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$200 off Pixel 6 Pro [$1099], $250 off iPhone 12 [from $949], $50 off Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones [$349] + More Del'd @ Telstra


Telstra Day April deals, ready to go!

We’ve got deals on iPhone 12, Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3, as well as a selection of sound and headphone deals too.

This includes deals on the in-ear and over-ear Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones.

Sale starts 1am Thursday 7 April AEST, and ends midnight same day.

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      Merely feels like advertising, not much of a ozb if you ask me.

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        Terrible company anyway. Awful customer service and over priced products and services.

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          Craptus / Vodafail aint much better if at all

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          probably true, but i get a signal versus optus and vodafone. lol, i always have to hotspot my friends that have no signal or internet using optus and vodafone. so for me i rather pay a little extra and actually be able to use my mobile phone.

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          Not sure which telco is good though. Sigh.

          • @auslei: Use one of the smaller. Sure they buy wholesale from the big ones but they are much better to deal with.

            • @gakko: Any suggestions?

              • @auslei: If we are talking mobile plans I use woolworths just for their 10% off a shop once a month. But something like aldi is pretty good too. Both good value and service is fine. Data is data.

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    Is the P6 Pro outright or do you need to signup for a new plan?

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      As per all previous lousey telstra days sales, no you do not need a plan and yes they can be purchased outright.

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        Thanks. Time to pricebeat at Officeworks then.

        • Will they? They should right as it's outright

        • Does anyone know if JB price match on Telstra Day?

          • @glamguru: Try and let us know. OW beat by 5% is better than matching. Unless you have gift cards.

          • @glamguru: Called up JB and they insisted that Telstra Day prices were not outright prices so they couldn't match it. Though I can't find evidence for it or otherwise on the site (I might've just missed it).

            • @Deco: Just tried the "Outright" flow with a Pixel 6 - created a Telstra ID and everything, then got stung with this error message:

              "Unable to process your order
              To make this purchase, you need to have a Telstra plan. To continue, please add a plan to this order.

              Please contact us on live chat."

              Not sure on our chances of pricebeat here, but happy for someone to prove me wrong.

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                @Tobyseus: Hmm might try my luck at Officeworks tomorrow anyway. Thank you for your service, good citizen.

      • How is $200 off the pixel 6 pro a lousy deal exactly?

        • Question is how up to date will the updates be?

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            @ultrawires: April update landed yesterday so on time for once

          • @ultrawires: I have a Pixel 4 and am still getting updates if this helps.

            Got April update yesterday.

          • @ultrawires: Pretty sure Google don't do carrier specific Pixels, so they should get updates as per normal.

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          It's not very often that Pixel 6 phones actually go on sale especially when outright so take advantage of any saving you can get pretty much.

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      200 bux off the P6 Pro is a good deal.

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        Agree. First proper discount since launch!

        • Bought 2 of Pixel 6 Pro on this deal with OW price beat on Friday for $1,167 including Flybuys benefit, but one is still unopened. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/692276 Will return that and buy on price beat if OW will beat, otherwise through Telstra. Telstra has a non-selectable 5G/ 4X option on the Pixel 6 Pro page. I didn't even know it was sold here with 4X. Hopefully the price is for the 5g model. It looks like you can pay off the purchase over up to 36 months interest free, which would be even sweeter.

          • @belbo: I think it just means that it will work on 5G or 4GX. Not either.

            • @chewkl: Thanks for clarifying. Makes sense.

          • @belbo: BTW - I am very happy with my 6 Pro so far. I do not find the fingerprint sensor to be an issue. You need to place your finger quite centrally and firmly - but it works well for me. My previous was an LG V30+ which had the sensor on the back, which I preferred, and it was a bit more responsive - but I am not finding it an annoyance or inconvenience. It works fine and it is just a matter of getting used to it. Also works better than the LG in some cases, eg when screen / sensor is wet. I take a lot of family photos with my phone which is why I was happy to spend the extra on the Pro at this price point. The camera and image processing AI is fantastic so far - especially the low light photography with extended shutter times. NFC for payments is very fast as is responsiveness of the phone generally. Calls are also much louder and clearer than the LG. I like having the android back, home and recent apps buttons - so added those back under the settings option.

          • @belbo: It only comes in one model, which works on 3G, 4G and 5G for data, and VoLTE/VoWiFi on 4G for voice. Going to be a while before 5G voice aka VoNR.

    • Note that the Pixel 6 Pro page says - "If you already have a service with us, you can buy outright without adding a plan." So it looks like it is not available for outright purchase - unless you meet whatever the T&C's are of "having a service" with them.

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    April Fools Day revisited.

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    Telstra day is like the Internet Explorer deals from Boxing day…

  • If you want to go for a new iphone12, from a reputable dealer, the price is pretty good. My iPhone XS is doing OK so I’m in no hurry.

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    When they were doing $400/$500 off current model iPhones last year they were good deals. They haven’t hit the same heights since.

    • so has the iphone 12 128gb ever been this cheap?

      • I don't know whether it has been cheaper, but it has been the same price on the previous 2 Telstra day offers.

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    this is the first decent discount I've seen on Google 6 Pro phone

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    Is this online only? Also, the phones can be used with any network right?

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      In-store as well

  • The oppo 94 for 300 is a good deal. But of course you don't post it

    • I'm looking for a new phone $400 max, and my real deal breaker is SD card support which this has. Aside from that a half decent camera and battery would be nice. For $300 this has to be a top contender right?

