • Does this have YouTube app built-in to use just with the remote? Or do we still need a phone to cast?

    • +1

      It's built in, has the full app.

      • +1

        Tip: Use SmartTubeNext app for ad-free Youtube viewing on this device.

  • Is this the one that doesn't have volume buttons

    • Yes this is the one that doesn't have the volume buttons

    • Doesn't have on/off button neither. FYI.

  • Not user friendly for the less tech savvy members of the community as far as downloading and installing Apps goes. No Play Store access will be an issue for many.

    • I wouldn't say that exactly. You just press an app store icon. Then find the app. Press download and it adds itself to the menu.

      • -1

        but is it the Google Play Store ? No its not. No Kayo or Binge. Get a stick that has the Play Store.

  • Bought this yesterday as I'm going on a holiday and needed something to run Netflix in my hotel. JB priced matched it with TGG at $23.60.

    I have set it up and overall seems like a decent device. Got the usual Netflix, Stan, Prime, Youtube, Twitch etc. but has heaps more Apps to chose from.

    At this price, it's a good buy, especially if you travel often and don't like to put your log in details in hotel TVs for using Streaming Apps.

  • Afterpay have 20% off if you have 160 points or more.

    Max $5 discount.

    I used this offer. $25 delivered from JB hi-fi.

  • this would be a lot more useful if it was only USB powered..

    • A device like that exists?

    • This is why I hold onto my Chromecast V 1 and V2 😀 Though of course you are casting with these but for easily plugging into a hotel TV and not worry about a PowerPoint these work great still

    • +1

      Mine is powered by my TV's 2 usb ports fine, I had to buy a Y splitter cable to use the power from both ports.

  • Bought one thanks.

  • +1

    For people who has this, does the lack of volumn up / down function on the remote bother you? I know I can adjust the TV volumn with the TV remote, but it means I need to operate 2 remotes. Just want to hear from real user feedback.

    • +2

      We have 2 setups with one having volume on the remote. Doesn't bother us at all. We still adjust the TV volume with TV remote anyway. It's handy to use just the one remote once watching something buts it's not significant.

    • You may be able to even navigate with your TV remote

  • Any review versus google tv?

    • +1

      Hi Richmond12 I have xiaomi mi box with built google chromecast. It's basically a google tv and I have the firestick 4k. Tbh the google tv with the function of chromecast is just better because there is that added functionality. Android tv is better for "normal" streaming (such us netflix, youtube, disney etc) and the added bonus of chromecast. However, if you use foreign apps the firestick could work better especially if there is the native app. For example I was able to stream the bbc app using just my getflix dns via the firestick much better than android. The same for italian apps.
      If you don't care about chromecast then firestick it's a better option I believe, because of how cheap it is (including the 4k and max which at times go for $50).

  • I was going to buy an old apple tv, but may give this a try.
    Has anyone tried connecting their macbook/ipad via airplay to this with success?
    Suggestions for the best app/software to do this?

  • Thanks, purchased from Myer. Used Myer giftcard which effectively gave me close to 20% off since. Used the 10% off $250 Coles Mastercard Prepaid and then purchased Myer giftcard with the 10% extra bonus at Woolworths when it was on.

  • Thanks! Much much better performance than my Xiaomi TV stick.

  • Nice price, can it be modded to run Hulu? That's literally all I want in a media player

  • thanks OP, this is so much better than my MeCool M8S Pro box

  • $22.80 Delivered Big W eBay if you have plus with code PLUSA5

    Only 6 available.

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