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Razer Kraken X Wired Gaming Headset $29 Shipped + Surcharge @ Computer Alliance


Good price with free shipping for the Razer Kraken X. Already have a pair for myself and have grabbed another for my son while we play Deep Rock Galactic on xbox gamepass.

Note that credit card and PayPal attract a 1% surcharge so extra 29 cents.

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    Are these the ones that the plastic headband snaps really easily?

    • I've seen someone on YouTube say the same thing

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      I have these, they feel quite flimsy and they creak a bit. Got them last year and they're still fine from day to day use (I use these for work). Relatively comfortable and decent sound. I'd cop these again for $29.

  • How does this compare with the Turtle Beach 70P?

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    https://www.amazon.com.au/Razer-Kraken-Gaming-Headset-Consol... same price on Amazon but OP's website has free shipping

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      Also free shipping on Amazon if you have Prime.

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      shows $72.35 on amazon….am i doing something wrong?

      • Same here

      • Yep shows over

        • If you look on the right side of the screen it will say "New (5) from $29" this will take you to the Computer Alliance amazon page. So you are essentially still buying through Computer Alliance

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            @Kenny Powers: buying thru Amazon allows u to use Amazon gift cards (2% cashback from Shopback app) n 5% cashback for video games category on Shopback
            so it might be a slightly better deal thru amazon

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            @Kenny Powers: Id rather buy through amazon for a hassle free return process when this inevitably breaks within 6 months. The reviews found on JB hi fi 's page are not really confidence inspiring .

    • OP please update the price , isn't it 49 ? I can see 49 on Amazon and on the CA website.

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    $26.68 Delivered on their eBay Store using "TOPITUP" for those interested. Or $19 using "AFTERPAY10" for anyone who is still eligible for the code.

    • Nice thanks my first afterpay purchase

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      'the real deal is in the comments'

      :) good find

    • $24 as i seem to have an ebay plus $5 code. ymmv

  • Is this just for console?

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      No, it uses a 3.5mm connection so it'll work with practically anything (laptops, PCs, phones, anything that has a 3.5mm jack).

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    "Kraken" deal but not so good if people are saying they've been cracking

  • not a bad price for a piece of armor

  • Guys whats the difference between the one in OP and this one https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/154489101802

    I noticed its fully black and RZ04-02890100

    OP one is bit blue and black and RZ04-02890200

    Any difference in performance as I like fully black one.

    • BingLee doesn't have any available on eBay. Only available for pickup in store.

  • Is this on ear?

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    Done. bought two. Why? I have no idea. Kid breaks these things.

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      Are you me? Ditto

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    I know Razer products are almost constantly garbage quality, but are these worth it for $29 bucks? Surely you'd at least get a couple of years out of them before they inevitably die

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      with my track record of razer products (from low end to high end) I would be happy with 6 months tbh.

    • Couple years? Who are you kidding? If I get a couple months from my 7 year old with one of these that's par.

  • Ultra-light at just 250g - is this industry standard

  • Bought two on eBay to take advantage of the $40 voucher by subscribing to eBay Plus.

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    Been using one for nearly a year, pretty solid, medium head, daily use. Not recommended for over 3hrs, hurts the ears a bit

    • I cannot remember the last time I had 3 hours to sit down in 1 session to game :'(

      I miss highschool/ uni…

      • Ive only done it a few times from 9pm to midnight when everyone is asleep. In that case it's worthwhile purchasing.

  • Any ideas I need to reach $30 minimum spend to use a code I've got to purchase this on eBay

  • Price says $29, but shows $49 in my cart on Amazon

    • yep both sellers have bumped up the price

  • I think they changed the price, it's 49 $ now !!

  • Worth it just for this:

    kraken headset

  • -1

    Sound quality is terrible. Good enough for kids.
    Build quality is terrible. Easy to break. Bad for kids.

    Don't waste your money.

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