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      TELSTRA DAY DEAL - Get $200 off RRP on your new Oppo A94 5G
      When you add to an Upfront Mobile plan.

      Looks like RRP being used is $599, but was mentioned at $499 by OP.

      • I was looking at this phone. It WAS $499 with $100 discount offer yesterday. And it IS $599 with $200 discount today. Always $399

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    A terrible company with an even more terrible service.

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      Name a better Australian one please.

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        So, you can't name a better one, not can your upvoters.

  • Some decent savings on devices however some of the accessories can be found cheaper at retailers

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    “Telstra Day: fixed broadband deals

    For new customers who sign up to fixed broadband plans on a $95 per month and above plan will get the first two months for only $2 and $0 connection fee*.”

    This is the best deal for tomorrow. Not those posted above.

    • What is the connection fee for? Do they send someone to your home to click on a checkbox on an app that activates the connection, or what?

      • no, that would count as Tech Support which they will charge you.

        Connection fee basically means they put your details and click "switch" or "submit" button somewhere.

        • That makes sense. Clicking a button should require an extra fee. I am glad they’ve decided not to bill a clicking-a-checkbox surcharge.

    • -1

      They sadly don't sell Home Ultrafast (1000/50), but only Home Superfast (250/25).

      So no $2 "let's destroy Telstra's CVC" buffet for you, Ozbargain readers.

    • I took this deal last time then churned to the Origin Energy deal. Almost four months of 100/20 now for $2.

      • How'd you avoid paying for the modem for leaving within 24 months?

        • Returned it, bought the same one on eBay for $50 unopened.

  • time to spend my 100,000 telstra points tomorrow :D

    • I have been trying to redeem my points for the Google Doorbell for like a month or two…every time I go through, I get hit with a 'something went wrong' page right as I hit that final redeem button. Spoke with the live chat support twice, both told me to wait a few days and try again… Even gave me a $10 credit for my 'trouble'

      Just tried again now, a few weeks later, still same issue. Is it just me? Anyone else had this issue? Just want that damn doorbell lmao

  • FYI telstra have already started to discount items in the telstra points store.

    • i think alot of these already discounted in rewards store is what you mean, i rmb seeing these in a few days ago. they just get included (mentioned)
      in telstra day

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    Does Telstra still have their bloatware pre installed on phones they sell or is that just an old thing?

    As in is the Pixel pro Telstra sells the same as buying from Google?

    • They do on most phones but nowadays it usually can be uninstalled

      • +1

        not true bloatware is not just apps. its the crap they put on top of stock android like skins and button layout and themes they all slow down the phone.

        • Where? What apps?

          • -2

            @quog: did you read my comment did I say apps? I think you need to read or understand peoples comments before commenting.

            • @kungfuman: Show me a picture of these skins etc.

              Or are you conflating prepaid cheapies with post paid phones

              Come on dude, a screen shot.

        • I bought a Pixel 4a5G last year (since drowned) and it was totally stock Google and unbranded (no Telstra apps were installed from first boot- though ended up doing a Android Flash to the latest image rather than going through all of the updates)

    • +1

      yeah pixel phones or google made or endorsed hardware typically have vanilla or Stock Android (the way android was ment ot be) other manufactures will install bloatware on the top of vanilla like samsung or telstra etc.

      So if you want update to be regular and the latest all the time with android you need a stock android phone like the pixel.

      • +4

        The pixel pro will be the same as buying from Google, jesus you guys make up shit.

        • -1

          did you even read the comment? pretty sure I said that. but you obivously didn't pick that up.

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    Just a FYI - for those who are planning to purchase a deal from Telstra, please read up on this thread about missing details on delivery address:

  • OP lost me when he listed "WH-1000XM4 (in ear)"

  • I am hoping they would discount either their 5G Wifi Pro or 5G Wifi M5.

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    Bought s21 last deal for half price, these discounts are weak!!!

  • So can you buy phones outright if you're not a plan with them?

    • yes

      • So, what's this rubbish then? "If you already have a service with us, you can buy outright without adding a plan."

        • maybe it means if you have a telstra ID which you can have with other things like broadband - not mobile service exactly (but it also counts)

        • +1

          I think they mean "you can just buy the phone, you don't have to recontract your monthly plan to take advantage of this deal"

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    The very first Telstra Day was good value.

    Now this is just ads.

    • Totally agree, the S21 was on sale for less than what its asking price is today.

      It's just all marketing to try and suck in the unaware to save $200 off a phone when realistically they Cld just drop the price and people would actually buy, but damn so many overpriced RRP prices.

  • is it me or are Telstra Days happening quite frequently now

    • monthly

  • +1

    I went into the George st store last Telstra day with the aim of picking up a Nest Cam. Attendant at the front said they couldn't "just sell me one", I needed to talk to a sales assistant… which would be a 45 minute wait. Weird way to run a business, of course I just left.

    • +1

      Should've walked into an actual retailer of goods, not a Telso. No telco will sell you something outright when they can sneakily convinvce you to pay it off montly or sign up for unecessary add ons. JB Hi-Fi isnt far off.

      • Yeah - learnt my lesson!

  • So, no discounts for 256Gb or 512Gb Google 6 phones?! Looks like they just want to move stock.

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